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NT is Nail aka Neil Holliday, one half of Bent and a master of UK tech house. But here he shows a different side across six majestically Balearic groovers. That draw on everything he has done before to send you out to sea on gentle waves of shining synth goodness, downtempo bliss and dreamy, chubby, soft focus drums. 'Beside Boa Linn' is a soothing summer sound to kick off then 'Going Out To Feel It' is a spiritual house cut for sundown, and 'Don't Hide Away' is slow motion disco brilliance. The trip continues with the star-gazing 'Evening Fixture', Eddie C style guitar licks of 'Walk In Romance' and romantic lullaby 'Dreams On Hold.'


Mine says: The long awaited EP by NT, six dubby and balearic groovers with an ecstatic disco feel, does not disappoint. There is something instantly uplifting about this record which should tide you over nicely until summer...


Side 1
1. Beside Boa Linn
2. Going Out To Feel It
3. Don’t Hide Away

Side 2
1. Evening Fixture
2. Walk In Romance
3. Dreams On Hold

Stoor's self-titled LP is filled with gutsy post-punk anthems and confident instrumental wizardry. Clanging distorted guitars and chugging rhythm tracks are fittingly topped with tuneful but agressive vocal lines. Arrhythmic passages leap out of the groove before diving straight back into the melodic assault. 'Infect me' shows a more restrained side, and showcases Stoors ability to reign it back a bit and focus on the nuts and bolts of their sound, and is further evidence of their ability to competently cover a wide variety of sounds seamlessly. This is an exciting and rousing collection, well worth the rack space for any fan of post-punk or indie. 


1. Secret World Of Cement
2. Liberator
3. Aye, No
4. Infect Me
5. Devil Rides Out
6. March Of The Molluscs
7. Frack
8. Open The Box
9. Hold That Thought
10. Witchfinder General
11. Sure Beats Me

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