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Les Big Byrd

Roofied Angels

    Stockholm’s Les Big Byrd are back with their new EP Roofied Angels due out on June 26 on limited edition 12” vinyl and with the A-side and title track released digitally in May. Roofied Angels is the first piece of new music from Les Big Byrd since 2018’s acclaimed Iran Iraq IKEA LP outside of the instrumental Snö-Golem 7” from last fall, which sold out immediately, and the English language version of the band’s 2017 hit “Two Man Gang” which was released in May 2019.

    The 7 minute fuzz-blizzard “Roofied Angels” might just be the best thing the band’s put their name to yet, melding Motörhead and Shangri-La’s influences into their krautrock infused psychedelic rock, while bringing to mind the heavier side of the band’s 2014 debut LP They Worshipped Cats and was recorded during the sessions for the band’s upcoming third full-length.

    Swampmeat Family Band


      Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present the new full-length album from Birmingham, UK’s Swampmeat Family Band. Their new album Muck! is a massive step forward both songwriting and production-wise, offering up a blend of uptempo garage rock and gentle americana. Featuring members of PNKSLM’s own The Castillians and Terror Watts as well as Low Cut Connie, PWEI and Bentley Rhythm Ace, Swampmeat Family Band have already drawn praise from the likes of KEXP, The Line of Best Fit, DIY and GoldFlakePaint while turning heads with their live shows around Europe, and the band will be making their US debut at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX this year.

      Amongst the new additions on Muck! are vocalist Joni Coyne as the group’s fifth member; she lends an extra dimension as she echoes lead vocalist Daniel Finnemore throughout throughout Muck. On top of that, horns form part of the palette for the first time on a Swampmeat record, as shown on the handsome instrumental ‘The Ballarat Ghost’ as well as perhaps the album’s most crucial track, the gorgeous ‘Mother’s Lies’, which represents the Swampmeat evolution in four-minute microcosm.


      The Peculiar Smell Of The Inevitable

        Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present the new album from the garage-punk and acid-corroded new-wave outfit that is Chemtrails. Having started life as the lo-fi bedroom recording project of romantic partners Mia Lust and Laura Orlova back in 2016 Chemtrails quickly set about releasing two digital-only EPs before making their album debut in early 2018 with Calf of the Sacred Cow, while drawing the attention of ex Stereogum, KEXP, The Line of Best Fit, DIY and more.

        Another EP, Cuckoo Spit, was released on 12” vinyl late the same year and Chemtrails spent 2019 working on their next full-length, which is now finally here. The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable is the band’s heaviest and wildest record yet, with their trademark big melodies and harmonies performed over a frenzied wall of raw guitar noise and glistening synths.


        Duo Limbo / Mellan Himmel Helvete

          In the spring of 2019 ShitKid - Åsa Söderqvist and Lina Molarin Ericsson - headed over to the US for a couple of shows at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX but ahead of the festival they managed to squeeze in a couple of days in the studio – first in LA with the legendary the Melvins and then in Austin with Paul Leary of Butthole Surfers.

          The new album Duo Limbo/”Mellan himmel å helvete” collects the recordings from these two sessions, half of which are ShitKid’s first recordings in their native Swedish – with a set of four songs to start with the band set out to record them in both English and Swedish, clocking in at just over 26 minutes. It’s ShitKid’s finest work yet with the duo backed by an all star line-up of Buzz Osborne (Melvins) and Dale Crover (Melvins, Redd Kross) on half of the album and Paul Leary and Josh Freese (NIN, Devo, The Replacements etc) on the other half.

          Mind Rays

          Course Of Action

            Two years on from making their PNKSLM debut with the incendiary Nerve Endings, Mind Rays return sharper, louder and more refined with Course of Action. After establishing themselves as one of mainland Europe’s most consistently thrilling live acts since their formation in 2013, the Ghent quartet - comprising vocalist Sis Sevens, guitarist Christophe Adriaensens, bassist Jean-Michel Lauweres and drummer Mikel Gaston-Echeverria - decamped to Hightime Studio in Herk-de-Stad to cut ten new tracks in four-and-a-half days with Pieter-Paul Devos of Raketkanon and Kapitan Korsakov. The result is a lean, high tempo punk rock affair that’s imbued with a different kind of energy than Nerve Endings; it’s polished without being pristine, and carries with it a new kind of swagger that speaks to the four-piece’s sky-high confidence. Mind Rays were born out of markedly different musical backgrounds; Gaston-Echeverria, for example, previously played post rock, whilst Adriaensens had never played electric guitar in any capacity before the group’s first jam.

