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DJ Kicks: Jessy Lanza

    Jessy Lanza has always made music that perfectly suits the mood – whether it’s the heads-down trance of the dancefloor or that hazy, post-club bliss. It’s no surprise for an artist that takes electronic music’s most intoxicating sensibilities and effortlessly reimagines them as experimental pop and R&B. The Canadian singer, producer and DJ from Hamilton, Ontario, has trodden an inspiring path which led to 2013’s boldly minimalist debut Pull My Hair Back, released on revered UK label Hyperdub. Gorgeously complex follow-ups Oh No – shortlisted for Canada’s prestigious Polaris Prize – and 2020’s All the Time crowned her as a singular talent in the left-of-pop sphere.

    It’s with this genre-bending approach that Jessy Lanza presents her entry for the DJ-Kicks series – a sprawling, club-indebted odyssey that draws you in closer and closer with each listen. Recorded this summer, the mix is an incisive snapshot of her emotional landscape during the past 18 months. In 2020, with nothing but a van, a few personal belongings and her musical gear, Lanza and her partner relocated from New York City to the Bay Area to ride out the pandemic. A change of scenery, buoyed by the slower pace of their new home, gave her a fresh perspective during a worldwide screeching halt.

    Jessy Lanza’s DJ-Kicks mix also arrives as a divine stroke of timing. As the world slowly starts to re-open, it’s a portal into the ecstatic energy of the dancefloor; an emblem of genuine healing – both personal and communal – that transports listeners to a state of pure euphoria.


    01 Jessy Lanza - Guess What
    02 Jessy Lanza - Seven 55 (feat. Loraine James) [DJ-Kicks]
    03 Jessy Lanza - Wet X3 (feat. Taraval)
    04 DJ Spookie - Twilite
    05 Michael J. Blood - Lip Biter
    06 Mr. Ho - Bail-E
    07 Crystal - Jungli - La [Joe Howe Club Mix]
    08 Masarima - Freak Like U [Club Mix]
    09 Golden Donna - Foaming
    10 Mafia Boyz - Teaspoon La Qoh
    11 Markus Mann - I'm Losing
    12 Jim C. Nedd - Maleka
    13 Maarten Van Der Vleuten - Nightshift
    14 Secret Werewolf - Yage
    15 Grain - Untitled B2
    16 Gant-Man - Distorted Sensory (Loefah's South Side Rmx)
    17 G3 - Drum 2 [Peanut]
    18 Lolina - A Path Of Weeds And Flowers
    19 Dee Jay Nehpets - Na Na Na
    20 Oyubi - 140yaku
    21 DJ SWISHA - If The Shoe Fits
    22 Jessy Lanza - Heaving Featuring Taraval
    23 TAH - Beat It Up Like (These Drums)
    24 Kanyon - IDFW Snakes
    25 CN - Anubis
    26 The Raining Heart - Raining Heart

    A1 Jessy Lanza - Guess What
    A2 Jessy Lanza - Seven 55 (feat. Loraine James) [DJ-Kicks]
    A3 Jessy Lanza - Wet X3 (feat. Taraval)
    A4 Oyubi - 140yaku
    B1 Jim C. Nedd - Maleka
    B2 Jessy Lanza - Heaving (feat. Taraval)
    B3 Dee Jay Nehpets - Na Na Na
    B4 DJ SWISHA - If The Shoe Fits
    C1 CN - Anubis
    C2 Lolina - A Path Of Weeds And Flowers
    C3 Mafia Boyz - Teaspoon La Qoh
    C4 The Raining Heart - Raining Heart
    D1 Michael J. Blood - Lip Biter
    D2 Markus Mann - I'm Losing
    D3 Mr. Ho - Bail-E
    D4 Golden Donna - Foaming

    "Age Of The Ego" is the immaculately-crafted eighth album by dance-music-national-treasures Crazy P. Fans of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel, Grace Jones, Arthur Russell, Jam Hammer, Prince and Bobby O will find much to like, but this is clearly modern music, where heavy clubs beats are layered-up with perfectly-placed arrangement, ace playing and stratospheric soundscapes. Musically, Crazy P’s breadth of studio and writing experience shines brighter than ever, and "Age Of The Ego" has their unmistakeable stamp of quality, but is now augmented with a broader palate, and - like many - a feeling of upset with the state of the world.

