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Ferge X Fisherman


    Duality is a dual state or quality, and within mathematical systems a symmetry whereby a theorem remains valid if certain objects, relations or operations are interchanged. It also runs as both a feeling and realisation throughout the fourteen tracks included on the new album by Ferge X Fisherman. Duality is equal parts rap and jazz, contains electronically produced beats and live instrumentation, and is lyrically reflective yet totally unreserved. In regard to its lyrical content, Duality is ostensibly a self-portrait of a musician taking his first small steps onto the giant stages of the music industry. The record also features high-profile international guest stars such as Detroit rapper Black Milk and Japanese jazz trumpeter and Blue Note artist Takuya Kuroda (both on Reality), New Zealand soul singer Noah Slee (Business) and South African singer Hunter Rose (Home). With its unconventional sound, Duality is a unique statement of intent for the German hip hop scene and sets a standard for others to follow.


    Business (feat Noah Slee)
    Pace (feat Victoryaz)
    Reality (feat Takuya Kuroda & Black Milk)
    Home (feat Hunter Rose)

    The brainchild of The Strokes' bassist, Nikolai Fraiture, Summer Moon is a music and arts collective that features Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction (drums), Camila Grey of Uh Huh Her (keyboards/vocals) and Noah Harmon of The Airborne Toxic Event (guitar), as well as Fraiture himself on bass and lead vocals.

    Starting out as an "underground supergroup" (NME), the band's debut single, 'With You Tonight' immediately struck a chord with press and fans alike, becoming NME's 'Track Of The Week' and featuring as the soundtrack for Alexa Chung's collaboration with AG Jeans.

    Without the pressure of having to deliver an album within a certain period of time, coupled with the free-spirited nature of the band, Summer Moon has given Fraiture the freedom to experiment and expand his own musical horizons. Once the demos became fully formed songs, Summer Moon's wanderlust took them from their New York roots to Austin and back again.

    "We did most of the basic tracking at Vacation Island Studios with Matt Boynton, who did MGMT. The studio was tucked away in Brooklyn next to an overgrown parking lot filled with Puerto Rican Day parade floats and run-down classic cars. I then reached out to Brad Bell (Arcade Fire, The War On Drugs) at Public Hi-Fi Studios in Austin who helped produce some of the early tracks."

    With Fraiture playing many of the parts himself on the album, it resulted in heavy experimentation in order to discover new sonic landscapes and fully capture how the songs should sound.


    With You Tonight
    Class A
    Chemical Solution
    Girls On Bikes
    Car Vs Bldg
    Into The Sun
    Walk Out Music

    As everyone knows, Sun Records recorded the first Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins records. What many people don’t realise is that Sun Records created an entirely new genre of music, ‘Rockabilly’. Rockabilly became the major evolution in the Sun Sound. Lyrically it was bold; musically it was sparse; but it moved. In the 1950’s Country music rarely used drums that were so vital to Jazz, blues, and jump bands. In fact, drums were prohibited on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. However, Rockabilly drums played an essential role in driving teens across the nation to become enamoured with the Rockabilly movement and the revolutionary Sun Sound. Inherent in the music of Sun is a vibrancy that survives to this day. Sincere, passionate music. Music that has stood the test of time. It is music that has reached across race, age and gender boundaries. It reflects the diversity and vision of its founder, Sam Phillips and the talent that recorded on the Sun label that helped shape American culture.


    Everbody’s Trying To Be My Baby - Carl Perkins
    Have Myself A Ball - Malcolm Yelvington
    Pearly Lee - Billy Lee Riley
    Friday Night - Jerry Lee Lewis
    Uranium Rock - Warren Smith
    Right Behind You Baby - Ray Smith
    Yes Ma’am - Charlie Rich
    Walkin’ Shoes - Onie Wheeler
    Mama, Mama, Mama - Hayden Thompson
    Crawdad Hole - Jack Earls 

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