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James Brown

Please, Please, Please - 2024 Reissue

    Through the gospel-impassioned fury of his vocals and the complex polyrhythms of his beats, James Brown became the single most important fgure in the transformation of rhythm & blues into soul music. He was also arguably the most infuential African-American artist in the history of popular music. This special collector's edition of Please, Please, Please was James Brown & The Famous Flames' debut LP (1959) for the King label. This seminal album helped define the primeval nature of soul. It also offers a solid introduction into this Browm's special brand of musical feeling - his passionate style, intense delivery, and innovative R&B sound. The foot- tapping rhythms, spine- tingling stylings, and sentimental mood renderings so typical of his early performances can all be heard here. Without a doubt, this is the material upon which James Brown's kingdom was built.


    Please, Please, Please
    Hold My Baby's Hand
    I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
    Just Won't Do Right
    Baby Cries Over The Ocean
    I Don't Know
    Tell Me What I Did Wrong
    Try Me (Brown
    That Dood It
    Begging, Begging
    I Walked Alone
    No, No, No, No
    That's When I Lost My Heart
    Let's Make It
    Love Or A Game
    This Old Heart

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