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Ella Washington was born and raised in Miami, FL where she still makes her home as a pastor. Her family background wasn't a particularly musical one, although one of her sisters was Audrey Royal who recorded briefly for Spector International in the 70s. Like so many singers of her generation Ella started her career singing in local clubs and it was at one of those, the Birdland, that she encountered two of Miami's greatest soulmen, Clarence Reid and Paul Kelly. Under their helpful guidance Ella began her path as a recording artist.

After several successful singles, Ella's only Sound Stage 7 release was recorded at Music City Recorders in Nashville, Tennessee. The self-titled LP is all classic, no filler and surely ranks among the deepest soul in her catalog. Full of strong ballads that showcase her raw and emotive style each song is perfectly arranged to showcase Ella's powerful vocals. Standout tracks include 'Sit Down and Cry', 'All The Time', and ' Stop Giving Your Man Away'. The LP also features Ella's 1969 hit 'He Called Me Baby' which entered the top 40 R&B charts and garnered a Grammy nomination.

Newly remastered and pressed on audiophile virgin vinyl. Limited to only 500 copies.


1. Stop Giving Your Man Away
2. Sit Down And Cry
3. Sweeter And Sweeter (Ray, Ray, Ray)
4. Starving For Love
5. Fragile (Handle With Care)
6. He Called Me Baby
7. I Want To Walk Through This Life With You
8. Doing The Best I Can
9. The Affair
10. All The Time
11. This Bitter Earth

The Chosen Few

Taking All The Love I Can - 2024 Reissue

Reissued for the first time on vinyl is 'Taking All The Love I Can' by Newark, New Jersey outfit The Chosen Few. Initially released on Maple Records in 1971, their debut album boasts incredibly moody 'Northern Soul' and perfectly represents the golden age of soul.

The Chosen Few are swaggering with confidence throughout the LP and draw comparisons to fellow Maple Records artists Lee Moses and Gloria Barnes. 'Taking All The Love I Can' is a highly sought after record with original issues fetching upwards of $500 when found in the wild.

On High Records is thrilled to present this modern reissue which is remastered and pressed on audiophile virgin vinyl for music lovers worldwide.


1. Taking All The Love I Can
2. Something's Bad
3. Birth Of A Playboy
4. I Caught You Cheating
5. I Got To Hold You
6. Trespassin'
7. I Can't Take No Chance
8. Nobody Can Save Me
9. You Say You Love Me
10. Love For My Girl
11. Crying Shame

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