    'I don't usually write my lyrics in advance, as I feel they’re expressed better in tandem with the music, which seems to help tap into my subconscious. What came out on several tracks was Brexit, the state of UK politics and the way I feel about divisive, abhorrent manipulation by certain media outlets. Thematically parts of album were also influenced by the rise of social media, the struggling education system and how it’s failing our young, and the impact all of this has on us. It’s been hard to not be emotionally influenced by the situation we find ourselves in; not just in this country, but worldwide. I feel very angry and frustrated, but sometimes have to laugh at myself, because I struggle to articulate my feelings in normal conversation. I suppose lyrically it is political, a reflection of the times, but with a twist of humour and always a lot of love,' explains Danielle.

    Ok but what do we think? Obviously, it's quite bitter sweet hearing Dani express herself this way; as their music has always sought to uplift and elevate through the optimistic and energetic vibe of disco's past glories. Don't worry though, the music still shines, and the grooves are here to make you wobbly, dance and jump; but look beyond that and there's some inspired lyrical genius contained within. And for that we have to applaud Danielle - it'd be very easy to ignore the current world situation and bury your head in a sand of instagram posts and self-indulgent tweetings. Instead Danielle, and the rest of the band of course, have taken the moral stand and addressed the issue. When musicians have the platform and influence that they do, Dani almost makes it seem criminal that on the whole the music community doesn't do more to change things. Here's to the revolution! 


    1. Is This All It Seems
    2. The Witness
    3. SOS
    4. We Will F**K You Up
    5. Kari
    6. Barefooted
    7. Step Into The Light
    8. Love Is With You
    9. This Fire
    10. Lean On Me
    11. Night Rain

    The 68th edition of the DJ-Kicks mix series is another landmark one, with experimental producer Laurel Halo taking the reins. The American’s adventurous 28 track trip features seven exclusives, including two of her own plus those from Rrose, Machinewoman, FIT Siegel, Nick León and Ikonika.

    An electronic outlier, Halo hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan, but has been based in Berlin for a number of years. Landing on labels like Hyperdub, Honest Jon’s and Latency, Halo has released a body of work ranging in style, yet cohered by production and compositional tendencies that sound distinctly her own. Her studio work tends to be a multi-layered mix of the electronic and the acoustic, the organic and the synthetic. As a DJ, meanwhile, she lays down more floor focussed mixes of techno, bass and worldly drum rhythms, and her live sets are similarly visceral and direct.

    Halo’s DJ-kicks packs a lot in to just 60 minutes. It kicks off with the first of two of her own exclusives, ‘Public Art’, a tactile piano loop that sets the melodic tone of the mix in focus. Crunchy drums soon take over and begin what is a blistering ride through electro, trippy minimalism and textures that range from icy and dubby to steel plated and sharp from the likes of Red Axes, Parris and an exclusive from Rrose.

    Another exclusive, rough and ready cut from Machinewoman follows, before the mid section twists and turns on surging drum patterns, frantic industrial textures and spaced out gqom sounds from the likes of Griffit Vigo, Dario Zenker and Final Cut. This is a mix forever on the move: one minute its tightly coiled and kinetic, the next it’s loose and joyful before switching into more cerebral and insular passages that keep you intrigued.

    Fusing together so many disparate sounds and textures is no mean feat, but like everything Halo does, here they all add up to something as thrilling and edgy as it is unpredictable and compelling.


    Patrick says: DJ Halo joins the DJ Kicks club with a post everything set of unorthodox dance bizznizz. At times propulsive and percussive, elsewhere hazy and wavy, the largely synthetic house selection is littered with fragments of rave, breakbeat, electro and experimental sounds, all tied together by the producer's own unique style.


