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Roy Ayers

Virgo Vibes - 2023 Reissue

    Long before becoming an icon of funk, acid jazz, and R&B, Roy Ayers was a promising young jazz vibraphonist. Originally released in 1967, Virgo Vibes was Ayers' second album, and his debut for Atlantic. With five cool, funky jazz tracks, the LP features talented musicians like Joe Henderson, Charles Tolliver, Bruno Carr, Jack Wilson and the mysterious pianist Ronnie Clark (Herbie Hancock playing under a pseudonym). A rare treasure infused with the relaxed, sunny vibe that defined Ayers’ stellar career, Virgo Vibes is now available again on vinyl. 


    A1. The Ringer
    A2. Ayerloom
    A3. In The Limelight
    B1. Virgo Vibes
    B2. Glow Flower

    Tha God Fahim

    Six Ring Champ

      In the ever-competitive hip-hop arena, Tha God Fahim has proven to be a formidable opponent. With an unmistakable voice and an irrepressible flow, the Atlanta rapper has won over countless fans with a unique blend of style and substance, delivering sophisticated street wisdom over raw, soulful beats. Expanding an extraordinary catalog that already includes more than 100 mixtapes, Tha God Fahim is now debuting "Six Ring Champ", his second studio album with Nature Sounds. A meditation on achievement and the hard work it requires, the album is a triumphant statement from an inspiring artist. "Six Ring Champ" features multiple appearances by Your Old Droog, plus production by Nicholas Craven, Camoflauge Monk, Thrasherwulf, and Fahim himself.


      1. Titanism (feat. Your Old Droog) [02:33]
      2. Iron Mic [02:28]
      3. 4 Matic [02:24]
      4. Love N Hate [02:08]
      5. Job Well Done (feat. Your Old Droog) [03:14]
      6. Countless Nights, Endless Days [03:15]
      7. 61 In A Game [02:53]
      8. Checkers (feat. Your Old Droog) [02:28]
      9. OWJ [02:24]
      10. Stay Down Till You Come Up [02:38]
      11. Drivin Me Crazy 02:31]
      12. Tha Last Shot [02:04]

      Your Old Droog

      Space Bar

        Born in Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, Your Old Droog has become a key figure in the modern hip hop landscape. Fresh off a series of acclaimed projects, the master author is back with the new album "Space Bar". Evoking a tavern located deep within the realms of a top secret galaxy, the collection features appearances by Lil Ugly Mane, billy woods, Tha God Fahim, and Nickelus F. Despite Droog's prolific output, each of his releases are meticulously crafted, and "Space Bar" is no exception. "This album was conceptualized around the same time as 'It Wasn’t Even Close'," YOD explains. "Throughout the years, it has evolved and taken on many different forms and shapes." With beats by 88 Keys, Nicholas Craven, SadhuGold, and Elaquent, "Space Bar" finds Your Old Droog serving up intoxicating lyricism over spaced-out production, exploring unseen terrains.


        1. Space Bar Intro
        2. Cosmonaut
        3. Yuri
        4. White Russian
        5. Bloody Mary
        6. Babushka IV (Zinfandel)
        7. 2001: A Space Yodyssey
        8. Sector 7 Interlude
        9. Meteor Man (feat. Lil Ugly Mane And Billy Woods)
        10. Mojito (feat. Nickelus F)
        11. Blue Hawaiian (feat. Tha God Fahim)
        12. Dom Perignon (feat. Tha God Fahim)
        13. Space Bar Outro 

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