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Mac Demarco

Here Comes The Cowboy Demos

    Following last year’s release of 'Here Comes The Cowboy', “his most introspective and refined work to date” (Billboard), Mac DeMarco is pleased to announce two new demo albums; 'Here Comes The Cowboy Demos', and 'Other Here Comes The Cowboy Demos', out  as a Record Store Day Exclusive.


    Side A:
    1. Here Comes The Cowboy (demo)
    2. Nobody (demo)
    3. Finally Alone (demo)
    4. Little Dogs March (demo)
    5. Preoccupied (demo)
    6. Choo Choo (demo)
    7. K (demo)

    Side B:
    8. Heart To Heart (demo)
    9. Hey Cowgirl (demo)
    10. On The Square (demo)
    11. All Of Our Yesterdays (demo)
    12. Skyless Moon (demo)
    13. Baby Bye Bye (demo)
    14. The Cattleman's Prayer (demo)

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