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Zebra Katz

Ima Bitch

Pulling from a multimedia /performance art background, Zebra Katz brings a slo-mo dark delivery to his rhymes set over a the minimal unencumbered beat on “Ima Read”.But what does “Ima Read” even mean? Simply put, “reading” is an old voguing term describing someone verbally insulting an opponent about something not so apparent to the average viewer. A good reader could tear you apart with one simply sentence.

Since we last saw Zebra Katz and Njena Reddd Foxxx they have played countless shows, opening up for Azealia Banks and Lana Del Ray. They released their single “W8WTF” and have taken the fashion world by storm when Rick Owens presented his latest collection to the tune of “Ima Read”. From its humble beginning as one of the first Jeffree releases “Ima Read” has turned into a 2012 anthem. Since the release was only featured on Jeffree’s volume 2 we felt it appropriate to present a re-release single with the thumping instrumental and an acapella version.


Ltd 10" Info: Limited 10″ pressing with etched B-side.

‘Sweet Talk’ is the first EP from Australian duo Kito & Reija Lee. Kito provides the catchy, bass-heavy production skills, which blend perfectly with Reija Lee's crisp vocals and absolutely massive hooks. The two have been friends since childhood, and previously collaborated on ‘LFO’, which appeared on Kito's EP for Skream's Disfigured Dubz label, but this is their first proper release together. Kito & Reija Lee take dubstep in the perfect pop-crossover direction, doing it with class and flair. In a dubstep scene dominated by men, Kito & Reija Lee have managed to bring a decidedly female perspective to the table while staying true to the genre's roots. Kito's production is sexy and intelligent, rough in the right places, and supremely catchy. The EP's title track might be the best example, taking equal turns at being sultry, hard and mysterious, while Reija's manipulated vocals tell her boy to get his shit straight. ‘Broken Hearts’ is the poppiest cut, with Reija shouting an in-yr-face hook that will be stuck in your head way beyond first listen. ‘On The Jam’ features Kito cleverly twisting Reija Lee's vocals into autotuned heaven, and ‘This City’ rounds out the EP on a mellow edge with yet another huge catchy chorus.

Po Po

Bummer Summer / Teen Dreamz

Shoaib and Zeb of Po Po zero in on a sound that combines live instrumentation with electronic programming cranked out on an old tower PC. This single gives a perfect look into the crosshairs of that Po Po world with two very different tracks. "Bummer Summer" is a no brainer of radical weirdness, one of Po Po’s poppiest and prettiest tracks, despite the title and lyrics that may or may not say 'I’ll watch you die.' It’s one of those feel good feeling bad songs that sounds best soaked in 97 degree humidity… Or looking at the sky from a prone position on the roof of a car… Or zoning the hell out somewhere for no good reason. And what’s more, it sounds like a lost demo gem from The Jesus And Mary Chain’s "Darklands" / "Automatic" period. The intro to "Teen Dreamz" on the flip sounds like a duet between the Hammer of Thor in Hell and a 5000 watt call-to-prayer minaret speaker that’s been screwed down to negative speed. It was called “Epic Intro Song” for a while for a reason; stick around for the drop. After a minute, the uniquely heavy "Teen Dreamz" falls into a mind numbing half time beat while Zeb’s falsetto vocals roll around with the drones from the intro, and the whole thing makes you feel like you just ate a pound of mushrooms while listening to The Stranglers’ "Meninblack" album. This might not even be a 'dance' record, but you’ll just have to work that out for yourself.


7" Info: Numbered limited edition of 300 in hand silkscreened jackets.

DJ Blaqstarr is the new signing to Diplo's Mad Decent label, coming from the Bmore epicentre itself and bringing with him his own unique take on the Baltimore sound. Described by Diplo as 'violent, futuristic soul music', this is a branch of the club music that is perforated by harsh Bodymore breaks and gunshots and juxtaposed with off-kilter soul vocals from Blaqstarr himself.

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