    1. Laurel Halo - Public Art **
    2. Stallone The Reducer - Always Hate
    3. Red Axes - 5 Min (feat. CAR)
    4. Parris - Puro Rosaceae
    5. Rrose - Cricoid Pressure **
    6. Machinewoman - Just Made Some Jazz Music **
    7. WCC - Ana
    8. FIT Siegel - Pennyrut **
    9. Yamaoka - Plastic PQ
    10. Siete Catorce – Canto
    11. Facta - Poliwhirl
    12. Laurel Halo & Hodge - The Light Within You
    13. Ikonika - Bodied **
    14. Griffit Vigo - A.C.I.D (Electronic Gqom Mix)
    15. Panda Lassow - Lachowa
    16. Dario Zenker - Koraimer Bro
    17. Final Cut - Temptation
    18. Aos - Violent Light
    19. Geoffrey Landers - Brian’s Having A Party
    20. Via Maris - Side Effects
    21. Laurel Halo - Oneiroi
    22. Nick León - Pelican Dub **
    23. Stefan Ringer - Lust
    24. Kirk The Flirt - Loser
    25. Laurel Halo - Sweetie (DJ-Kicks) **
    26. Blake Baxter - Funky World (Blake Baxter Remix)
    27. Kiki Kudo - Freakey Keke
    28. Group A - Ketabali
    29. Whitefield Brothers – Ntu
    ** = Exclusive Track

    A1. Laurel Halo - Public Art **
    A2. Parris - Puro Rosaceae
    A3. Rrose - Cricoid Pressure **
    B1. Machinewoman - Just Made Some Jazz Music **
    B2. FIT Siegel - Pennyrut **
    B3. Siete Catorce - Canto
    C1. Ikonika - Bodied **
    C2. Panda Lassow - Lachowa
    C3. Nick León - Pelican Dub **
    D1. Stefan Ringer - Lust
    D2. Laurel Halo - Sweetie (DJ-Kicks) **
    D3. Group A - Ketabali
    ** = Exclusive Track

    An expressive electronic album filled with sadness, yet one with the sort of positive, stirring resolve that leaves you feeling utterly comforted, Bjarki’s new album "Happy Earthday" is influenced by his home country Iceland as well as environmental issues. 'Maybe you can feel the melancholy of my life, the nature overall. Volcanos and the lava flowing down the slopes, the frightening noise of the ocean beating the land, the strong wind in the mountain passes and a glimpse of the first ray of the rising sun over the glacier. Now that is the dawn of a new day.”

    Having released bodies of work on Nina Kraviz’s label трип and his own label bbbbbb, Bjarki views "Happy Earthday" as his proper debut album; he feels it’s a more coherent and conceptual body of work that finds him offering up music he never thought he would release. 'You can consider this album a window into my head and even my soul,' says Bjarki. 'For me it is a bit odd, sharing like this to the world. As a very private person I am not used to opening my door so completely. It’s a little scary for me. ‘What if …’ I wonder, expecting all kinds of everything.'

    The album contains very personal material written over the last decade during fragile moments of introspection. And because of that, 'releasing this album is also a kind of a farewell to music I made in a certain period in my life. It’s like I’m saying farewell to a grown-up child which is now ready to leave the nest.'

    There are skeletal rhythms with sombre chords lingering in the air, downbeat drums with heavy moods, and moments of more uplifting optimism along the way. Throughout the album - made up of comparatively short tracks that help the whole thing move at an engaging pace - Bjarki always manages to make his machines sing with real resonance; they ooze genuine pain and a stunning sense of melancholy that is comforting even when the tempo is raised and drums come to the fore.


    1/A1. BlessuðBörnin
    2/A2. Alone In Sandkassi
    3/A3. ( . )_( . )
    4/A4. Two-brainedness
    5/B1. AN6912
    6/B2. Healthy Texting
    7/B3. Bheiv_sheep
    8/C1. ANa5
    9/C2. Cereal Rudestorm
    10/C3. Salty Grautinn
    11/C4. Sprinq 3-2
    12/D1. Plastic Memories
    13/D2. LitaogLeira
    14/D3. Happy Screams
    15/D4. UX

    Reto A Ichi (AKA Prefuse 73)

    The Lapse Of The Exchange / Alone Moving Often

    Reto A Ichi is a sonic tabula rasa for Guillermo Herren AKA Prefuse 73. There are identifiable elements of the artist you already know - an uncanny sense for rhythm, an ability to shape samples and frequencies like clay, an affinity for the subtle changes of repetition - yet this is first and foremost music born from the need for silence. There is no easy entrance point or index for the listener.

