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“The Alias Sessions” is the most ambitious and wide-ranging Murcof album to date - less about the individual components of a track and more about the cumulative force of the set as a whole. Corona has composed several film scores and that experience with atmosphere informs these tracks. The record benefits from careful and focused attention, preferably over longer periods - it’s too expressive and dynamic to remain in the background.

Corona began work on this music in April 2017, when he met with choreographer Guilherme Botelho, leader of Geneva-based dance company Alias, about a new performance piece – “Contre-Mondes”. Versions of these compositions make up the first half of the album. Corona continued work with the organisation for a 2018 performance entitled “Normal.” which now forms the second part of the record.

‘I’m always looking for new unheard sounds,’ Corona says. ‘To create weird associations and contrasts between sounds of a different nature.’ “The Alias Sessions” is the glorious result of this desire put into practice.


CD1 LP Contre-Mondes
1. A1. Inner Hunt
2. A2. Dandelion Heart
3. A3. Unboxing Utopia
4. B1. Nocturnal Sunrise
5. B2. Underwater Lament
6. B3. Inevitable Truth
7. C1. Between Thoughts
8. C2. Dropped Soul
9. C3. Shadow Surfing

CD2 LP Normal.
1. D1. Surface Wear
2. D2. Ideology Storm
3. D3. Dividing Space
4. E1. Fire Thief
5. E2. Systemic Amnesia
6. F1. Unread Letter
7. F2. Void Glance

"The Versailles Sessions" consists of six new pieces composed by Fernando Corona for Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes, an annual festival of sound, light and water at Château de Versailles in France. The six compositions derive entirely from recordings of 17th century baroque instruments (including harpsichord, viola da gamba, flute and violin) and a mezzo soprano, made in Paris in 2007 for the project. The release cements Corona's reputation as a highly regarded contemporary composer.



    The truly monumental "Cosmos" is Murcof's third album proper, and his first release since 2005's "Remembranza". Made up of six massive instrumental compositions inspired by his new-found love of astronomy, this is without doubt Fernando Corona's best work yet. The set was composed almost entirely from recordings of classical instruments, a process which Corona describes as 'expanding the possibilities of acoustic instruments through electronics'. A move away from the glitch sound he helped to pioneer, "Cosmos" will appeal as much to fans of contemporary composition and artists such as Earth, Sunn O))), KTL or Bohren as it would to lovers of Brian Eno's ambient album series. Definitely one to appreciate on a proper stereo with the volume right up!



      As Murcof, composer Fernando Corona creates some of the most captivating music being made today. For several years he has combined musical styles in wholly new ways, adding emotional depth to robotic minimalism. His innovative approach reaches new heights with "Remembranza", his sublime second full album as Murcof, a record that creates a storied, layered framework within strict micro-boundaries. The pieces here incorporate traditional intrumentation recorded especially for the album, working in tandem with his passion for new and unexplored rhythms.



        A specially priced collection from Murcof, featuring reworkings of tracks from "Martes" the two tracks from last year's exceptional "Ulysses" 12" and two further previously unreleased Murcof tracks, "Una" and "Ultimatum".



          Former member of the Mexican Nortec Collective, Fernando Coruna brings this lush electronica LP to the Leaf label. The tracks blend ultra minimalist electronica with solo piano making it an electro-acoustic delight!

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