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MAW Records continue where they left off, with more from the Maw Lost Tapes digging saga.

This release entails the story of a special studio session by one of the NY house pioneers who brought you "The Music's Got Me" by Visual along with his partner Timmy Regisford back in 1982. His name is Boyd Jarvis (RIP), a keyboard genius, also one of the early creators of this unique sound. Masters At Work had only a few rare sessions in the early 90s with Boyd and the outcome are some of these stunning outtakes on "Boyd's Jam", produced by MAW. Driven by the Zipper sound and swinging house KD beats in MAW style, the Boyd bassline carries the tune in the pocket groove with LV chords bringing atmosphere and mood. Then comes the Boyd magic with his organ solo ripping through the hypnotic groove.

This one is classic Masters At Work taken from the early 91-92 sessions, it's as authentic as can be. Limited copies! 


Matt says: Boyd Jarvis joins Kenny and Louie for a seriously deep grooving, jazzy house cut that's one of the highlights from the recent hurricane of Master At Work releases.


A. Boyd's Jam (On The Organ Mix)
B1. Boyd's Jam (MAW Synth Dub)
B2. Boyd's Jam (MAW Zipper Beats) 

Masters At Work

Funky Anané / MAW Want You

The second instalment of MAW Lost Tapes for all MAW & Kenlou fans & enthusiasts. "Funky Anane" as classic stuff from Kenny and Louie: thick beats, syncopated snares, lonnnng arrangement with thumpin’ kicks and snaps to compliment the Louie Vega walking bassline and deep organ / clarinet interplay. Fact heads! - apparently the vocal sample is taken from Anane's studio work with the pair in 1996.

"Maw Want You" is a early signature MAW groove which has inspired many house producers to pull from that vibe. Featuring an almost Reece bassline, skitty hats and deep driving synths it's like Detroit meets New Jersey meets New York all in one tidy club hit!

Really nice to see MAW revisiting these classic house jams and getting them out there for a new audience. Essential stuff really. 


Matt says: House music demigods Kenny and Louie are back on it big time. Digging out lost tapes, reissuing classics and dropping more big fresh new bombs via MAW Records and Kay-Dee. This is new material - and guess what - it kicks hard! From the soulful licks of "Funky Anane" to the sub-tickling Reece bassline of "MAW Want You". It reminds us why their the best in the business!


A. Funky Anané (MAW Jazz Dub)
B. MAW Want You 

Masters At Work updated the universally accepted vogue anthem, "The Ha Dance" with "The Ha Drop" a few jam recorded by the pair in 2022 and now seeing the light of day on fat, heavy 7" single. 

The something intangible and powerful about the "The Ha Drop". It's bass-buggin' low end, it's squealing mid range utterances, it's kicking drums. Although falling in the house format it possesses a unique energy which was adopted by the Vogue scene to great celebration.

Limited copies of this true underground anthem - don't sleep! 



A. The Ha Drop (Kenny Dope Edit)
B. The Ha Drop (Lil' Dope 45 Dub) 

Maw Records are proud to present the Masters At Work Remixes of the Kenlou classic “Moonshine”

Masters At Work are in top form, reinvigorated to show Dance Music how the OGs roll! Kenny Dope & Louie Vega met at the Kay-Dee headquarters for a few days and jammed together. "Moonshine" being one of the tracks they put up in the studio to create new fresh versions. Programming excellence by Kenny Dope, layered with Louie Vega keyboards, synths & bass lines.

The two once again set it off with a bang! Limited copies, snooze you lose... 


A. Moonshine (Dubb Edit)
B. Moonshine (Short Edit) 

Masters At Work remixes of the KenLou classic “Moonshine”. Masters At Work are in top form, ready to fill up dancefloors at clubs and festivals once again. Kenny Dope & Louie Vega met some months back at the Maw Kaydee Headquarters in Delaware for a few days and jammed together, the outcome, “Moonshine” (Masters At Work 2022 Remix), one of the KenLou classic tracks they put up in the studio to create new fresh versions with a unique MAW twist. ACE beats, drum–programming in excellence by Kenny Dope, layered with Louie Vega slick keyboards, synths & basslines, the two once again set it off with a bang!! Already tested and tried at major festival and club summer dates, the tune is ready for the vinyl run by all the wax afficionados.


Matt says: The first in a series of re-beefs by the NY house masters. "Moonshine" kicks like a voguing mule. And will certainly show these young exhibitionists what it really means to stand out in the club!


A. Moonshine (Masters At Work Remix)
B. Moonshine (Masters At Work Dubb)

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