            After the raw spark of their self-titled EP and the laying out of their punk rock blueprint that Nerve Endings represented, though, Course of Action is the sound of a band that has gelled spectacularly on the road beginning to kick things up a few gears. ‘Pristine Condition’ is an exercise in freewheeling riffery, whilst ‘Head Back’s urgent verses explode into a wild chorus in a manner reminiscent of post punk revivalists like Preoccupations or Iceage. For the most part, though, this is a record entirely in the band’s own psych-tinged image. “There are fewer outside influences on us on this album,” explains Adriaensens. “In the beginning, we needed some points of reference, whereas this time, we were asking how we wanted to sound as ourselves - we wanted to make our own work more unique. There’s a different chemistry to the songs, because all we wanted to do was work on improving the Mind Rays sound.”

            Sleep Eaters

            Holy Days

              The London based country-infused rock quintet Sleep Eaters are ready to unveil their debut EP Holy Days on August 9 via Stockholm’s PNKSLM Recordings (home to ShitKid, Les Big Byrd, Magic Potion and more). Having become one of London’s most talked about new acts for their country-infused take on garage rock, Sleep Eaters have spent the past year honing their craft on stage and in the studio, recently supporting Drahla on their UK tour while drawing praise from the likes of So Young and Clash. Holy Days was recorded with Euan Hinshelwood of Younghusband and will be followed by UK and EU live dates during the summer and fall, including dates with L.A. Witch and Froth.


              Automaton / Quiero Ser Tu Perro

                Stockholm quintet Sudakistan return with a brand new double A-sided 7” featuring “Automaton” and “Quiero Ser Tu Perro”, a Spanish language translation of The Stooges’ classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog”.

                Featuring the band’s trademark blend of punk, garage rock, psychedelia and latino rhythms “Quiero Ser Tu Perro” finds bassist Maikel Gonzalez taking on lead vocals.

                “Quiero Ser Tu Perro” was initally recorded during the sessions for last year’s acclaimed second LP Swedish Cobra and “Automaton” was recorded in January-February 2019, both at Studio Rymden, Stockholm with producer Daniel Bengtson (who the band worked with on Swedish Cobra).

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Mine says: Sudakistan bring us a heavy, thumping garage stomper with a percussion interlude (oddly satisfying) and a true to the original cover of Stooges' classic 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' with added Spanish vocals that only add to the charme (if anything or anyone can be more charming than Iggy Pop...)!

                Les Big Byrd

                Iran Iraq IKEA - Gold Foil Sleeve Edition

                  PNKSLM Recordings are beyond excited to announce the second full length from Stockholm's Les Big Byrd. Consisting of Jocke Åhlund, Nino Keller, Frans Johansson & Martin "Konie" Ehrencrona, Les Big Byrd have been consistently one of the most exciting bands at the forefront of the Swedish music scene. Following on from 2014's "The Worshipped Cats" LP (A Recordings).

                  Long awaited second album from this stargazing psychedelic pop collective, with a slick production that ensures the trip is an aural joy.

                  Fans of Follakzoid / Hookworms will find much to lose themselves in on this album!!

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  Deluxe LP Info: Deluxe gold foil sleeve edition.

                  Les Big Byrd

                  Mannen Utanför / Two Man Gang

                    Way back in 2017, we put out Les Big Byrd's now-classic single "Two Man Gang". It's been a huge hit ever since, both in Sweden and abroad, and actually just hit a million plays on Spotify! To celebrate, we've pressed a very special double A-side 7" single, featuring new version of the song, this time with the lyrics rewritten into English, following how well the version went down live, on their last UK tour. The flipside of the 7" is "Mannen Utanför", which is also one the highlight tracks from their recent LP "Iran Iraq IKEA".



                      ShitKid, the project of Swedish artist Åsa Söderqvist, is back with its second album [DETENTION], via PNKSLM Recordings (Les Big Byrd, Miss World, Sudakistan etc).

                      Moving on from her lo-fi pop beginnings [DETENTION] finds Söderqvist and bassist Lina Ericsson recording in a studio for the first time, offering up a fully fleshed full band sound veering into pop-punk and alternative rock territory. After spending 2018 touring behind her This Is It EP, mixing headline shows and support tours with the likes of the Melvins and US Girls, ShitKid is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most exciting young acts.

