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Josef K

The Only Fun In Town - 2022 Reissue

    “Rarely has there been a better album opener than Fun n’ Frenzy, a shimmering yet abrasive mix of Subway Sect dustbin lid guitar, No Wave twitchiness, a hint of psychedelia and a crooning vocalist intoning poetic, abstract lyrics that conveyed existential menace. Continuing with Revelation, Crazy to Exist and single tracks like Sorry for Laughing, The Only Fun In Town was an extraordinary achievement – eclipsed by the group's split. It remains an early 80s high point. Those who haven’t heard it should; those who have might be tempted by this latest upgrade, which features remastered sound and different extras”. Josef K ‘The Only Fun In Town’ (Jon Savage – Mojo 2014)

    Crepuscule presents a new limited 180GM black vinyl edition of The Only Fun In Town, the influential debut album by iconic Scottish guitar group Josef K, originally released on Postcard Records in July 1981.

    Speedily recorded in a small studio in Brussels, The Only Fun In Town was a defiantly abrasive, serrated long-player in the mould of the second Velvets album, Josef K having already shelved a more conventional recording. Sharp-edged pop singles abound – It’s Kinda Funny, Sorry for Laughing, Revelation – along with rattling Haig/Ross twin guitar classics such as Fun ‘n’ Frenzy, Heart of Song, Forever Drone and The Angle.
    The Only Fun In Town topped the independent charts on release and remains a canonical post-punk album. This remaster arrives housed in a handsome gatefold sleeve, and by way of bonus tracks also features several Postcard single A and B sides including Radio Drill Time and Chance Meeting. Side 4 features all four tracks from JoKay’s celebrated John Peel Session in June 1981, including Heaven Sent and The Missionary.


    Side 1:
    1. Fun ‘n’ Frenzy
    2. Revelation
    3. Crazy To Exist
    4. It’s Kinda Funny
    5. The Angle
    Side 2:
    1. Forever Drone
    2. Heart Of Song
    3. 16 Years
    4. Citizens
    5. Sorry For Laughing
    Side 3:
    1. Radio Drill Time
    2. Romance
    3. Chance Meeting
    4. Pictures
    5. Final Request
    Side 4:
    1. The Missionary
    2. Heaven Sent
    3. Heart Of Song
    4. Applebush

    Paul Haig

    The Wood

      Les Disques du Crepuscule presents The Wood, a brand new studio album by Scottish singer and songwriter Paul Haig, previously frontman with cult Postcard post punk legends Josef K.

      Paul’s fourth solo album for Crepuscule since 1983 was written and recorded over a three year period between 2015 and 2018, and explores glitchy, twisty sonic territories in the vein of Four Tet, Floating Points and Love Over Entropy.

      ‘We can think of the wood or forest as a metaphor for the mystery of the human psyche,’ says Paul. ‘Like the human soul, it can be a place of hidden meanings and unrevealed secrets. I wanted to try and evoke this through the music and worked hard on finding the right balance of electronic and organic sound samples across a broad range of musical genres.’


      1. Chasing The Tail
      2. I Heard Music
      3. Sun Flicker
      4. Lights
      5. Acoustic Mangles
      6. The Walk
      7. The Wood
      8. Floaty Appy 

      23 Skidoo

      Beyond Time

        Beyond Time is the first album by acclaimed experimental group 23 Skidoo in fifteen years, released in a special double disc edition combining the soundtrack music to 2011 documentary film Beyond Time, and a DVD of the film itself.

        Directed by Alex Turnbull and Pete Stern, Beyond Time is a journey into the life and work of artist William Turnbull, from his modest roots as the son of a Dundee shipyard engineer to his standing as one of the world’s most highly regarded modern sculptors. Narration is by Jude Law. “An insightful, irreverent documentary, yet with a palpable sense of purpose” said the Daily Telegraph, with the Guardian confirming that“William Turnbull helped change the way we see art today.”

        The soundtrack music is performed by 23 Skidoo. Formed in 1979 as industrial, post-punk and funk genres coalesced, the group included Bill Turnbull’s sons Alex and Jonny together with Fritz Catlin and Peter ‘Sketch’ Martin. As well as new music, the accomplished score features re-worked versions of older material. “Johnny and I thought 23 Skidoo’s anti-commercial tendencies came from a punk sensibility,” explains Alex. “But it turns out we had a genetic predisposition to anti-establishment practices. Bill was a polymath at a time when that was a dirty word, shifting between sculpture and painting and putting both in a symbiotic relationship. Now crossing boundaries is everywhere: think of hip-hop. The name of the band referenced a William Burroughs short story. Burroughs used, as we did, cut-up techniques, collaging and sampling. We were oblivious to the fact that a lot of that aesthetic was in what Bill did until I made the film.”

        Both the CD and vinyl versions of Beyond Time include a Region 0 NTSC format DVD of the documentary film (with bonus features), but feature different artwork. The CD/DVD package features a portrait of Bill by photographer Ida Carr, while the vinyl/DVD version features a detail from 05 by William Turnbull (oil on canvas, 1959) printed on matt reverse board.


        CD Tracklist:
        1. Dawning (version)
        2. AYU (ambient)
        3. Calypso
        4. Interzonal
        5. Kendang
        6. Contemplation
        7. Helicopterz
        8. Urban Gamelan

        Vinyl Tracklist:
        A1. Dawning (version)
        A2. AYU (ambient)
        A3. Calypso
        B1. Kendang
        B2. Contemplation
        B3. Helicopterz
        B4. Urban Gamelan 

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