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Emm Gryner is an award winning singer, songwriter, actor and best-selling author. Emm sang and played keyboards in David Bowie's band, and appears on numerous recordings, including his landmark 1999 SNL appearance, Bowie at The Beeb and Toy. Bowie's acclaimed Glastonbury 2000 documents her performance in front of more than 100,000 fans at Worthy Farm. With Trapper she shared arena stages with Def Leppard, and she also helped bring the first music video recorded in outer space to the world.

Detroit radio formed the soundtrack of Emm's life and career and her brand new record is a celebration of that music. From Motown,jazz and pop, to Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac and the Doobies, Business & Pleasure is infused with the sunshine soul and stellar playing of the late 70s and early 80s. These songs, produced by Fred Mollin, written with poet Michael Holmes, and recorded with drummer Shannon Forrest (Toto), keyboardist Pat Coil (Michael McDonald), bassist Larry Paxton (Alison Krauss), and guitarists Tom Bukovac (Taylor Swift) and Pat Buchanan (Hall & Oates, Dolly Parton), embody a take on yacht rock that sails deep into the 2020s and introduce the world to a bold new character: a powerful woman whose passion, presence, conviction, humor and grace serves to unite the world in

music, joy and love, once again.


1. Loose Wig
2. Jack
3. Valencia
4. Summertime
5. The Chance
6. Queen
7. The Second Coming
8. Strangers And Saints
9. Burn The Boats
10. Don't Give In
11. Real Love

On his new single "Pacifico Waves", Joel Sarakula takes the scenic route down a pacific coastline, searching for peace, enlightenment and the perfect sunset.

Travelling and searching is nothing new to Sarakula: it's almost his default way of being. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia before swapping oceans to live in the UK and more recently onwards to Gran Canaria: "I've been busy making my islands smaller" he jokes. But the music on "Pacifico Waves" sounds like none of these places: with its easy drum shuffle, soulful guitar hooks and smooth vocal harmonies it distinctly evokes Southern California. It's such a potent portrait of the West Coast that if not for the contemporary lyrics and some modern production techniques, it could be a long lost hit from an early 80s LA studio band.

"Pacifico Waves" is ultimately about memory, fantasy and the powerful emotion of reminiscing when Sarakula sings 'The sound of the ocean gets me so high, helps me remember what I left behind'.


1. Pacifico Waves
2. Lonely Town (Pacifico Mix)

Emm Gryner

What You Won't Do For Love

Rounding up 2023 Emm Gryner releases her version of Bobby Caldwell's classic "What You Won't Do For Love" on 7inch vinyl and digital formats. "A jazzy throwback to Bobby Caldwell's biggest hit," Emm Gryner says. "I've loved so many versions of this song and now, thrilled to release my own version."

The 7inch version is backed by "Valencia", one of the favourites from her latest album "Business & Pleasure". Emm Gryner is an award winning singer, songwriter, actor and best-selling author. "Business & Pleasure" is a celebration of the Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac and Doobie Brothers softrock era, infused with the sunshine soul and stellar playing of the late 70s and early 80s.


1. What You Won't Do For Love
2. Valencia

The lights are low and the champagne is on ice.

Welcome to the mysterious parallel universe of David Fostex and a stellar cast of Yacht Rock legends, supervised by Shawn "Silver Fox" Lee.


1. The Love Syndrome
2. Butt Dial
3. Glasses For The Masses
4. Not Tonight
5. Lost My Keys
6. Head Up Her Ass
7. Should Have Washed My Hands
8. Taste The Biscuit
9. Livin' The Stream
10. What's That Smell Barry Manilow?
11. No Lyrics

"Zeus" is the first ever full-length album by Max Beesley's High Vibes ensemble, who released two classic 12inches on Boogie Back Records at the height of the Acid Jazz movement in 1993/1994. For "Zeus" Beesley set out to create something very special and reached out to some of the greatest session players in the world to play on the record.

Steve Gadd was a friend from many years ago when the two played on George Benson's 1996 album "That's Right". Steve came on board and suggested his good friend Walt Fowler would be a great addition for soloing on flugel and trumpet. Walt said he would love to be a part of the record and was terrific to work with. His tone is unsurpassable and perfect for the High Vibes record. Max then reached out to renowned guitarist Dean Parks who is one of the most recorded player in the 21st century. Dean also loved the tracks and wanted to record. Max has admired Luis Conte for many years and he has worked extensively with Steve, Dean and Walt in the James Taylor band among virtually every artist in the world, so it was great to add him to the line-up.