    The first album, "The Lapse of Exchange", is the sound of life as heard from a small Chinatown window in downtown Manhattan, the thunder of populism on the horizon. The album opens with music that reflects the inherent tension between the life of the artist - the self-doubt, the late nights, the aspirations - and the world outside - the hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps, the wars abroad, the politicians at home. It's a tension felt in the repeating, circling keys of "Let The Pianos Freeze", the pulsating rhythms of "No Juntos", or the call and response of pitched vocal samples in "A Sword In The Rain". Ultimately it all becomes too much for our unwitting hero: the car horns outside the window, the 24 hour news cycle, the early stages of an election that tears down any remaining semblance of normality. Reto A’ichi can no longer grasp his humanity or connect to that of people around him.

    With the walls closing in, he packs his small life and escapes. This change in situation is reflected in the second half of the album, with tension giving way to a rush of emotions: modulated elation on "All Regrets", sweeping melancholy on "Tuesdays Always Awful", and soaring hope on "Broad Plant Pt.2". On Alone Moving Often, the second album, we find Reto A’ichi away from the city, lost in the vastness of empty summer houses and the complications that solitude brings. Sitting in the prison of his own quiet, Reto A’ichi seeks to capture the essence of silence: the compositions are stripped back further ("Pforever Reto"), the instruments given prominence ("So Contra"), and the chaos of the city replaced by the cacophony of nature ("Criminality"). To be alone, one must learn to constantly move in both work and purpose. As the rest of the record unfolds, Reto A’ichi comes to realize that nothing is ever truly quiet and that to run from the world is to simply find yourself in another part of it. A sense of acceptance for these unsettling realities is reflected in the music, from the harsher tones and frequencies that resonate throughout "Noise Counter Melody" and "Ghost Arpeggio" to the heavy stroke of the keys on "Alone Moving Often" and the haunting drone of "Mountainside Hillside".


    The Lapse Of The Exchange
    1/A1. These Times Are Closing (Intro)
    2/A2. Gambling In The Snow
    3/A3. Let The Pianos Freeze
    4/A4. No Juntos
    5/A5. It's Her Birthday
    6/A6. A Sword In The Rain
    7/A7. Zato Lullaby Pt.2
    8/B1. All Regrets
    9/B2. The Leaning Tower Of Our Leaders
    10/B3. Tuesday Always Awful
    11/B4. Percussions, Hearts And Airs
    12/B5. Broad Plant Pt.2
    13/B6. These Times Are Closing (Outro)
    14/B7. Not Enough Gravity (Reprise)

    Alone Moving Often
    1/C1. Criminality
    2/C2. The World According To West 50th Pt.1
    3/C3. So Contra
    4/C4. Pforever Reto
    5/C5. The World According To West 50th Pt.2
    6/C6. Duration Meditation
    7/C7. Everything In The Air
    8/D1. Magazine PM
    9/D2. Alone Moving Often
    10/D3. Noise Counter Melody
    11/D4. Mountainside Hillside
    12/D5. Ghost Arpeggio

    Lars Eidinger is an artist, born and raised in Berlin, working mostly as an actor at the Schaubühne theatre in Berlin. He is especially known for his interpretations of the characters Hamlet and Richard III in the eponymous plays of William Shakespeare in productions directed by Thomas Ostermeier. He also appeared in several German movie productions such as "Everyone Else" by Maren Ade, "Home For The Weekend" by Hans-Christian Schmid and "Blooms Of Yesterday" by Chris Kraus alongside international films such as "Goltzius And The Pelican Company" by Peter Greenaway, "Mathilda" by Alexey Uchitel and "Clouds Of Sils Maria" by Olivier Assayas plus German and international TV series like "Tatort", "Polizeiruf 110", BBC’s "SS-GB" and the Netflix series "Sense8" by the Wachowski Sisters. In 1998, during the time he was studying acting he released a 10" called "I’ll Break Ya Legg" under his name on !K7’s sub label Studio 54, produced on a PC in the basement of his parents house on a 4 MB sound card - the whole record is 100% sample based. The resulting sound is Lo-Fi, giving the whole tonal aesthetic a very rough and dark feel with a very melancholic and morbid atmosphere.


