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Baby Laugh / Baby Cry

    Baby? are Erin Allen (Violence Creeps, High Castle) and Max Nordile (Preening, Violence Creeps, Uzi Rash).

    This collaboration sprang from a singular epic recording session. “Even though we hang 11 times weekly, shouldn’t we remotely pile on overdubs ad infinitum for havoc injection?” Did they really say that? Did they really do all this on purpose?

    For fans of Wild Man Fischer, Minutemen, Electric Miles, Contortions, The Fugs, Preening.

    Punked-up no-wave improv skronk to get you going all night.

    Includes poster insert.


    Number One In Hell
    But I Don't Believe You
    Labor Board
    Radical Document
    Babbling Brook
    Log Me Out
    Old Skin
    Fall On The Floor
    Ice Cream Sandwich

    Behavior & Mayako XO

    Free World

      ‘Free World’ is the first full-length issue from an ongoing collaboration between Behavior (Bedros Yeretzian, Evan Burrows, Justin Tenney, Robbie Cody) and Mayako XO (Sara Gernsbacher). It was tracked between 2019 and 2020 and assembled over the course of the last year in Los Angeles.

      The album reflects its creation under open-ended yet intent circumstances. What’s recorded is a tangled pas de deux between discredited and demonstrative characters, singing through shifting voices over a living, melancholic music rendered legible by surveillance.

      Mastered by Sarah Register.

      For fans of Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground, Dead C, Blonde Redhead.


      I Love Music
      Keeling Curve
      So I Know
      Waiting Song
      Loud As Hell
      Open Claim
      For A Mood
      Turnkey Smile
      One Time Goodbye

      Regal Degal are a power trio consisting of Josh da Costa (Gemini) on guitars and vocals, Josiah Wolfson (Libra) on bass, and Jamen Whitelock (Virgo) on drums. Formed in Brooklyn in late 2009, the group recently relocated to Los Angeles.

      The group’s sound pulls from across the musical spectrum, drawing from post punk, Krautrock, 60s psychedelic / freakbeat, 80s new wave and indie, German minimal house, and the music of Africa.

      The music could be described as hyper rhythm conscious, melodic, atmospheric, and kinetic, with one foot firmly in the past and an eye fixed towards the future. In the center resides Regal Degal, channeling and reinterpreting all individual and shared inspirations into a sound best referred to as deep rock.


      Not Mired
      Winning + Breaking
      Logs In The River
      Voice To An Island
      Diminish Him
      Funky Broadway
      Regal Devices

      SFV Acid

      SFV Acid #2

        SFV Acid is young Zane Reynolds from Reseda, California.

        With his vinyl debut ‘New West Coast’, released in 2010 on PPM, Zane showcased his talents for making beats, arranging, sequencing and frying up dance oriented original tunes.

        On SFV Acid’s newest release he shows where it came from with ‘#2’. All material was made in high school on cassette tapes for his friends. Older, but not stale by any means. These songs are some of his best work, as Zane says, collected here for you to reflect and jam to the new to.

        Silk Flowers are a synth-driven music trio based in New York.

        Their songs balance parts of pop and noise with melodies that evoke emotion from the listener.

        Countering typical notions of electronic music as a purely recorded listening experience, Silk Flowers write their songs for live performance, creating a visceral dynamic event that fluctuates between gleeful dance music and rough-edged dissonance.


        1. Chance
        2. Frozen Moments
        3. Covered Lamp
        4. Fruit Of The Vine
        5. Small Fortune
        6. Band Of Color
        7. Present Dreams
        8. Thin Air
        9. A Brush Through The Dust

        Soft Circle

        Shore Obsessed

          Soft Circle is Hisham Bharoocha, one of the founding members of Providence noise bands Lightning Bolt and Black Dice as well as distorted dance group Pixeltan.

          He also serves as Boredoms’ musical director in the USA – most notably on the ‘77 Boadrum’ performance.

          Now he brings us an epic adventure of rhythmic drums and looped-out guitars.

          One of a kind amazingness, much like Ravi Shankar meets ESG in space.

          Mika Miko

          We Be Xuxa

            Mika Miko is an underground youth punk/noise band formed in 2003 in Los Angeles, California. They got chased by vampires, played in a free mason temple, used to be crusty (but are still crusty at heart) and 4 out of 5 still live with their parents. They rather play at some kids house for a birthday party in the valley and not get paid than play some rock club!

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