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Continuing a long and fruitful creative relationship, Tindersticks have completed their 7th original film score for renowned director Claire Denis, for her provocative thriller LES SALAUDS (BASTARDS), released in French cinemas on 7th August. The film premiered at Cannes in Un Certain Regard and offers confirmation, were it needed, of the Denis’s status as one of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers currently working, and of one of the most consistent and unique partnerships existing between a director and a group of musicians.

Marking a fundamental stylistic departure for the band, the hypnotic electronic score resonates the darkly sensual and dreamlike rhythms of the film’s revenge narrative, featuring a new twist on the Hot Chocolate classic ‘Put Your Love in Me’. The soundtrack for Bastards/Les Salauds is released on the band’s Lucky Dog label.

On the creative process Claire Denis says “Stuart read the screenplay, which I believe upset him a little. It took him time to find his bearings and start composing. I told him the film began in the rain, and suggested echoing this with dissonant electronic music. I had in mind Tangerine Dream’s music for Michael Mann’s Thief. We worked together as we’re accustomed to: I’d go and see him in his studio in Creuse, he’d come to Paris to make me listen and we’d talk.”

Stuart Staples adds, “We talked about sailors and their relationship with dry land; an unreal place where the worst of things can happen…and inevitably do, a world of nightmares. I started to experiment with synthetic sounds - a strange environment, I felt like that sailor, surrounded by equipment and ideas that I didn’t understand. The idea to use Hot Chocolate's ‘Put your love in me’ was an early point of connection for me, to shift the desperation in that song into a different space, to give me something to hold on to and to grow from.”

2013 is a landmark year for Tindersticks who turn 21 this year. The band are celebrating this special milestone with a plethora of exciting new music and art projects across 2013 including their 10th studio album Across six leap years, (released 14th October) and the autumn UK release of the book Singing Skies, the first collaboration between Stuart A Staples and his wife, artist Suzanne Osborne This anniversary year culminates in a jubilant ‘Across six leap years’ European tour in October.


1. Put Your Love In Me (fade) 
2. Opening 
3. Marco
4. Elevator
5. Night Time Cigarettes
6. The Yellow Bike
7. Naked Walk
8. Factory / Day Drive
9. Love On The Stairs
10. Low Life
11. Night Time Woods
12. Night Drive
13. Put Your Love In Me


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