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Area C


    "Haunt" is a swirl of farfisa organs, loops, stretched out guitar and the fragmented, fractured beats of an analog drum machine and tube amplifier static. Recorded by Eric Carlson and Jeff Knoch (Eyes Like Saucers) in late 2005. Area C was started by Eric Carlson in 2003, his compositions examine the texture and tonal characteristics of sound, working with live loops, their cyclical relationships, and the details of their decay over time, Jeff Knoch has appeared live with Area C, but this is his first recorded work with Eric.

    The Idle Suite

    Up Two Sticks Road

      The Idle Suite are a six piece improv-rock group from Wellington, New Zealand. The band members come together from a variety of NZ underground acts including: King Loser, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Sferic Experiment, and Marineville. Driven by two drummers, the Idle Suite's music is open ended improv rock.

      Transitional Phase

      Transitional Phase

        Psychedelic improv from core members of Subarachnoid Space. The master tapes of this performance were lost for some time, and only now released to the public eight years later! Seven tracks of psychedelic improvisation and rocking, delivered hallucinatory, experimental, spirited, and cosmic.

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