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Piccadilly Records Compilation 2020

    Vinyl fans rejoice! We’re delighted to announce that we’re once again releasing a compilation LP, jam-packed with 12 tracks cherry picked from this year’s Top 20 albums.

    A true representation of the diverse delights we stock, this is an eclectic selection from all across the genre spectrum. This dopest dozen do share a few things in common though, most notably a deadly combination of superior songcraft and production prowess whatever the style. 

    Róisín Murphy starts the party with the bumping and building dancefloor sophistication of "Incapable" before former champ Kelly Lee Owens serves up the sleek, slinking and spectral "Re-Wild", an RnB tinged techno-popper best described as Minimal Nation on lean. It's a gentle transition from there to Zara Macfarlane's "Everything Is Connected", a perfect fusion of jazzy vocal tones and neck snapping beats which softens us up for the disco bliss of 'Obey' by chart topping Belgians Rheinzand. Heading towards the centre label we're seduced by Sufjan's spellbinding avant-pop while the irresisitbly louche Baxter Dury takes us on a midnight stroll through Soho. 

    We shift gears on the B-side with a rocking opening salvo from RBCF and Fontaines D.C., whose guitars chime and churn in sunkissed splendour and punkish pressure respectively. Next up there's a double dose of indie-dance ecstasy via the brooding techno-pop of Working Men's Club and The Orielles' punk funk pearl "Bobbi's Second World". The ever reliable Tim Burgess treats us to a vintage bit of British artpop on the infectious "Empathy For The Devil" before Jim Noir brings the curtain down with "Good Mood", the sophisticated offspring of Air and Brian Wilson. 


    Ltd LP Info: Limited to 500 copies.

    Various Artists

    Piccadilly Records Compilations - 2018 & 2019 Bundle Offer

      A lockdown special!!!

      Both of our End Of Year Compilations from 2018 and 2019 collected together in a price busting bundle.

      Various Artists

      Piccadilly Records Compilation 2019

        Do not adjust your sets / swap your reading specs, we’ve gone and done another record! After the success of last year’s inaugural Piccadilly vinyl, we’ve worked our magic once again to bring you another compilation LP, jam packed with musical magic from our top 20, as well as the gold medallists in the reissue and compilation categories. 

        Buckle up as we blast off into the sonic stratosphere with the ‘Piccadilly Records Compilation 2019’.

        W.H. Lung get things off to a flying start with the existential motorik and art pop perfection of ‘Second Death Of My Face’, a soaring combination of searing synthwork, sophisticated lyrics and propulsive rhythm which segues perfectly into the psychedelic throb and shoegaze shimmer of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete’s ‘Líneas En Hojas’. The tempo settles into a riverbank lilt for the haze of Vanishing Twin’s summertime serenade ‘Magician’s Success’, before coasting through the orchestral beauty of Prefab Sprout’s ‘Sleeping Rough’ and Shana Cleveland’s nuanced acid folk. Closing out the A-side perennial Piccadilly favourites Moon Duo take an arp out of Apta’s book and walk us through the cosmos with the optimistic space disco of ‘Stars Are The Light’.

        The spaced out synth tones remain for B-side opener ‘101FM’, a stomping coming of age cut from fierce MC Little Simz, who hands the baton to a lovelorn Cate Le Bon for her swooning ‘Daylight Matters’, a songwriting masterclass if ever I’ve heard one. Our own modular maestro Apta enters the fray next, working the filters for a beatific Balearic rework of Horsebeach’s ‘Trust’, before fellow knob-twiddler Andrew Wasylyk picks a path between Air (French band) and Air (Japanese Ambient imprint) with the evocative and pastoral beauty of ‘Journey To Inchcape’. Continuing the theme of cinematic and serene, Portico Quartet tug at each one of our heartstrings with the immersive electro-acoustic nocturne ‘Gradient’, a perfect precursor to Ghia’s end of night anthem ‘You Won’t Sleep On My Pillow’, a stand out track from the exceptional ‘Proper Sunburn’ compilation.


        Ltd LP Info: Limited to 500 copies.

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