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Lost Under Heaven

Something Is Announced By Your Life!

    Lost Under Heaven is the creative collaboration between Dutch Artist Ebony Hoorn & Ellery James Roberts, a poet songwriter and former front man of the infamous WU LYF. Described as “Fearless, Life-Affirming & without Compromise” the project fuses spirit-stirring songwriting, cinematic production and visceral storytelling to explore the evolutionary journey of soul making.

    Across two boldly maximalist albums – the Mute-released Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing and follow-up Love Hates What You Become – Hoorn/Roberts partnership has seen them work with Grammy winning producer’s John Congleton (Angel Olson, St Vincent) and the Haxan Cloak (Bjork, Father John Misty, Midsommar Soundtrack) whilst pushing at the cathartic precipice of their own emotions.

    Back with their prescient third album, Something Is Announced By Your Life! , this time on their own independent imprint LUH*international, the couple’s drive is still unrelenting; their sonic world is a phantasmagoria of triumphant crescendos, soaring strings and anthemic vocals that call out to the heavens. 


    Liam says: New one from ex-WU LYF frontman Ellery James Roberts and Ebony Hoorn, 'Something Is Announced By Your Life!' is the spiritual tonic we need right now. Full of anthemic and grand orchestral vistas, Lost Under Heaven's life-affirming and cinematic scope also delves into desert-psych (Dark Days) and rousing post-rock (Get Spooky) - essential listening!!!


    1. I Surrender
    2. Shadowboxing
    3. Dark Days
    4. Winters Truth
    5. The Return
    6. Lullaby For A New Earth
    7. Towards The One
    8. Keepers Of The Flame
    9. Get Spooky

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