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Ryuichi Sakamoto


    Milan Records is proud to release “12,” an intimate collection of twelve compositions by Ryuichi Sakamoto, written and recorded in Tokyo during his fight with cancer throughout 2021-2022. Each numbered title refers to its recording date.

    About the album, Sakamoto says: “…after I finally ‘came home’ to my new temporary housing after a big operation, I found myself reaching for the synthesizer. I had no intention of composing something; I just wanted to be showered in sound. I’ll probably continue to keep this kind of ‘diary.’”


    Barry says: A strikingly beautiful, starkly minimal suite of ambient piano and atmospheric room noise, pulled together by one of the most legendary figures in the world of synth music. It's hugely moving, with layers of emotion wrought through the brittle playing and Sakamoto's undeniable ear for composition. Stunning.


    20220302 - Sarabande

    Yoko Kanno / Seatbelts

    Cowboy Bebop (Soundtrack From The Netflix Original Series)

      Cowboy Bebop (Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series) is now available on vinyl! Yoko Kanno and the band SEATBELTS, the artists behind the music in the original anime series of Cowboy Bebop, have returned to bring their signature dynamic, jazzy sound to the Netflix live-action show. The resulting compositions are characters themselves - constant companions to the crew of the Bebop and brimming with just as much personality.

      COWBOY BEBOP is an action-packed space Western about three bounty hunters, aka “cowboys,” all trying to outrun the past. Long on style and perpetually short on cash, bounty hunters Spike, Jet and Faye trawl the solar system looking for jobs. As the crew of the Bebop, they make up a ragtag team that chases down the galaxy's most dangerous criminals. They'll save the world... For the right price!

      This release is a treat for Bebop fans in an additional way - it features over twenty new tracks only available on vinyl! This wide release is pressed on red marble vinyl discs in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves. 


      A1. A Day In The Bebop*
      A2. Kickin' Colt
      A3. A Hole To The Universe*
      A4. What Planet Is This??*
      A5. Twilight*
      A6. Weekend Ana*
      A7. Julia's Song
      A8. The Adventures Of Losers
      B1. Rouge*
      B2. Sleuthing Two*
      B3. Suit And Tie*
      B4. Funky Stuff
      B5. Faye's Sky Fall*
      B6. Time*
      B7. IKA Pod*
      B8. Net Rush
      B9. Headphone*
      B10. Ein*
      B11. Waltz In High Socks
      B12. Beans Be
      C1. TANK!
      C2. Cat Attack Part 1
      C3. Dedicated To Sergio*
      C4. Woodcock
      C5. Rooftop Kung Fu
      C6. Milky Cheat
      C7. My Bean At 5*
      C8. Blood Brothers
      D1. Sad End Fad*
      D2. Muddy Road*
      D3. Lord Of The Empty
      D4. Sushi Truck*
      D5. Into Noir*
      D6. The End Of Friendship*
      D7. The Fate Of Three
      D8. Earthland Entrance*
      D9. El Rey Bar*
      D10. Hello To Ya Blues*

      *Vinyl Exclusive Track 

      Various Artists

      A Tribute To Ryuichi Sakamoto: To The Moon And Back

        Milan Records release this tribute to legendary Japanese composer, artist, producer & environmental activist Ryuichi Sakamoto. A 13 song collection of songs from Sakamoto's vast catalogue, newly reworked & remodelled by contemporary artists & collaborators, including David Sylvian, Thundercat, Devonte Hynes, Hildur Guonadottir, Cornelius, Alva Noto, Liam Giong & more... 

        Hiroyuki Sawano

        Promare - Original Soundtrack

          Hiroyuki Sawano, the multi award winning composer behind The Attack On Titan, Blue Excorcist, Kill La Kill and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn soundtracks brings you the adrenaline filled ride of Promare.


          Annette - OST

            On the Milan label - ANNETTE, the much-anticipated new film from LEOS CARAX, is set to open the 74th Cannes Film Festival on 6 July 2021 and will go on general release in France on the same date. Based on an original story and music by Ron and Russell Mael, the brothers behind the flamboyant band SPARX, ANNETTE began life as an (unreleased) album but was transformed into a musical after they met Carax.

            Having successfully maintained a five-decade-long career as one of the world’s most innovative and creative bands, it comes as no surprise that their collaboration with the visionary French director has resulted in a unique piece of film-making. The original soundtrack to ANNETTE, with lyrics co-written by SPARKS and LEOS CARAX and music composed and performed by SPARKS, features vocals from the stars of the film: Adam Driver (Henry), Marion Cotillard (Ann) and Simon Helberg (The Conductor). Produced by SPARKS and Marius de Vries, music director of La La Land and Moulin Rouge! 

            Devonte Hynes

            We Are Who We Are - OST

              Released on the 'Milan Rercords' label - We Are Who We Are (Original Series Soundtrack) Is an album of music from HBO’s new coming-of-age drama series from Luca Guadagnino. The album includes music carefully curated by Guadagnino and Emmy Award-winning music supervisor Robin Urdang and features the likes of Prince, Radiohead, David Bowie and more.

              Also included on the album is a cover of Sade’s “Soldier of Love” performed by actress Francesca Scorsese, as well as three live performance tracks from Blood Orange newly recorded by Devonté Hynes for the show. In addition to the three Blood Orange performance tracks, producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and vocalist Devonté Hynes supplements the soundtrack with his newly composed score which has been released digitally. Academy Award-nominated Luca Guadagnino brings his unique cinematic style to television for the first time with the eight-episode series We Are Who We Are.

              A story about two American kids who live on a U.S. military base in Italy, the series explores friendship, first-love, identity, and immerses the audience in all the messy exhilaration and anguish of being a teenager – a story which could happen anywhere in the world, but in this case, happens in this little slice of America in Italy. The cast includes familiar faces like Chloë Sevigny (Big Love), Kid Cudi (Westworld and How to Make It in America), Jack Dylan Grazer (It), Alice Braga (Queen of the South), Spence Moore II (All American), as well as newcomers Jordan Kristine Seamón, Faith Alabi, Francesca Scorsese, Ben Taylor, Corey Knight, Tom Mercier and Sebastiano Pigazzi.

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