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Middle Brother

Middle Brother

    The lead singers of Deer Tick, Dawes and Delta Spirit now come together to form the ground-breaking musical project, Middle Brother. 

    McCauley, Goldsmith, Vasquez - three songwriters with an amazing sense of purpose, balancing themes of their own playful self-indulgence with humbler notes of heartbreak and hope. Alt-country folk mixed with soulful rock & roll. 

    ‘Middle Brother’ is the master collaborative event finally risen out of the roots of their genre; a moment we’ve been waiting for.


    1. Daydreaming
    2. Blue Eyes
    3. Thanks For Nothing
    4. Middle Brother
    5. Theatre
    6. Portland
    7. Wilderness
    8. Me Me Me
    9. Someday
    10. Blood And Guts
    11. Mom And Dad
    12. Million Dollar Bill 

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