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Red Sun Titans

    Experimental North London alt-pop outfit Gengahr return with their anticipated new album, Red Sun Titans, produced and mixed by Matt Glasbey.

    Comprising of bassist Hugh Schulte, drummer Danny Ward, lead vocals/guitarist Felix Bushe and guitarist John Victor, Gengahr first arrived in 2015 with their debut album, A Dream Outside, gathering rave reviews for its dark take on dreamy shoegaze and updated approach to British-bred indie rock.

    The band promoted the record on a nationwide and European tour before getting to work on their sophomore effort Where Wilderness Grows (2017), praised by the likes of DIY and The Line of Best Fit. They returned in 2020 for their third LP, Sanctuary, capturing the magic from their debut and featuring hits ‘Heavenly Maybe’ and ‘Icarus’.

    'Red Sun Titans' is Gengahr at their finest – a bold collection of indie pop that sees the beloved UK outfit continue to push the boundaries. 


    Liam says: Well isn't this just lovely? Gengahr are back with another collection a sun-kissed indie alt-pop that channels the likes of Wild Beasts and Bombay Bicycle Club. My 18 year old indie kid self would have LAPPED this up and, to be honest, my haggard 27 year old self can't resist it either - check it!


    1. Alkali
    2. Red Sun Titans
    3. From Beruit (Interlude)
    4. A Ladder
    5. In The Moment
    6. Heels To The Moon
    7. Floating In The Undercurrent (Interlude)
    8. White Lightning
    9. Suburbia
    10. In My Way
    11. The Interview
    12. Haunted Spaces (Interlude)
    13. Napoleon
    14. Collapse

    Demob Happy

    Divine Machines

      From ‘OK Computer’ to ‘Screamadelica’, history has shown that a band’s third album is when shit starts to get real. When, after an introductory debut and a second that tests new waters, the particular alchemy of a group stamps its personality in ways that no other configuration of individuals can do; when the outside voices have been tempered and all that’s left is a perfect cocktail of confidence, skill and momentum. It’s a theory that’s been proven time and time again, and one that Newcastle trio Demob Happy are underlining with ‘Divine Machines’: a third album that harnesses their delicate tightrope of heaviness and melody, sweetness and riffs, and rides it up to the stratosphere.


      Barry says: 'Divine Machines' shows Demob happy have perfectly harnessed the psychedelic heft and 60's leaning rock and / or roll of bands like The Dandy Warhols or one-time psych pals The Brian Jonestown Massacre. It's playful and melodic but filled with moments of unyielding heft and soring riffs.


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      Voodoo Science
      Earth Mover
      Tear It Down
      Musuclar Reflex
      Are You Thinking?
      She's As Happy As A Man Can Be
      God's Coffee
      Run Baby Run
      I Have A Problem (i Ignore)
      Divine Machines
      Hades, Baby

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