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Scottish turntablist & producer Krash Slaughta is back with another cut-n-paste epic of vintage hip-hop joints and stitched-together boom-bap mastery! The project comes in four parts corresponding to four sides of 12" vinyl which weigh in at approximately fifteen minutes each and each side of which took around a month to make! This bad boy pieces together classic vocal loops, rare breaks, library records and obscure samples along with remixes of Stetsasonic, O.C., Tanya Winley, Jurassic 5, Edan, Nas, ODB, Gang Starr, Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud (any one of which would be straight fire on 7" or 12") along with pretty much whatever the hell else he wanted to put on there. Pressed at 45 rpm, this one features two differently-coloured slabs of wax: one mauve and one blue while even the centre labels and cover art get in on the cut n paste vibe having been created by hand by Krash homie Saleem Andrew McGroarty. As with previous such efforts from the KS camp, there will be no re-press! Sleep at your peril.


Eden Remix
Gang Starr 
J5 Remix 
MF Doom Remix  
Music Evolution Remix
NAS Remix 
OC Times Up Remix
ODB Shimmy Shimmy Ya Remix
Stetasonic Remix
Super Lover Cee Remix
Sweet Tee Remix
Two Kings Reix

Krash Slaughta

Diggin' Deeper

    You know Krash Slaughta right? The man behind the recent wildly successful DOOM / Sugacubes mash-up LP "Sugar-Coated DOOM". 

    "Diggin Deeper" is a whole remix album of one of his all-time favourite hip-hop LPs –  "Six Feet Deep" by hip-hop supergroup Gravediggaz.

    As many will know, this LP with its horror-movie fixated lyrics gave birth to a whole hip-hop sub-genre – that of horrorcore. However, none of those who came after seemed to manage the lyrical humour of The RZArector, The Grym Reaper and The Gatekeeper (aka RZA, Poetic and Frukwan) and the only bit of production by The Undertaker (aka Prince Paul) that they seemed interested in was the sub-metal rap sludge of the shouty "Bang Your Head" – ie. the LP’s one weak spot. But don’t worry, Krash isn’t interested in that sort of thing. Not only does he avoid rap-metal beats for "Bang Your Head", he doesn’t use any on the LP at all – hurrah! What he does do is employ, arguably, as eclectic an array of sample sources as Prince Paul on the original – though with an entirely different end result. "Bang Your Head" with its apparently sixties garage band-derived beat for example is one of the standouts. The skeletal piano skank of "6 Feet Deep" is another, while a beat featuring spaced-out eighties synths forms the new musical backdrop to "Constant Elevation". Two more of the monkey’s favourites on this one are "Here Comes The Gravediggaz", now underpinned by double-bass-led funk and the glorious inappropriately joyous bounce of "Blood Brothers". The result? Your favourite cuts on this one might not be the same as your favourite cuts on the original. Two different versions of a much-loved LP, then; it’s why people remix hip-hop. All the vocal stems were created by Krash. Cover art is by the Dead Residents’ Junior Disprol.


    Here Comes The Gravediggaz
    Blood Brothers
    Bang Your Head
    1-800 Suicide
    6 Feet Deep
    Nowhere To Run To Baby
    Pass The Shovel
    Defective Trip
    2 Cups Of Blood
    Mommy What's A Gravedigga
    Constant Elevation

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