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One Man Band

    Miles Kane returns with a blistering new album One Man Band, out August 4th on Modern Sky Records. The album’s first offering is the exuberant indie banger ‘Troubled Son’.

    Opening the record, ‘Troubled Son’ is raw, pop-driven indie, made for festival stages. “It’s about the struggle we all have in life,” Miles said of the track. “Sometimes we have our shit together and sometimes we don’t. This is me acknowledging my faults and my fears and showing the journey I’m taking as I try to figure it all out.

    Miles returns to his guitar hero best on One Man Band as he focuses on big hooks and even bigger anthems. Sharp, infectious, urgent and packed to the brim with singalong moments, it’s Miles on the top of his game. A deeply personal record, Miles returned to Liverpool to work on the album, finding himself reflecting on his journey.

    “Making the album back in Liverpool with my family really helped to bring this out of me,” Miles said of the writing process. “We left no stone unturned. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards, and this album helped me rediscover why I picked up a guitar in the first place. This album is like a brand new, yet somehow familiar leather jacket. A comforting melting pot of all the music that has inspired and continues to inspire me every day.”


    Barry says: Miles Kane returns for his most focused outing yet, clearly showing his role in the hugely popular Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner. Asymmetrical indie-rock, full of soaring melodies and Kane's distinctive vocal drawl.


    1. Troubled Son
    2. The Best Is Yet To Come
    3. One Man Band
    4. Never Taking Me Alive
    5. Heartbreaks The New Sensation
    6. The Wonder
    7. Baggio
    8. Ransom
    9. Doubles
    10. Heal
    11. Scared Of Love

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