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Bobby Krlic

Midsommar - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Midsommar is a new horror film from director Ari Aster (Hereditary). Starring Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor, the film follows a couple who vacation in a small Swedish village to attend a festival that happens once every 90 years. The trip starts out idyllic as the duo becomes acquainted with the town, but as time lingers they become increasingly suspicious of their neighbors as the cult-like tendencies of the town become apparent.

    For scoring duties on Midsommar, Ari Aster selected British composer Bobby Krlic (also known by his stage name The Haxan Cloak). Best known for his dark and spooky instrumentals, Krlic has delivered a masterwork of tense, atmospheric pieces and beautiful orchestral movements. The compositions weave expertly with the looming threats clad in the daylight of Scandinavian countryside. Music is an essential element of Midsommar's atmosphere and will stay with viewers long after the film has ended. 


    Barry says: As the mastermind behind the otherworldly dark-drone monster that is 'The Haxan Cloak', Bobby Krlic is easily one of my favourite artists of the last ten years, and while it's hard to believe that anything could rival the intensity and world-shattering heft of Excavation (album and song(s)), this stunning outing displays exactly the same attention to detail and organic aural writhing, just this time it's for a film that's just as scary. Textbook Krlic.

    Cliff Martinez

    Too Old To Die Young - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Too Old To Die Young is a 10-episode original series written and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon).

    Boasting a cast that includes Miles Teller, William Baldwin, Jena Malone, and John Hawkes, the story follows a Los Angeles police officer (Teller) who, along with the man who shot his colleague, enters a criminal underworld populated with a myriad of wrongdoers, including hit men, Yakuza syndicates, cartel assassins, the Russian mafia, and homicidal teenage gangs.

    Cliff Martinez’s partnership with Nicolas Winding Refn has resulted in some incredible work in soundtracking for movies such Drive, Only God Forgives and The Neon Demon. The pair are teaming up again for this project. Buzzing tones, freaky strings and sawtooth synths will whisk away any feeling of safety.

    Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

    Kings - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

      Kings is a 2018 crime drama film directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven (Mustang). Set in 1992, it follows Millie (Halle Berry), a woman living in South Central Los Angeles who takes in at-risk youths to live in her home. When the infamous Rodney King riots grip the city, Millie and her cavalcade of adoptees are thrust into the mounting chaos sprouting all around them. In time, they are forced into unlikely alliances in order to stay alive

      Scoring duties for Kings fall to Nick Cave & Warren Ellis of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds fame. In recent years, they have become a force to be reckoned with in the world of soundtracks, thanks to their impressive work on films like Hell or High Water, Wind River, and the National Geographic series Mars. Cave and Ellis, the later a repeat Ergüven collaborator, pull from their rich history in the music world to deliver an unexpected score that immediately transports the listener to a specific place in time – the hot, angry streets of Los Angeles in the summer of 1992.

      Geinoh Yamashirogumi

      Akira: Symphonic Suite

      The symphonic music to "Akira" was composed by Dr. Shoji Yamashiro, head of the beloved Japanese musical collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi, and performed by the group. Remastered using the most advanced audio techniques available, this release of the unforgettable score of "Akira" is peerless in quality and audio fidelity. The vinyl release features audio so pristine that it invokes the 'hypersonic effect', a physiological change in the brain that occurs when listening to sounds above the audible human range (40kHz+). The result is a comfortable, relaxed feeling induced by the hi-frequency audio.

      In addition to the CD release, the vinyl version is a double black vinyl 180g gatefold LP. The discs are packaged in high quality printed sleeves displaying artwork from the film. A download card includes a lengthy commentary by composer Dr. Yamashiro on topics ranging from "Akira" to Geinoh Yamashirogumi to his work in advanced brain studies is also included.


      Deluxe LP Info: 180g Vinyl Double LP + download card.

      Directed by David Mackenzie, Hell Or High Water is a heist film starring Ben Foster, Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges. Based on the infamous 2012 Black List script, the film is set in West Texas, in an area formerly known as Comancheria, and tells the story of two brothers who plan a bank robbery to save their family farm. Nick Cave of the Bad Seeds and his musical partner Warren Ellis deliver a ravishing score perfectly lifting the arid landscape in which the characters strive to survive. The soundtrack album also includes ‘Sleeping On The Backtop’ (Colter Wall), ‘I’m Not Afraid To Die’ (Gillian Welch), ‘Outlaw State of Mind’ (Chris Stapleton) and many more country music infused titles. 


      Ltd LP Info: 180 gram vinyl.

      God Help The Girl is a musical feature film, written and directed by Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of the group Belle and Sebastian. It was produced by Barry Mendel and stars Emily Browning, Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray. The music takes centre stage and many songs resemble in their musical aspect the other work of Stuart Murdoch and Belle and Sebastian. The film was shot, edited, scored and mixed in Glasgow and is released theatrically by Amplify Releasing.

      Mike Patton / Various Artists

      The Place Beyond The Pines - Original Soundtrack

      The Place Beyond The Pines is Derek Cianfrance’s upcoming crime dram film. The film reunites Cianfrance and Ryan Gosling after 2010’s ‘Blue Valentine’. It also stars Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne and Ray Liotta.

      Mike Patton, American singer / songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best-known as the lead singer of Faith No More delivers a sweeping and brooding score. Like a red thread, his music guides the audience through this multi-generational story often linking characters and locations.

      In addition to Mike’s score, the album features an eclectic selection of music by the likes of Vladimir Ivanoff (Miserere Me), Arvo Part (Frotres), Bon Iver (The Wolves), Ennio Morricone (Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri), and The Cryin’ Shames (Please Stay). With more than 100 minutes of music throughout the film, the music is an essential aspect of storytelling.

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