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Dinny Greet

    Led by brothers Danny and Robin Herbert, with Andrew Turnbull on drums, Robbie White on bass, and Alice Hancock on live samplers and backing vocals, rEDOLENT are gearing up for 2024, focusing on their upcoming debut album. Their debut LP marks a moment of the band taking control while confident in their warped take on the world, offering harsh reality and joyous escapism over the course of ten sleek, considered tracks.

    With all of their output created at Post Electric Studios in Leith, rEDOLENT operate as sole creators of their artistry; writing, recording, producing and mixing their work independently. Whilst citing influences as diverse as Mount Kimble, king krule, Animal Collective, brockhampton, LCD soundsystem, Madvillain, Tom Vek, Clairo, CAN and Talking Heads, the band are undoubtedly operating in their own lane and carving a bespoke sound, which has been recognised and applauded from titles including NME, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, DIY, Hunger, Notion, The Skinny - and still, it’s just the beginning.


    1. Dinny Greet
    2. Just Trying To Relax
    3. Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen To Me
    4. Ravvy
    5. 5 Day Til' The Weekend
    6. Congratulations For Getting Off The Drink
    7. How Are You Making It Look So Easy (oshie-t)
    8. Dunno (_____)
    9. Wherever
    10. Yaldi

    Hamish Hawk

    Angel Numbers

      Angel numbers: a series of recurring numerical patterns or sequences which those who believe in such things invest with cosmic significance.

      Also, the name of the forthcoming album by Hamish Hawk – an apt title for an artist who bounces between scepticism and wonder, who alchemises the quotidian, who is engaged in a constant quest to outwit and outflank the ordinary. With the release of Heavy Elevator in September 2021, Edinburgh-based Hawk established himself as a writer of heartfelt, headstrong, unashamedly literate songs to stimulate both pulse and psyche. Heavy Elevator offered words to savour and tunes to relish. The songs were filmic and romantic, blending wit, wisdom, resignation and beauty with a kind of sceptical joie de vivre, delivered in a rich baritone that has drawn comparisons to everyone from Jarvis Cocker to Scott Walker. A singer of style and guile peddling accessible intelligence: what’s not to love? Heavy Elevator established a powerful artistic imprimatur which nonetheless felt neither defining nor confining. While the album has been justly lauded, Hawk’s next steps have moved the story considerably further forward. Angel Numbers meets growing expectations head on, with panache and aplomb.


      Barry says: A roaring mix of cleverly written rock music, with jagged melodies and gritty distortion tempered with rich production and Hamish's wonderfully emotive vocal stylings. 'Angel Numbers' is great fun, beautifully written and well worth a listen.

      Laura says: Without doubt one of the most extraordinary musical talents to emerge in the last few years. His song writing takes in everything from chamber-pop to post-punk, with smatterings of country and indie-pop. The guitars jangle, twang and shimmer, interwoven with keys and occasional strings, providing the perfect backdrop for his witty, evocative lyrics. I enjoyed his debut, Heavy Elevator, but this album has blown me away - one of my albums of the year for sure!


      1. Once Upon An Acid Glance
      2. Think Of Us Kissing
      3. Elvis Lookalike Shadows
      4. Bridget St. John
      5. Frontman Ft. Anna B Savage
      6. Desperately
      7. Bill
      8. Angel Numbers
      9. Money
      10. Dog-eared August
      11. Rest And Veneers Ft. Samantha Crain
      12. Grey Seals

      Hamish Hawk

      Heavy Elevator - 2023 Repress

        Vivian Comma paints the Madonna, visibly on the verge of fainting. Christopher Wren walks amongst us once more, forswearing designing cathedrals for singing them. One half of the 1973 Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champions has a perfect serve. The boy who inhabits Track Three of John Lennon’s Imagine repeat-dials, passive-aggressively, to Tiree. A funeral, swinging to the Gay Gordons. A latter-day Paul the Apostle is offended by the sight of Edinburgh Castle – and, infinitesimally worse, can’t finish a beer.

        These are the people and places, scenes and scenarios of the songs of Hamish Hawk.

        Rich of voice and even richer of imagination, the singer-songwriter from Edinburgh creates musical pen-portraits as vivid in lyric as they are in melody. In all the wholly best ways, these are chamber pop songs that have swallowed both a dictionary and a compendium of modern urban (and island) fairy tales. And, on Heavy Elevator, his first fully-formed album, this prolific artist presents a perfect ten tracks packed with characters, incident, emotion, geographical/artistic references and tunes to hang your coat on.

        Heavy Elevator, released on September 17th 2021, is the critically-acclaimed breakthrough album from Edinburgh’s Hamish Hawk.


        1. Vivian Comma
        2. This, Whatever It Is, Needs Improvements
        3. The Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion, 1973
        4. Bakerloo, Unbecoming
        5. Your Ceremony
        6. Caterpillar
        7. Daggers
        8. Heavy Elevator
        9. Calls To Tiree
        10. New Rhododendrons 

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