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Kit Sebastian

L'Addio / Hayat

    The illustrious, London-based duo Kit Sebastian, aka Kit Martin and Merve Erdem, return with a limited edition 7" single.

    It features 'L'addio', a breakbeat driven, sultry ballad, and 'Hayat', a hazy, psychedelic scorcher that delves into the band's Turkish and Azerbaijan influences.

    'L'addio' saw the band perfecting their production and orchestration, with strings, horns and double bass, and an Italian synth found in a French dump.The music was greatly influenced by Italian soundtracks and Italian female singers, such as Mina or Rita Pavone.The track announces itself with a break that is guaranteed to get samplers twitching. The tone of the melody and lyrics is heartfelt and aching. It has a beautiful, intimate sadness like the closing scenes to a love affair, and it exquisitely rides over the slow, psych-funk-dramatic backing track. The lyrics are inspired by a flatopposite Merve's window that's occupied by drug addicts, with many guests coming in and out every night. Merve elaborated "Being both neighbours and strangers, and with the boredom of a post- tour everyday domestic life and a pinch of urban voyeurism, it was hard not to wonder what was happening in that flat. The words imagine an addict before her/his golden shot as if it's a love relationship between them that comes to an end."

    Having spent much of 2022 touring and writing, 'Hayat' was the first original composition the band recorded since their October 2021 album, 'Melodi'. Here we see them weaving a psychedelic tapestry of Mugham melodies, organ- driven grooves, and jazz- pop harmonies in classic Kit Sebastian fashion. Recorded to Fostex 1/4" tape, the essence of the production is perfectly balanced between being brand new and retro, which is a feat very hard to pull off.

    'Hayat' is sung in Turkish and the title translates as 'Life' in English. The song examines our desire to find one's place in the world and the provisionality of existence. Merve's searching lyrics ask"Where are you? Where is the universe?".Her vocal delivery perfectly reflects the lyrical focus, its texture is probing and ethereal, almost as if sung from looking above us.


    Matt says: Absolutely perfect for summer, "Hayat" has an air of Khruangbin and Surprise Chef about it, albeit with a wild Turkish keyboard solo halfway through. L'addio drapes long dresses and dim lights over its late afternoon haze - a sexy poolside smoocher to top of a perfect day paddling in the shallows with your loved one.

    Various Artists

    Hidden Waters: Strange And Sublime Sounds Of Rio De Janeiro

      The popularity of Brazilian music from the 60s, 70s and 80s has experienced quite the renaissance; artists such as Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Arthur Verocai, Joyce et al, have become household names to an international audience passionate about global sounds.

      However, even for die- hard fans and collectors of Brazilian music of the past, discovering contemporary Brazilian artists is not always easy, nor accessible. But, if you know where to look, you will see that there is a resurgence well underway that can be epitomised by an exciting new wave of Brazilian artists beginning to break through and gather momentum overseas. It's with thanks to Sound and Colours, a website devoted to promoting Latin American music and culture, that we can help shine a light on one particular collective, bursting with creativity and camaraderie.

      'Hidden Waters: Strange and Sublime Sounds of Rio de Janeiro' is compiled by Joe Osborne (founder of specialist Brazilian music platform Brazilian Wax) and Russ Slater (editor at large of Sounds and Colours). Focusing solely on the 'Rio Scene', rather than taking on the mammoth task of tackling Brazil as a whole, this collection presents 20-plus ground-breaking artists selected from Rio's resurgent music scene. By presenting a snapshot into the pulse of the city and the vibrant musicians that live in it, 'Hidden Waters' collates tracks from a wide spectrum of musical genres from the avant-garde edge to bossa nova, samba, Candomblé, lofi rock, jazz and funk.

      'Hidden Waters' showcases musicians such as iconic Rio mainstays Negro Leo & Ava Rocha, Brazilian jazz upstart Antônio Neves, critically lauded Avant- pop trailblazer Thiago Nassif, breakthrough artists Ana Frango Elétrico and Letrux, lofi psych rocker Lê Almeida, plus the Latin Grammy-winning Bala Desejo who are set to explode onto the world stage. The music featured on 'Hidden Waters' is unequivocally Brazilian, swelling with samba, bossa nova, funk, and jazz. But it's within the album's blend; from sunny psychedelia to dusky synth- pop via experimental electronics, that marks the compilation as the sound of modern, multicultural Rio.

      This comprehensive compilation comes with album artwork designed by Rio music's leading album artwork designer, Caio Paiva. It features essays by professor and music critic Bernardo Oliveira and music journalist Leonardo Lichote, plus extensive notes on each track by the artists themselves.

