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Oisin Leech

Cold Sea

    Beside Trawbreaga Bay, in Co Donegal, on the north coast of Ireland, in an old schoolhouse, with a suitcase full of hired recording gear, Oisin Leech strums gently on an acoustic guitar and watches the tide pull the water away from the ancient inlet - The thickness of Oisin's voice soothes the room as the sound waves bounce around in the land where his ancestors still live and still wander - With a musical history that led Leech from the street punk bands of yesteryear through an ongoing stint with folk duo The Lost Brothers, he found himself for the frst time working on songs to sing alone In his mind, the songs became imagined vignette flms playing behind closed, guitar eyes. After writing nearly 40 new songs in this fashion, Leech wrote "October Sun" which would become the foundation for his debut solo record, Cold Sea.

    Cold Sea was produced by guitarist/ songwriter Steve Gunn. Leech dreamt of making the record in Donegal Ireland, a county signifcant to him because it is the home of his ancestors. Pitching this idea to Gunn sparked the frst of several serendipities circling the Cold Sea sessions - Gunn had always wanted to visit Donegal to connect with his own familial roots in the region.

    Cold Sea is perhaps most notable for its tremendous warmth. Each song was recorded in a few takes and adorned gently with synthesizers and guitar from Gunn. Several songs feature contributions on the upright bass by Bob Dylan band stalwart Tony Garnier. M. Ward plays guitar on October Sun and there are strings by Roisin McGrory and bouzouki by the legendary Donal Lunny throughout. It is a friendship record but even at its most collaborative, Cold Sea remains centered around the humble acoustic guitar and wool blanket vocals of Leech.


    October Sun
    Colour Of The Rain
    One Hill Further
    Maritime Radio
    Malin Gales
    Cold Sea
    Trawbreaga Bay

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