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Maylee Todd


    Maylee Todd’s debut album Maloo is a concept record revolving around a fictional world where empathy, mental health and creativity are the core elements for survival.

    The album's themes will be bolstered by additional video content created by Maylee herself, including a VR video, original music videos, animated videos, a Graphic Novel Origin Story for socials and NFT platforms, and digital fashion designed and modelled by Maylee.

    For fans of: FKA Twigs, Tirzah, Kelsey Lu, Julia Holter, Holly Herndon.


    1. Age Of Energy
    2. No Classification
    3. Grab Your Guts
    4. Infinite Program
    5. Triangles
    6. No Other
    7. Tiny Chiffon
    8. Show Me
    9. Dream With You
    10. Fanatic
    11. Absolute Time And Space

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