      Featuring ground-breaking artists from Rio's resurgent music scene, intent on bringing an avant-garde edge to bossa nova, samba, jazz and funk.


      Ana Frango Elétrico - Saudade
      Pedro Fonte - Clichê
      Bala Desejo - Lua Comanche
      Ava Rocha - Boca Do Céu
      Exército De Bebês - Avós Da Experiência
      Thiago Nassif - Soar Estranho (feat. Arto Lindsay, Vinicius Cantuária & Gabriela Riley)
      Negro Leo - Mulato
      Mari Romano - Amélie
      Rosabege - Sigo Num Site Mármore
      Dora Morelenbaum - Vento De Beirada
      Cadu Tenório & Juçara Marçal - Candombe - La Cacundê Iauê
      Jonas Sa - Gigolô
      Troá - Bandeide
      Marcelo Callado - Simbora (feat. Silvia Machete)
      Ovo Ou Bicho - Moços
      Lê Almeida - Apreço Antigo
      Vovô Bebê - Briga De Família (feat. Ana Frango)
      Joana Queiroz - Dois Litorais
      Raquel Dimantas - Flecha Azul
      António Neves & Thiaguinho Silva - Das Neves
      Letrux - Dorme Com Essa
      Os Ritmistas - Sambolero

      Various Artists

      Brazilian Beats Brooklyn - 2022 Reissue

        Compiled by Sean Marquand and Greg Caz, 2 DJs well-known for their epic parties at Williamsburg’s legendary Black Betty club, that sadly closed in 2009.

        The duo played a deep variety of strictly vintage samba, samba-rock, Tropicalia, and Brazilian funk under the banner of ‘Brazilian Beats Brooklyn’.Sean is known as half of Embassy Sound Productions. He took his team to Brazil to help resurrect Black Rio legends Uniao Black for a new release. Greg has DJ'd at some of the hottest Brazilian parties around the globe and presents a monthly radio show ‘Warm Wave’ on Soho Radio NYC.Featuring Noriel Vilela’s singular “16 Toneladas,” a sublime cover of the Tennessee Ernie Ford smash “16 Tons” with a spare samba groove and unbelievable baritone vocals and hot jams from Tim Maia, Erasmo Carlos, Joao Bosco, Toni Tornado.

        Included in this compilation of original 60's and 70's Brazilian gems are some of Greg and Sean's favourite tracks that have been flling dancefoors for years.

        Long-awaited repress of a classic Mr Bongo compilation.
        A selection of the fnest Brazilian music (via Brooklyn).
        Featuring Rita Lee, Erasmo Carlos, Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti, Toni Tornado and many more.


        Martin says: Some of the hottest Brazilian jams here from Sean Marquand and Greg Caz, with both originals and recent productions featuring in the lineup. A veritable Smörgåsbord of hip-unlocking grooves.


        Nonato Y Su Conjunto - Cafua
        Os Novos Crioulos - Mar Afunda
        Jose Roberto - Crioula Multicolorida
        Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Agora E Moda
        Trio Esperanca - Nao Aguento Voce
        Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas
        Chocolate Da Bahia - Ele Guenta
        Tim Maia - E Necessario
        Joao Bosco - Cobra Criada
        Som Tres - Tanga
        Os Incriveis - Uma Rosa Pra Dita
        Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti -aleluia
        Erasmo Carlos - Jeep
        Chalo Eduardo - Beija-flor Suite
        Ely Camargo -taieiras
        Silvio Cesar - A Festa
        Edson Frederico - Tava Mas Nao Tava
        Helio Matheus - Mais Kriola
        Toni Tornado - O Jornaleiro
        Miguel De Deus - Black Soul Brother
        Ana Rosely - Skim Dum Dum Dum
        Quarteto Uai - Marcas

        Asha Puthli

        The Essential

          We can't think of many other performers like the singer/songwriter/ dancer/actress Asha Puthli who have excelled in such a broad range of genres.

          From 60s psych, Classical Indian music, Free Jazz, Pop, Soul, Disco, to Rock, the list goes on. A 'best- of' or an 'essential collection' is always going to be a subjective thing, but for what is unbelievably the frst ofcial compilation covering the full breadth of Asha's illustrious career, we aimed to provide a snapshot into her ever- evolving musical journey and a tribute to the vast richness of her catalogue. Some singers want to be famous, others are pop star icons, and some are artists; Asha is the latter. Asha is a true force of nature, regardless of the genre she explores, she fully commits, moves on, and reinvents herself, always progressing.

