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Run / Stop EP - Inc. D'Arcangelo, Bot1500, Uf0, Utopia Cloak, Anitta, Suso Flores Remixes

Braindance mentalism from Mause on Massage Brain Cult! I fuckin' love this label! Never heard of Mause before but I'm really digging this: melodious and velvety, which sets it apart from the more robust and aggressive side of the label. If you liked RX-101 on Sunction, D. Ball on Ourtime and the harmonic side of AFK then you need this in your life!  

There's absolutely shed loads to go at across the double vinyl Has remixes from D'Arcangelo, Bot1500 & UF0 whilst Mause's own compositions range hyper-serene futurescapes, dual-sequenced drum chaos (think AFX's "Drukqs") and glitched up neon-rave beauties. There's nods to electro in there too, with all the classic (and not so well known) drum boxes working overtime alongside a vertible array of soft and hard synths. 

Honestly, if you're into the multi-dimensional evolution of electronic music that's taken place over the last 30 years or so, then this is gonna proper melt ya mind. Buy the ticket, take the trip - you will not be disappointed! Incredible. 


A1.DMX Acidheim
A2.Evas Bounce
B1.Dolpin Funk1
B2. Baecon3

C1. Dolpin Funk1-Utopia Cloak's "search For Atlantis Re-edit"
C2. DMX AcidHeim - Anitta Rmx
C3.Thorn(r8) - D'Arcangelo's "whispering Edit"
D1. Evas Bounce - Bot1500
D2.Erirre - Uf0 Rmx

If you have a tendency towards circuit fried electronix, biting acid and dreamy hardware jams then surely Suction records and their roster of impressive artists is already on your radar. You might not have come across Massage Brain Cult yet though, as this is their first release!

Written and produced by BOT1500, D'Arcangelo, Mause, Jessica Walrus, fxbip & Velum break, "√∆1 (Massage Brain Cult)" is the first various artist compilation showcasing the emerging sounds from this independent label.

BOT1500 kicks things off in earnest with the 160BPM acid techno cruise missile - "Rave_5.1". Suction regular D'Archangelo follows up with a slower but intricately detailed glitchy / house number, "1112"; while Fxbip's "Equinox" is a stuttered, star-aligned electro smash to complete side A.

Side B opens with Jessica Walrus' "Peachy Soundmask89" - a quirky, half tempo cornish acid number that frequently slips itself into headsplitting drill'n'bass business - AFX would be proud! Mause keeps the same spirit of '93 alive with the xtc-flavoured prog acid stadium filler - "Ultralife Zprit" while Velum Break concludes this ridiculously strong collection with "Apple Galleon". A dark and sinister track full of programmed, snappy breakbeats and some clever synthesizer work - a piece that could incidentally come out of Keith Tenniswood's Radioactive Man catalogue - and who has infact mastered the entire record down at Curve Pusher.

If you're lookin' for summat trippy, wild and rawkus, with a shed of load of electronic goodness throughout - then "√∆1" is 4 U!


Matt says: Breathtaking new movements from the hardware scuzz underground! "Massage Brain Cult" should keep fans of RX-101, AFX, Squarepusher and Ceefax more than happy as they roll out their own unique blend of (Piccadilly-coined), 'CORNISH ACID'!!!


A1. BOT1500 - Rave_5.1
A2 D´Arcangelo -1112
A3. Fxbip - Equinox
B1. Jessica Walrus - Peachy Soundmask89
B2. Mause - Ultralife Zprit
B3. Velum Break - Apple Galleon

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