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King Tubbys Presents: Soundclash Dubplate Style, Pt. 2

Although better known for his dub experiments, King Tubby also got involved with the dancehall scene too, and following the recent interest said genre (and the whole King Jammy's campaign) we now see a tidy collection of tracks from the late producer's archives that flirt between the later incarnations of reggae music with digi-vibes a plenty combined with the thick sub bass which categorized the sound in the mid 80s. Unlike part 1 which featured straight re-issues from his Waterhouse sub label, part 2 flirts with the idea of 'specials' or 'dubplates' - rhythm tracks that would be lent out to a specific producer and vocalist for them to record personal sound system cuts, that would be used in the tradition 'sounds' battles across Jamaica. Featuring Paul Crossdale on keys, Melbourne Miller on drums, Donald Dennis on bass and introduced by soundboy Alty 'Fuzzy Jones', ten instrumental, digital rhythms for your MC to toast fi in the dance. Big ting!


1 Kill A Pan 
2 Tan Good 
3 Nah Run Weh
4 Lick Shot 
5 Death Row 
6 We Rule 
7 Fade Out 
8 Play Play 
9 Brand New Sound 
10 Make Them Pay 

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