    A1. There Sense Thus Weak
    A2. Laughing Potatoes In A Microwave
    A3. Ludicous Figure
    A4. Empty Teardrop
    A5. Hard Spoiled 96
    B1. Dynamite Colabear
    B2. Where Has My Love Gone?
    B3. Park Without A Fade Out
    B4. Sorehead In Amble Mood
    B5. Looking Birds Holes In The Ass
    B6. Sad Organ



    First press since original release in 2000, Suzuki is the second studio album by Austrian downtempo / trip-hop duo Tosca, released by Studio !K7 and G-Stone Recordings in 2000. Unlike many of Tosca's subsequent releases, "Suzuki" is essentially an instrumental album, with vocal samples integrated throughout, but in such a way that they "become a part of the instrumentation." The album is dedicated to the Zen master Shunryu Suzuki. The dedication can be found on the inside of the front cover.


    1 Pearl In
    2 Suzuki
    3 Annanas
    4 Orozco
    5 Busenfreund
    6 Honey
    7 Boss On The Boat
    8 John Tomes
    9 Ocean Beat
    10 The Key
    11 Doris Dub
    12 Pearl Off

    Following a year that saw the 50th entry in the long-running series released to wide acclaim, DJ-Kicks returns in 2016 another landmark edition. Iconic Detroit DJ and producer Moodymann is at the helm for his first ever multi-artist DJ mix compilation. Born Kenny Dixon Jr., Moodymann is a one-of-a-kind electronic music icon, hailing from, and wholly synonymous with the Motor City. He is an outspoken, impossibly charismatic artist who has been putting a distinctive and soulful stamp on house and techno since the early 90s. Melting together jazz, funk, soul, blues and rock in captivating ways, he is responsible for some of electronic music’s most definitive tracks, EPs and LPs on labels like Planet E, Peacefrog and his own KDJ and Mahogani Music imprints. As able to serve up the sweetest and most sensual sounds as he is the darkest and most depraved grooves, his own unique voice and stream of conscious musings infuse expertly sought-out samples for music that is decisively alive and authentic.

    Across 75 minutes and 30 tracks, Moodymann does not disappoint: despite being a notorious vinyl fetishist, Dixon’s aim is to present music of quality, not to one-up fellow collectors. Rather than serving up ridiculously rare or hard-to-find records, he instead focuses on creating a libidinous, blues-drenched mood that takes in heart-breaking soul, gorgeous hip-hop and love-fuelled house. In addition to cuts from his own creative circle, the mix features 11 exclusive Moodymann edits. Like everything Kenny Dixon Jr. touches, DJ-Kicks showcases the taste, skill, and soul of a dance music original.


    CD -
    1. Yaw - Where Will You Be
    2. Cody ChesnuTT - Serve This Royalty
    3. Dopehead - Guttah Guttah
    4. Jitwam - Keepyourbusinesstoyourself
    5. Talc - Robot's Return (Modern Sleepover Part 2)**
    6. Beady Belle - When My Anger Starts To Cry**
    7. Shawn Lee Feat. Nino Moschella - Kiss The Sky
    8. Jai Paul - BTSTU**
    9. Flying Lotus Feat. Andreya Triana - Tea Leaf Dancers**
    10. Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits
    11. Rich Medina Feat. Sy Smith - Can’t Hold Back (Platinum Pied Pipers Remix)
    12. Julien Dyne Feat. Mara TK - Stained Glass Fresh Frozen
    13. Little Dragon - Come Home
    14. Andrés Feat. Lady - El Ritmo De Mi Gente
    15. Fort Knox Five Feat. Mustafa Akbar - Uptown Tricks (Rodney Hunter Remix)
    16. Daniel Bortz - Cuz You're The One**
    17. José González - Remain
    18. Big Muff - My Funny Valentine
    19. Les Sins - Grind**
    20. Tirogo - Disco Maniac
    21. SLF & Merkin - Tag Team Triangle**
    22. Joeski Feat. Jesánte - How Do I Go On**
    23. Kings Of Tomorrow Feat. April - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix)**
    24. Soulful Session, Lynn Lockamy - Hostile Takeover
    25. Anne Clark - Our Darkness
    26. Peter Digital Orchestra - Jeux De Langues**
    27. Noir & Haze - Around (Solomun Vox)**
    28. Marcellus Pittman - 1044 Coplin (Give You Whatcha Lookin 4)
    29. Lady Alma - It’s House Music
    30. Daniela La Luz - Did You Ever ** Moodymann Edit.