Jerry Meehan is Max's close school friend. Together they have produced and written songs, film scores and toured together with many artists. Jerry also served as a co-producer on the record: "Jerry's my fav bass player in the world and his musicianship unsurpassable". Finally, Max's good friend Christian Sands plays keyboards on the album. Max cites him as one of the greatest players of his generation today and was very eager to have him on the record. Christian's contribution is phenomenal. The Horn House rounded the musicians off. Nichol Thomson on trombone, Tom Walsh trumpet and Mike Davis also adding trumpet on some tracks. They are Max's fav horn section. Nichol and Max arranged all horns and the result is electrifying.


1. Zeus
2. Snake Oil
3. Saturn's Dust
4. Juice
5. We'll Always Have Yesterday
6. Fire
7. Sergio's Bag
8. Ice


Since Always And Forever

It's no coincidence that one of freekind.'s most successful songs to date is called "Visualize". When listening to the irresistible, r'n'b-jazz-pop-soul-single, you'll find yourself wanting to see how Sara Ester Gredelj (vocals, piano) und Nina Korošak-Serčič (drums) bring their music to life. Now they release their debut album "Since Always And Forever".

Luckily they've got plenty of gigs incoming for you to do just that. Live is also where it all started. When freekind. started performing at showcase festivals such as Waves Vienna, a wave of radio tastemakers fell in love with their music. Influential GSA radio stations RBB Radioeins and FluxFM playlisted "Visualize", while their charmingly titled "not good enough"-EP pleased their early fans. freekind. (please NEVER forget the dot) are currently working on the release of their debut album – an album guaranteed to deliver its promise of happiness to fans of H.E.R., Jorja Smith, Arlo Parks or freekind.

Sara was born in Croatia and Nina has Slovenian roots, but they met in Vienna, Austria, at one of Europe's best art and music universities, the "Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Graz", "Kunstuniversität Graz" (KUG). Not an entirely surprising fact as KUG has always attracted talented young musicians from the Balkan region. Sara and Nina met, shared their love for jazz, soul, r'n'b and pop and decided to start a band. Their first live performance was with a live band but after some time they went back to how it all started - just the two of them.

The ongoing joke is that their live performances are like collective group therapy with the songs sharing something that's inside all of us, both artists and audience. Just "Visualize" this and you'll know how it feels to be freekind.


1. It's A Beginning
2. Found Love
3. Vulnerability
4. Same Love
5. Visualize
6. The Cycle
7. Carry You
8. Good Vibrations
9. Happiness
10. Bright Lights
11. Kind To Yourself
12. Since Always And Forever

"Island Time" is the latest album from Joel Sarakula and his first since relocating to The Canary Islands at the height of the pandemic. From his home in the UK he accepted an invitation to perform a special concert Alfredo Kraus Auditorium in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in November 2020 not realising it would change his life.

"Island Time" is a collection of songs covering themes such as island life, city life, loneliness and romantic love and our relationship with nature.

Stylistically covering soft-rock, soul, disco and reggae, "Island Time" and its first single "Tragic" is broad in scope but ultimately a cohesive record, with the production focusing on a small group of musicians featuring Phil Martin (Dawn Patrol, Martin & Garp) on drums and Xav Clarke on guitar and bass. Building on his previous records "Love Club" and "Companionship", Sarakula expands his palette with a broader use of synthesizers and drum machines and makes stylistically adventurous choices such as the AOR samba of "Dinosaur" and the 70s-cod reggae inspired title track "Island Time", a tribute to escape and re-invention. Sarakula sings "Don't bother me I'm on island time, don't bother my mind once again." For any overworked and over-connected city-dweller, this plea for isolation in a tropical island is a beautiful fantasy.

"Island Time" will be released on Jan 20th, 2023 with Sarakula bringing some tropical sunshine to the freezing European winter in January and February with performances already confirmed in The Netherlands and Germany.


1. Love My Shadow
2. Sun Goes Down
3. Work For Love
4. Tragic
5. Give It Up For Nature
6. Lonely Town
7. Island Time
8. Truth
9. Dream Life
10. Dinosaur

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