                      Cherry Pickles

                      Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples

                        Conceived over a bucks fizz binge in Birmingham UK early 2018, Cherry Pickles comes at you like the base-ment band you always wanted to start. Priscila B brings from Brazil her love of early Tropicalia and the kind of ‘let’s be bad’ attitude that can only come from a land chock full of Catholic guilt. Mimi B brings her love of stripped down, bare essential rhythm. If two drums are good enough for Peggy O’Neill then they should definitely be good enough for you. Together they bonded over a mutual love of 50s malt-shop-pop, 60s minimalist garage, no wave, fuzz and all forms of outsider art. ‘Art damaged’ isn’t a slur, it’s a compliment. Anything lost in translation with this transatlantic duo only doubles the charm.Played entirely on thrift store instruments with the kind of enthusiasm and naiveté severely lacking in a lot of today’s music this is not some clever re-imagining or ironic take on lo-fi, this is the real deal! Technique and skill be damned, the message comes through strong and that message is “Don’t think about it, just cross the line and enjoy it.” All rolled together with gum, glitter and stickytape in the studio by fellow Bir-mingham noisemakers Black Mekon, the result is slightly wrong-sounding but infectious one-minute-ga-rage-pop with gusto. One guitar, 2 drums, the basement band you always wanted to start. 

                        Arre! Arre!

                        Tell Me All About Them

                          The Malmö, Sweden based quartet Arre! Arre! is back with their first piece of new music since the acclaimed debut LP A.T.T.A.C.K was released in 2015, become one of the year’s most praised rock records in Scandinavia, being nominated for rock album of the year at the Swedish Grammys, and only made available outside of Scandinavia in November last year, to coincide with the band’s debut UK shows.

                          Tell Me All About Them is due for release on March 15 via PNKSLM Recordings (ShitKid, Les Big Byrd, Miss World etc) in connection to the band making their US debut during SXSW. Showcasing the band’s unique brand of feminist rock ’n’ roll, with influences from surf, garage rock and punk, it’s a definite statement of intent from the Swedish band. The album was recorded during the fall of 2018 in their hometown of Malmö with producer Joakim Lindberg (YAST, Hater, Echo Ladies etc).

                          PNKSLM Recordings are beyond excited to announce the second full length from Stockholm's Les Big Byrd. Consisting of Jocke Åhlund, Nino Keller, Frans Johansson & Martin "Konie" Ehrencrona, Les Big Byrd have been consistently one of the most exciting bands at the forefront of the Swedish music scene. Following on from 2014's "The Worshipped Cats" LP (A Recordings). 

                          Long awaited second album from this stargazing psychedelic pop collective, with a slick production that ensures the trip is an aural joy.

                          Fans of follakzoid / hookworms / will find much to lose themselves in on this album!!


                          Funny Games

                            Stockholm garage punk tio Gestures return with their eagerly anticipated debut album Funny Games, the band’s most accomplished work today. After self-releasing the debut EP Shattered Mind in 2016, which was later picked up by Stockholm garage rock institution Push My Buttons (Holograms, Viagra Boys) for a vinyl release, Gestures signed with PNKSLM Recordings (ShitKid, Les Big Byrd, HOLY etc) for the release of the Bad Taste EP in November 2016. Shortly after the band lost their drummer but vocalist/guitarist Sick Vic and bassist Don Jovi quickly re-grouped and set to working on their debut LP, which was written and recorded during the spring of 2017. A major step forward the band is leaving behind the lo-fi murkiness of their earlier releases in favour of a more confident garage rock sound, moving from quick fire garage punk to heavier and more menacing mo-ments, bringing to mind the likes of Jay Reatard, Carbonas and Bass Drum of Death. One of Scandinavia’s finest live bands, Gestures have been the go-to support pick for touring bands such as Moaning, Demon’s Claws, Uranium Club and Girls Names.

                            Henrik Appel

                            Burning Bodies

                              The Swedish musician Henrik Appel has been a steady fixture on the Stockholm since moving there at age 20, but is only now, 13 years later, taking his first steps a solo artist with the debut album Burning Bodies arriving on June 29 via PNKSLM Recordings. Stepping away from the garage rock that’s been at the heart of his career so far in Lion’s Den and Martin Savage Gang, Burning Bodies is a more stripped-down affair, taking influence from the likes of Nico, Daniel Johnston, Karen Dalton and Brian Eno. Working with a minimal set-up Appel crafts a larger sound, staying away from the singer-songwriter niche, while delivering his strongest set of tracks yet.

