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Almost four years after the first album Californian duo Simon and Dan aka Woolfy Vs. Projections bring us “The Return Of Love”. The Album continues the story of “Captain Starlight", with the astronaut returning to earth after his odyssey in space, finding his lost love and releasing all that was. With its blend of psychedelic west coast rock, disco, and Balearic, “The Return Of Love” is a source of pure excitement.

“The Return Of Love” was conceptualized in the Californian Big Bear mountains. 'We packed up a grip of analog keyboards, pre-amps , laptops and fine ales and boarded ourselves up in a log cabin for a couple of days.' The influences on the album oscillate between the likes of Wings, David Crosby, Bryan Ferry and today’s disco leaving the boundaries of electronic music far behind them. In fact, Woolfy Vs. Projections have recorded a sometime modern west coast psychedelic soft-rock album with “The Return of Love“. Packed with proper songwriting, dreamy synth washes, chugging rhythms and a combination of electronic and acoustic instrumentation, this is an essential album for Balearic types.

Simon James aka Woolfy emigrated from the rainy shores of the UK to sunny California around the same time the biggest beard of all disco beards, DJ Harvey, headed to the Golden State. Both share a particular passion for dirty disco 12”s from 73 - 84, a bit of English punk, pub funk and booze and therefore it was only logical that the two began to cooperate in some fields: whether Harvey was playing in Woolfy’s bar or Simon was helping Harvey out in the studio for some of his remixes. Then Simon met his partner in crime, Dan Hastie, over ten years ago in a bar (where else) in Los Angeles and this is how they got acquainted: A pint? Ay, a pint will do fine … You make music, I make music, let’s make music!

Their first release, back then under the name Projections on Chicago’s Guidance Recordings was “Kingsburg”, a track that appeared on many compilations, including the one by house legend Tony Humphries at Fabric. From there, the full-length “Between Here & Now” was released. It made serious waves in the electronic scene and definitely put Projections on the map. After that Dan became heavily involved in many projects such as the funk outfit Orgone, Connie Price, The Keystone and The Lions just to name a few. Simon on the other hand, focused on a solo project under the name Woolfy, which was followed by a Woolfy / Projections split single on DJ Spun’s Rong Music and by an album on DFA records. In 2008, Simon and Dan joined forces again to release their first LP as Woolfy vs. Projections “The Astral Projections Of Starlight “ on Permanent Vacation. It was a concept album based on the adventures of the lost astronaut Captain Starlight, who is the hero in a Zazu track, a notorious Balearic rock classic, which also set the bench mark for the sound of Woolfy vs. Projections: A deep Balearic twilight vibe combined with spaced out house, dubbed disco, beard rock and a heavy funk bounce. The three singles from the album “Abysnth” (described by Resident Advisor as “Air covering Steely Dan“) , “The Return Of Starlight “ and “Neeve“ became modern classics of the genre.


01. Electric Storms
02. Cellophane
03. In Your Own Worlds
04. March Of The Wizards
05. Me And You
06. Nina Feat. Tensnake
07. Running Around Your Love
08. Set Me Loose
09. Chameleons Tale
10. Shadows
11. The Passage
12. Cherry Blossoms

Various Artists

If This Is House I Want My Money Back Zwei

The concept of the compilation is very simple: Permanent Vacation asked their favorite producers if they could each contribute with an exclusive track for the compilation. All of these artists seem to work from very different angles at first glance. But from our point of view, they are all unified through a certain down to earth and back to the roots vision of house music that is more inspired by the time when disc jockeys cut the rhythm sections of the records one after another to create a steamy and sweaty atmosphere through the whole night than the streamlined excrescence of house music that got popular in the era of the super clubs.

Lluckily, almost everyone they asked was up for it, and if that wasn't enough they even got two new pairings of artists who gave their debut on our compilation: Soul Clap and Trickski teamed up for a slow house bomb, while Jacob Korn and Cuthead from the Uncanny Valley family also got creative. Together they morphed to the double-headed mythical creature Kornhead who can kill you with a single groove. We also get ace cuts from John Talabot and Pional, who both individually gave PV back their faith in new house music that doesn't sound like clones of the old masters. Talabot created "Leave Me" one of his most dance floorfriendly productions to date. Beautiful Swimmers drop their first release outside of their Future Times homebase and Slow Hands, after the success of his track "Rough Patch" on the Wolf + Lamb vs. Soul Clap DJ Kicks, brings us "Kreuzberg Blues". Which leads us directly to the big Berlin resident crew consisting of Hunee, Mano Le Tough and Session Victim. All three tracks are crackers. The same is true for Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt, who bewitched us with "Roamer". This time the Permanent Vacation producers also seized the chance to participate in the compilation with "Hendiadyoin" and an edit for the epic "Sightless Brightness" by the ever innovative Contra Communem Opinionem.


01. Pional – Just Passing Through
02. Slow Hands – Kreuzberg Blues
03. Mano Le Tough – Let’s Not Talk About Love
04. Beautiful Swimmers – Excited
05. John Talabot – Leave Me (Friendly Pattern Version)
06. Jacob Korn & Cuthead – Ooohja
07. Hunee – A Study In Wild
08. Permanent Vacation – Hendiadyoin
09. Contra Communem Opinionem – Sightless Brightness (Permanent Vacation Edit)
10. Session Victim – Large Processor
11. Trickski & Soul Clap – Members Of The Clap
12. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Roamer

Various Artists

Permanent Vacation 2

    The second compilation CD on Munich's formidable Permanent Vacation label shines with a blend of Kraut disco, cosmic rock, modern day house music and electronic dance pop, again mixed and handpicked by label head honchos Tom Bioly and Benji Frohlich. Includes tracks by Junior Boys, Findlay Brown, Home Video, Stephen Malkmus, Woolfy vs Projections, Lexx, Tomboy etc, and remixes from Hot Chip, Tim Goldsworthy's Loving Hand, Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve and Holy Ghost!

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