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The Joy Of Sects

    The post-garage-punk and psychedelic power pop anomaly Chemtrails return with their upcoming third album - their boldest yet with a more danceable and rhythm-driven style, armed with their trademark fuzzy guitars and playfully sinister melodies.

    Working with producer Margo Broom (Fat White Family, Goat Girl) this time around, the group has traded in their DIY approach for a more hi-fi studio sound, remaining just as raw and wild as ever, but with a whole new level of focus and intensity.


    Detritus Andronicus
    Bang Bang
    Business Class War Paint
    Sycophant's Paradise
    Mushroom Cloud Nine
    Join Our Death Cult
    Pink Whale
    Superhuman Superhighway
    Endless Stream Of The Bizarre

    Les Big Byrd

    Iran Iraq Ikea - 2023 Repress

      A repress of Swedish psych quartet Les Big Byrd (featuring members of Caesars, Fireside, Teddybears, etc) long sold out second album Iran Iraq IKEA - a part of the PNKSLM Recordings 10 year anniversary repress series. On the album, which this time is released on pink vinyl with alternate artwork, Les Big Byrd found a middle ground between their pop sensibilities and kraut-y space rock.


      I Tried So Hard
      A Little More Numb
      Pink Freud
      I Fucked Up I Was A Child
      I've X- Ed Myself From Your World


      Slash & Burn

        The Swedish-Russian duo GHLOW have been making a name for themselves in the Nordics for the past couple of years with their explosive live shows, sharing the stage with the likes of Sleaford Mods and Sudakistan and playing showcase festivals such as by:Larm and Tallinn Music Week. Now they’re finally ready to make their full-length debut with “Slash and Burn” on Swedish indie label PNKSLM Recordings, showcasing GHLOW’s powerful blend of alternative rock and electronics, which have been likened to the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


        Esoteric Pop

          Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present the debut album from Stockholm quartet Initiates. Initiates is the new project from Swedish post-punk act Holograms’ Andreas Lagerström, taking inspiration from shoegaze and ‘90s alternative rock with loud distorted guitar textures and dreamy melodies. Joining Lagerström is Oliver Brink on guitars, Joakim Andersson on bass and Adam Hansson on drums, with Lagerström handling vocals and guitars. For their debut LP the band teamed up with producer Martin “Konie” Ehrencrona (ex Viagra Boys, ex Les Big Byrd) for a 26 minute long collection of nineties infused alt-rock, complete with Lagerström’s signature vocals.

          After seven years and three records with Holograms - the first two of them released on Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks - Lagerström was ready to try something new. He already had the kernels of new song ideas percolating, although they would never have fi t within the punk confines of Holograms - instead, they harked back to shoegaze and nineties alternative. “My biggest infl uence has always been Swirlies,” he says, referring to the cult Boston indie rockers. “I wanted to something that was outside of the Holograms box, that would be a little bit more laid-back, and that didn’t feel quite so serious.”

          What began as Lagerström’s own vision has evolved into something else entirely, with all four members bringing their own skillsets to the table; Andersson’s an ex-member of the death metal outfi ts Maim and Morbus Chron, while Brink’s interests lie chiefl y with post-punk outfi ts like The Sound. Hansson, meanwhile, has already served apprenticeships in underground outfi ts Kerosene Kream and Caligulas Mamma, and the resulting amalgam on Esoteric Pop is a raw, 26-minute maelstrom of distorted guitar, woozy sonic textures, and reverb-drenched melodies.


          1. Voidless
          2. Invocation
          3. Minotaure
          4. Endless Project
          5. You Haunt Me
          6. Five Eyes
          7. The Last Man



            The Danish four-piece Yung are back four years after the release of their 2016 debut LP A Youthful Dream on Fat Possum, which followed a series of EPs that brought them the attention of Pitchfork, Stereogum, NPR, The FADER and more. Now working with Stockholm, Sweden based indie label PNKSLM Recordings (ShitKid, Les Big Byrd, Hollow Ship etc) the band has refi ned their sound while embracing a wider palette of inspiration, coming through to the other side and reassessing their focus. The fi rst fruit of the new partnership is the Progress 7” which features new single “Progress” alongside the exclusive b-side “New Fast Song”, which showcases the band’s more punk-infused side.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Progress
            B. New Fast Song

            Les Big Byrd

            Roofied Angels

              Stockholm’s Les Big Byrd are back with their new EP Roofied Angels due out on June 26 on limited edition 12” vinyl and with the A-side and title track released digitally in May. Roofied Angels is the first piece of new music from Les Big Byrd since 2018’s acclaimed Iran Iraq IKEA LP outside of the instrumental Snö-Golem 7” from last fall, which sold out immediately, and the English language version of the band’s 2017 hit “Two Man Gang” which was released in May 2019.

              The 7 minute fuzz-blizzard “Roofied Angels” might just be the best thing the band’s put their name to yet, melding Motörhead and Shangri-La’s influences into their krautrock infused psychedelic rock, while bringing to mind the heavier side of the band’s 2014 debut LP They Worshipped Cats and was recorded during the sessions for the band’s upcoming third full-length.

              TRACK LISTING

              A. Roofied Angels
              B1. Reflex
              B2. 10 Bells

              Sleep Eaters

              Holy Days

                The London based country-infused rock quintet Sleep Eaters are ready to unveil their debut EP Holy Days on August 9 via Stockholm’s PNKSLM Recordings (home to ShitKid, Les Big Byrd, Magic Potion and more). Having become one of London’s most talked about new acts for their country-infused take on garage rock, Sleep Eaters have spent the past year honing their craft on stage and in the studio, recently supporting Drahla on their UK tour while drawing praise from the likes of So Young and Clash. Holy Days was recorded with Euan Hinshelwood of Younghusband and will be followed by UK and EU live dates during the summer and fall, including dates with L.A. Witch and Froth.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Don't Sell Your Soul
                2. Valley Of Dogs
                3. Life Of Sin
                4. Bad Love

                Swampmeat Family Band

                Too Many Things To Hide

                  Having become something of a cult favourite in their hometown for their raucous live shows, Too Many Things To Hide is the long-awaited debut LP from Birmingham, UK quartet Swampmeat Family Band, which includes members Low Cut Connie, PWEI, Bentley Rhythm Ace, The Castillians, Terror Watts etc. Combining their inner ‘70s country soul and glam pop with more traditional heartbreak laments the quartet’s created a lasting collection of tracks that resides somewhere in the realm between Americana and garage rock, and Too Many Things to Hide is set to be released on March 23 via the Stockholm based indie label PNKSLM Recordings.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Long Way Down
                  2. Needle & Thread
                  3. Stupid Kid
                  4. Suzie Stop Saucin'
                  5. Too Many Things To Hide
                  6. Down Home Girl
                  7. The Wire
                  8. Nothing On Me
                  9. Do It For The Babies

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