                              Les Big Byrd

                              A Little Numb

                                Swedish psych quartet Les Big Byrd (featuring members of Caesars, Fireside, Teddybears, Viagra Boys etc) are back with the follow-up to last year’s soldout “Two Man Gang” single, one of the biggest hits in their native Sweden. An early teaser to their upcoming second album the “A Little More Numb” single is released via Stockholm label PNKSLM Recordings and showcases a sound somewhere in-between the pop-leaning “Two Man Gang” and the band’s previous kraut-y psych rock, with a guest performance by Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 on the A-side. The B-side is an exclusive cover of The Lemon Drops’ Nuggest classic “I Live In The Springtime”.


                                Rest In Peace

                                  Intimate and affecting indie pop from Stockholm based Nora Karlsson, originally from Umeå in the north of Sweden, the debut LP Rest In Peace is the culmination of a journey that started with writing her first original songs at age 17. Now 22, Nora’s already toured around the world as the guitarist of Swedish psych pop outfit HOLY, and her songwriting’s matured beyond her years.

                                  A far cry from the lo-fi home-recording of her first EP’s Rest In Peace is an accomplished works by one of Scandinavia’s finest songwriters, one that’s already been praised in-ternationally by the likes of Gorilla vs. Bear, Stereogum, The Line of Best Fit, GoldFlakePaint and many more.

                                  Swampmeat Family Band

                                  Too Many Things To Hide

                                    Having become something of a cult favourite in their hometown for their raucous live shows, Too Many Things To Hide is the long-awaited debut LP from Birmingham, UK quartet Swampmeat Family Band, which includes members Low Cut Connie, PWEI, Bentley Rhythm Ace, The Castillians, Terror Watts etc. Combining their inner ‘70s country soul and glam pop with more traditional heartbreak laments the quartet’s created a lasting collection of tracks that resides somewhere in the realm between Americana and garage rock, and Too Many Things to Hide is set to be released on March 23 via the Stockholm based indie label PNKSLM Recordings.

                                    Boys / Magic Potion


                                      A very special release that we're super psyched about - a double A-side split 7" from two of Stockholm's most exciting bands... one side features the first studio recording from Nora Karlsson's project BOYS, and the flip-side is the new single from MAGIC POTION, the first taste of new material since last years critically acclaimed LP "Pink Gum". Limited to 500 copies.



                                        Originally from the north of the Sweden, Åsa moved to Gothenburg after high school, starting a feminist punk band before turning inward and recording what would become her debut self-titled EP on a broken computer at home. A collection of three eerily incandescent blasts recounting the age-old tale of love at first sight was the result. Released in the spring of 2016, her unique brand of grunge-pop reached far beyond it’s lo-fi confines, with debut single 'Oh Please Be A Cocky Cool Kid' appearing on national TV the very next day.

                                        An expanded version of the debut EP was released in the summer of 2016, leading to numerous festival appearances in her homeland and sold-out shows in London and Stockholm, quickly becoming one of the most talked about new acts around. With live favourite “Sugar Town” leading the charge, "EP 2” followed in March, inviting the listener into ShitKid’s world and showcasing Åsa's strength as a songwriter. Written, recorded and produced by ShitKid, ‘Fish’ cements the arrival of an anti-popstar in the making. Guitar fuzz and digital drum-beats provide a fitting platform for her tipsy musings, executed with rock n' roll grit and charming nonchalance

                                        Holiday Ghosts

                                        Holiday Ghosts

                                          PNKSLM Recordings are proud to present the self-titled debut album from the UK’s Holiday Ghosts.

                                          Holiday Ghosts are based in Falmouth on the south coast of England and originally started out as the solo project of Sam Stacpoole of The Black Tambourines, with the rest of the line-up evolving since 2012. Now a full collaboration between Sam and girlfriend Katja Rackin, also featuring various members of The Red Cords, The Golden Dregs and William Weak, playing a stripped back and primitive style of rock n roll, with influences from acts such as Modern Lovers, The Clean, Violent Femmes and The Velvet Underground.

                                          The debut LP "Holiday Ghosts" showcases a mix of tracks written by Sam Stacpoole, Katja Racking and Charlie Murphy (also of The Red Cords, Freak Genes, Murph & The Gazorpos). It was recorded over two years at Troubador Studio in Falmouth on 8 track quarter inch tape and also features Ben Woods on bass. The album steps away from today’s heavy, fuzzed out guitar riffs and drones, and instead shows a leaner, snappier and more playful sound.

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