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Vancouver duo Potatohead People (aka the duo of Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical) make their long awaited return to Bastard Jazz with their 4th album, 'Eat Your Heart Out'. Jumping off on the clean & musical production sensibilities that they have become heavily fetishized for over the last decade, the album finds the duo further stepping out from the shadow of the boards and stepping into the spotlight as vocalists, songwriters, players and musicians standing strong in their own respect.


1. The Formula
2. Keepin'; It Kool (feat. Kendra Dias)
3. Last Nite (feat. Redman)
4. Angelwings (feat. Shafiq Husayn & Ivan Ave)
5. Distant Luv (feat. Kapok)
6. Follow Your Heart
7. Come Home (feat. Abstract Rude, T3 & Kapok)
8. Paradise (feat. Diamond Cafe)
9. Secret Mission (feat. Frank Nitt & Reggie B)
10. Everything U Need (feat. Kendra Dias)
1.1 For The Soul (feat. Moka Only)

Nick & Astro are reunited as Potatohead People on this sweaty teaser 7" for their latest album 'Eat Your Heart Out'. On "Paradise", the boys have hotly tipped Canadian artist Diamond Café on for vocals. Diamond delivers a stunning vocal performance on this early 80s influenced slice of digital sex funk that comes in somewhere between Sade, El Debarge and Prefab Sprout. The man describes his music as "bathing in a cloud of honey on a very foggy night", and we couldn't agree more.On the flipside, Nick Wisdom dubs out the original, flexing the bassline's muscles with additions of swirling synth work and little bites of keyboard funk.


1. Paradise (feat. Diamond Cafe)
2. Paradise (Nicky's 1 Nite Only Dub) [feat. Diamond Cafe]

Potatohead People's much lauded and instantly sold out third LP Mellow Fantasyis back with a very limited edition black & blue swirl vinyl repress. The album showcases the trademark instrumental prowess of the duo and their ease with the loose but hard-hitting drum style brought to the fore by Jay Dee's influential productions, but goes well beyond basic boom bap bread and butter, with singer-centered R&B and uptempo bumps sharing the stage. On this album, Potatohead People have widened the frame of their progressive musical vision and deliver a far-reaching yet approachable set of moods and grooves.

On Mellow Fantasy, they had some impressive inspiration. De La Soul immediately connected with "Baby Got Work," a sophisticated slap that went through several iterations before settling into its ultimate form. Appropriately, the song's diligent construction echoes the ethic of the grind in the clear-eyed, precisely dovetailed lyrics fans have come to expect from the Daisy Age don. Befitting Potatohead People's origins as a hip-hop group, cameos from Illa J and Slum Village's T3 on the summertime teaser "What It Feels Like" and Vancouver veteran Moka Only (the sassy, vanity take-down "Ungodly") add to the unimpeachable rap bonafides.

The hometown connections continue with Lotusland local Kapok slinging verses on a couple tracks and rising stars Kendra Dias and Clear Mortifee, who stake serious claims as names to watch with standout vocal turns on the low-slung neo-soul "Break Even" and the upcoming second single "Hidden Levels," a high-flying house/future boogie hybrid. Following up their successful 2019 collabo "Single Life," Bunnie makes her return to action with the group on "Kettle Boiling." Ranging further, Reggie B, who broke on the scene with his lead on Onra's "High Hopes," shines on the optimistic bounce of "Bring The World A Little Closer."

Mellow Fantasy is Potatohead People's most evolved collection yet, rooted in earthy low end but elevated, expansive and reaching new musical heights.


1. 1st Light
2. In The Garden
3. What It Feels Like (feat. T3, Illa J & Kapok)
4. Hidden Levels (feat. Clear Mortifee)
5. Baby Got Work (feat. Posdnuos & Kapok)
6. Proof Is In The Pudding
7. Break Even (feat. Kendra Dias)
8. Ungodly (feat. Kapok & Moka Only)
9. Island Delivery
10. Bring The World A Little Closer (feat. Reggie B)
11. Kettle Boiling (feat. Bunnie)
12. Ode To Mr Jacobs
13. All The Way (Bonus Track)

Potatohead People

What It Feels Like (feat. T3, Illa J & Kapok) [Carrtoons Remix] [feat. T3, Illa J & Kapok]

Potatohead People's classic tune "What It Feels Like'' featuring T3 (Slum Village), Kapok and Illa J gets a remix treatment from in demand bass player and rising star Carrtoons. Switching up the order of the verses, dubbing out the horns and adding in his signature basswork, Carrtoons gets the song into a whole other groove of its own while retaining the original vibe in a unique way. Look out for a 7" coming in Spring of 2022 with the remix and the OG on it!


1. What It Feels Like (Carrtoons Remix) [feat. T3, Illa J & Kapok]
2. What It Feels Like (feat. T3, Illa J & Kapok)

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