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Stranger Son Of WB

Hot Banana Wave

    "Hot Banana Wave" was written and first performed while the band were holidaying in Hawaii. It's the best song ever written about an ice-cream sundae surfing the 15 foot-ers. It's even more incredible when you discover the band are a bunch of chaps from Manchester who listen to endless Captain Beefheart, Monks, The Fall, Can, Part Chimp, and, judging by the lo-fi rock'n'roll of "Hot Banana Wave", plenty of Swell Maps too.

    Electric Spoon


      Welcome to the world of Electric Spoon - a tale of three castaways, hair and colours, standing on the edge of sound looking at each other starting a search for all their electric sisters and brothers. The journey begins at Marquis Cha Cha with "You" - a sound for hearts and minds, part of the earth's rhythm, their peace of mind rests in sound, colours are their stepping stones – a home for hearts and minds. The sound here is very akin to an Alan Lomax field recording (deliberately crackly, not a bad pressing!) of The Rolling Stones - circa "Sticky Fingers".

      The Oxfam Glamour Models

      Kick Out The Grams

        A gloriously fuzzed-up, racket that takes a well aimed side swipe at celebrity lifestyles and their erm celebrity habits.... As they say on myspace: The Oxfam Glamour Models don't come from Sheffield, don't smoke crack, and don't wear silly hats. The Oxfam Glamour Models don't love New York, don't listen to Duran Duran and don't make disco music for Topshop's changing rooms.

        O Fracas

        Follow Sue

          Another great slice of spikey, angular guitar noise from Leeds lads O Fracas.

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