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New one from Mark Seven's Parkway Records camp and it's a dazzler from The Whole Truth who are a truly great addition to the modern funk and boogie scene!

Coming in three subtly varying flavours, "Lord, Quench My Soul" is based around a catchy gospel-tinged vocal hook: 'fill my cup!'. The original mix is possibly the most stripped back affair, allowing cascading synth lines to drip through squelchy boogie beats and that rubbery yet rugged bass. While the club mix decorates the mix with bolshy piano chords, the OG utilizes phazed guitar chops to equally great effect. On the garage mix, we see the bassline replaced by a more soundsystem-hefty option, as lead lines hover overhead suspended on dub delays. The production and instrumentation is superb throughout, with Mark's flair on the mixing desk sure to impress more intrepid listeners on repeat plays. Top draw Parkway Records tackle, delivered direct your lugholes! Most recommended.


A1. Lord, Quench My Soul (Original Mix)
A2. Lord, Quench My Soul (Club Mix)
B1. Lord, Quench My Soul (Garage Mix)

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