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He teams up with the cult Brighton based experimental artist Alasdair Willis (The Vitamin B 12) who plays saxophone on 3 of the 11 tracks on the album.

The album has all the hallmarks of an Emote record and more. Likely to be listed as down tempo / abstract ambient and blending many different styles together.

If you are in tune with free jazz and abstract electronic tribal music you should find this good home spooky listening .

Supported by Chloe Alice Frieda of Alien Jams and Damo B of the Outer Limits Radio Show 


A1. Home And Dry
A2. Poi Poi Poi
A3. Are Gate
B1. Homage To V Neck
B2. Old Duck.
B3. Loaded
C1. Segway
C2. Odd Stoop
C3. Naughty Letter
D1. ESP Gulls
D2. Mask-Debate 

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