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MF Doom & Bishop Nehru

Nehruviandoom (Redux)

The VILLAIN was laying low on the fog shrouded Tin Islands when Bishop’s X-Wing crashed into his swamp.

It was April 2013, and that’s a metaphor for Bishop’s first meeting with DOOM before a show at the 100 Club. The future collaborators were booked to play in the tiny ancient jazz venue with Ghostface Killah that night.

A month earlier Bishop had been co-signed on stage at SXSW by Nas. There was mad anticipation for his next project. Stakes were high. At the 100 Club, VILLAIN saw what Nas had seen, a real MC.

In the months that followed Metal Fingers sent Bishop Yousendit links to folders of beats and Bishop laid down bars. The two worked remotely and then followed up with sessions in the studio.Amongst many swell reviews the mini-album caught a lot of criticism. Not least because it was so short, just 32 minutes. To mark the 5th anniversary, we’ve reduced the running time to 27 minutes.


says: The sadly recently departed MF Doom's mega release with Bishop Nehru given a reissue in line with its 5th anniversary.


Om Feat MF Doom
Means The Most
So Alone
Coming For You
Caskets Feat. Mf Doom
Great Things Feat. Mf Doom
Disastrous Feat. Madvillianz

Becoming Real

Mist Face

    Becoming Real is a UK electronic producer based in Copenhagen. ‘Mist Face’ finds him further exploring the influence of grime, vapour wave, cyberpunk and ambient dream music, paired with detailed and engrossing sound design that conjures fragmented ghostly scenes in empty future cities. It should appeal to fans of Arca, Burial, Four Tet, Varg, HKE, Murlo, Dream Catalogue and Actress. Since his first release in 2010 he’s dropped several well-received EPs and an album on Transgressive Records. His early promise earned him inclusion in The Guardian’s ‘New Band Of The Week’ and NME’s ‘Radar’ features, and saw him pick up radio support from Lauren Laverne, Huw Stevens, Mistajam, Rinse and Mary Ann Hobbs. Following the release of his debut album ‘Pure Apparition’, he took some time out of music to focus on the visual arts. ‘Mist Face’ is his most fully realised project yet.


    12 Masks
    A.I. Gear Solid
    Shy Boi
    True Angel

    Andrew Hung

    Realisationship Instrumentals

    Andrew Hung is co-founder of the highly-influential electronic duo Fuck Buttons. His production work has included Zun Zun Egui’s “Shackles Gift” and co-writing/ co-producing the critically acclaimed “Kidsticks” by Beth Orton. In 2016 he soundtracked the multiple-award winning film “The Greasy Strangler”, and was nominated for Best Soundtrack at the Empire Awards. In 2018 he soundtracked director Jim Hoskins’ follow up, “An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn” starring Aubrey Plaza and Jermaine Clement. His debut solo album, ‘Realisationship’ was released via Lex Records in 2017.


    Say What You Want - Instrumental
    Elbow - Instrumental
    No I Won’t - Instrumental
    Private Commercial - Instrumental
    Whispers - Instrumental
    Shadow - Instrumental
    Sugar Pops - Instrumental
    Animal - Instrumental
    Open Your Eyes - Instrumental

    Lex lay on some of the good stuff here with the debut LP from Fudge, a killer collaboration between dope MC Michael Christmas and production wizz Prefuse 73. Wonky beats and wild lyricism abound as the duo take us on a trip through their out-the-box inner-thoughts. "Lady Parts" came together during several sessions in the summer and fall of 2015 at Nick Hook’s Green Point studio. Ever-ready and perma-prepared like any good boy scout, Prefuse 73 brought along a hard drive full of beats. Christmas wrote to the instrumentals in the studio, and recorded the vocals the same day, as friends swung by to check it out. Some of the drop-ins at the studio ended up joining in the recording, not least D.R.A.M. who brings lifted soul vocals on “All Points South”. Though the wacky-factor is high (check out the rude, nude and lewd cover), "Lady Parts" is a subtle story, bestowed with musical intricacies and lyrical themes which only reveal themselves on multiple listens. Let this one into your life, y'all.


    Young Vet
    Circuit Breaker
    In My Shoes
    Kids Kill
    These Saturdays
    All Points Feat D.R.A.M
    Popstar Shit
    Every Off Key Interlude
    I Think Imma
    Japanese Mall
    Nothing Good
    No Vibes
    I Got The Good 



      'NEHRUVIANDOOM' is Bishop Nehru’s debut album. Produced by Metal Fingers and featuring MF DOOM vocals on several tracks, it’s a compact nine track, 30 minute long player.

      Bishop Nehru’s breakthrough mixtapes, released from the age of 15 saw him rhyming over DOOM produced instrumentals. DOOM joined the line of MCs who co-signed the young rapper including heavyweight lyricists Kendrick Lamar and Nas, who introduced him on stage during his set at SXSW as “The future of music”.

      Still only 17, Bishop has wrapped up his debut album for Lex, a collaborative project with MF DOOM.

      Artwork by GHOSTSHRIMP, best know for Cartoon Networks hit show Adventure Time.


      1. First Day Of Class
      2. Om
      3. Mean The Most
      4. So Alone
      5. Darkness (Hbu)
      6. Coming For You
      7. Caskets
      8. Great Things
      9. Disastrous

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