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Number 4

    P.A. Tapes is back on the scene with another compilation.

    Spanning stronger influences of techno and breakbeat than ever, After The Zenith's fiery opener "The Strange Dark Secrets Of Dr. Paradise" is a storming number in the vain of a Fuck Buttons/breakbeat hybrid, and marks his solo debut after formerly being one half of Transpire. Also featuring on a physical format for the first time is internet hero CrystalFissure, with the bouncy, trippy, and most importantly indecisive, "Conceptual Indecision".

    Bliss and Mickey G (formerly making his debut on the C.D.T.M collaboration), return with twisted hybrid tracks of their own, bouncing between eery minimalism, and furious percussion. Prepare for Mickey to take you back to Ancient Egypt in true glitchy style! Also featured are projects of Nottingham local Citrus Penguin, with his collaboration "Flying In My Car" alongside Manuff on vocals, and two solo songs more juicy than a fresh lemon. Following this is a moving ambient techno piece from ElectricSpaceGiraffe, and last but not least, The Man From Lancaster is on the scene to rep up the little city with "Trip To Hala"!

    Originally released for the legendary Cassette Store Day 2014 in a run of 75 copies.


    1. After The Zenith - The Strange Dark Secrets Of Dr. Paradise 04:28
    2. Mickey G - The Desert And The Nile 05:46
    3. CrystalFissure - Conceptual Indecision 04:22
    4. MCP Collaborations - Flying In My Car (Parts 1 & 2) 05:13
    5. The Man From Lancaster - Trip To Hala 09:58
    6. Citrus Penguin - Bunker 03:38
    7. ElectricSpaceGiraffe - The Tide (Aliens Invade Lancaster) 04:07
    8. Citrus Penguin - Wizard's Mook 02:02

    The second release on Passive Aggressive Tapes is a compilation of the year's hottest trance anth... Erm, I mean, the return of Transpire, Bliss (the one that remixed for Denkitribe), C.T.A.N, and a former member of The New Post Colonials. Transpire experiment with techno which descends into chaotic drones on "Conscious Headshot". The two Bliss tunes explore dark minimalism with tinges of hope for something brighter. Hyrax delivers a hard hitting chainsaw-to-the-soul piece of noise music. The soothing, reverb-coated vocals and guitar on "Standard Carousel" drive you into the abstract world of Circa Cologne. And last but not least, C.D.T.M blur the genre lines with a dark piece of experimental techno which evaporates into deep drones, sour synths and choppy breaks.


    Matt says: Excellent DIY tape comp of some hi-end audio abuse. Combined with ghosts of warehouse parties from the past, this is brilliant post-rave music, sitting beside labels like Death Of Rave and Blackest Ever Black. Great stuff.


    Passive Side:
    1. Transpire - Concious Headshot
    2. Bliss - Artificial Window
    3. Hyrax - Don't Tell Me I'm Good

    Aggreesive Side:
    1. Bliss - Ambience (CTAN Mix)
    2. Circa Cologne - Standard Carousel
    3. CDTM - Problems (Revisited)

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