          Looking back on Asha's career, it is evident what a trail-blazer she was, opening doors for her contemporaries and those who came later to step through. Whether it was conscious or not, you can recognise Asha’s infuence in aspects of Kate Bush's ethereal image and performance, in Donna Summer’s high-smooth vocal sound and disco stylings, and in the gumption and power of Grace Jones. Kick-starting the compilation is ‘Pain’, the Indian psychedelic garage rock sounds of The Savages featuring Asha. We have to admit, we had to strongarm Asha into letting us include this track at frst; also due to its rare nature (and lack of any master tapes) the recording we present here is raw and low-f. However, we felt its inclusion was important to fully represent the journey of Asha's career, the same consideration was also applied to two of the Asha & The Surfers’ songs that we have included in this collection.

          Asha saw a link between jazz and classical Indian music "the improvisation, the minor chords, the free form, the liberalness of the art" we showcase her love of jazz here with seminal works with the legendary Ornette Coleman, taken from the revered 'Science Fiction’ album. Asha's 'CBS years' are represented here, how could we not include 'Space Talk' on this collection, and how these years progressed into her amazing disco offerings such as 'I'm Gonna Dance' & 'Music Machine'. The bizarre 'We're Gonna Bury The Rock With The Roll Tonight' from 1980 has also won us over. A pseudo-50s throw- back song that sounds not un- similar to the post-modern, leftfeld, pop of an MIA production to come years later. Rounding off the compilation we have Asha's interpretation of a Michael Jackson classic that sat lost on a cassette-only released in India.


          Barry says: Mr Bongo bring us another top release, this time from all-round legend, Asha Puthli. With her influence stretching so far, and there being so many releases to cover, the best way to do this is definitely a career-spanning best of, and Mr. Bongo are ALWAYS to be trusted with a good comp. Win / win.


          W/ The Savages – Pain
          W/ The Surfers – Sound Of Silence
          W/ The Surfers – Sunny
          W/ The Surfers – Fever
          W/ Ornette Coleman – What Reason Could I Give
          W/ Ornette Coleman – All My Life
          W/ Charlie Mariano – Mirror
          Right Down Here
          Devil Is Loose
          Space Talk
          One Night Affair
          I’m Gonna Dance
          Music Machine (dedication To Studio 54)
          Peek A Boo Boogie
          Mister Moonlight
          Prism Of The Sun (song For Dieter)
          1001 Nights Of Love (reprise)
          We’re Gonna Bury The Rock With The Roll Tonight
          Asha Puthli - Chipko Chipko

          Being the humble guys that they are, Surprise Chef aren't going to admit they have something very special going down. However, there must be some magic in their studio, or maybe in the fact they all share a house and have formed close bonds, or perhaps from absorbing the DIY ethos of running their own record label that has culminated in such a unique and enchanting sound.

          'Daylight Savings' is the follow-up to the group's debut album 'All News Is Good News’. That album earned the band a much-deserved following across the world and triumphantly marked their arrival onto the international stage. Their new album was recorded in Spring 2019, almost exactly a year after they recorded ‘All News Is Good News’. It was the weekend that daylight savings time started in Australia, and the studio was filled with the smell of the towering Jasmine bush on the exterior back wall of the house. The record is subsequently filled with the optimism that comes with the impending warmer months and longer days in Australia.

          Recorded in their own home studio in Melbourne, the production approach for 'Daylight Savings' is a big step up from their debut. Engineer, Henry Jenkins, created enormous-sounding space within this record, using a great deal of creative analogue recording techniques and working in an expansive recording environment. The results are a sound that emulates the massiveness of the late-60s Capitol Records.

          ‘Daylight Savings' was written collaboratively by the whole band and features the core Surprise Chef rhythm section. It expands upon where their debut left off with a leaning more towards 70's jazzfunk than soul and a stronger focus on the rhythm section. There’s the epic drama, ebbs and flows of a vintage David Axelrod or Alain Goraguer cinematic production, plus the influence of El Michels Affair and Melbourne bands Karate Boogaloo and The Putbacks, yet it still sounds uniquely Surprise Chef. You get a sense of that rare attribute of being both a contemporary band and a band you expect it won't be too long before other producers start sampling them.


          Barry says: Sunny Melbourne soulsters Surprise Chef return for another LP of sunshine groove and jazzed out instrumentals. Toeing the line expertly between frenetic, percussive mayhem and Khruangbin-esque downbeat business, they have crafted a uniquely innovative and sun-dappled sound. Another perfect pick-me-up.


          1. College Welcome
          2. Deadlines 
          3. New Ferrari
          4. Washing Day
          5. College Welcomes Carl
          6. Sick Day
          7. Daylight Savings
          8. Dinner Time
          9. Leave It, Don Take It
          10. The Limp

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