    LP -
    A1. Yaw - Where Will You Be
    A2. Flying Lotus Feat. Andreya Triana - Tea Leaf Dancers**
    A3. Les Sins - Grind**
    B1. Noir & Haze - Around (Solomun Vox)**
    B2. Julien Dyne Feat. Mara TK - Stained Glass Fresh Frozen
    B3. Jitwam - Keepyourbusinesstoyourself
    C1. Dopehead - Guttah Guttah
    C2. Talc - Robot's Return (Modern Sleepover Part 2)**
    C3. Peter Digital Orchestra - Jeux De Langues**
    C4. Jai Paul - BTSTU**
    D1. Beady Belle - When My Anger Starts To Cry**
    D2. Daniel Bortz - Cuz You're The One**
    D3. Joeski Feat. Jesánte - How Do I Go On**
    E1. Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits
    E2. SLF & Merkin - Tag Team Triangle**
    E3. Lady Alma - It’s House Music ** Moodymann Edit
    F1. Tirogo - Disco Maniac
    F2. Kings Of Tomorrow Feat. April - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix)**
    F3. Soulful Session, Lynn Lockamy - Hostile Takeover.


    Graspers - Bonus Disc Edition

    !K7 serve up another superb release here, dropping the debut LP from UK live and studio duo, AKASE, aka Harry “Midland” Agius and Robbie Redway. "Graspers" was recorded over the course of two years in Harry’s studio in South East London. Both members of the group had equal input, putting to good use their respective backgrounds and influences, in the end coming up with something new, fresh and absorbing. With a helping hand from legendary producer and studio wizard Ewan Pearson of Kompakt Records association, this album has come together naturally, at its own pace, with no outside pressures, and that really shows. At just 44 minutes long, "Graspers" is all about capturing emotions and brief moments in time, and it does that expertly. Kicking off with the broody, swelling "Adrift", the album unfolds through glitchy beats and pained vocal lines on "Rust" before tracks like "Beseech" de-humanise Redway’s vocals into fractured organic textures. Percussion ranges from crisp and sharp to slick and uplifting and Redway’s voice takes on many different forms. At once pained, at other times carefree, it lends a compelling edge to the variously frazzled, floating, staccato and sombre drums and synths that frame and drive each track. This is a timeless album that stands up to intimate headphone listening, but it also works for post break-up nights in and emotionally laden post club afterparties. With live shows also in the pipeline, "Graspers" is sure to resonate throughout 2016.


    1/A1 Adrift
    2/A2 Rust
    3/A3 Borderlines
    4/A4 Beseech
    5/A5 Call
    6/B1 Is It Because
    7/B2 Murmur
    8/B3 Deft Ways
    9/B4 Feel A Little
    10/B5 Graspers
    11/B6 Extract.

    Various Artists

    Songs For Endless Cities Vol.1 - Brackles

    "Songs For Endless Cities" is a new series that will be focusing on the new generation of DJs and producers who have a fresh and individual take on an ever evolving electronic scene.

    Anyone with a passing interest in new electronic music may have noticed a generational shift over the last few years, and Brackles comes from that new wave of producers, promoters, DJs, hustlers and bustlers who have little to do with the 40+ year old Ibiza veterans still punting out big tunes for ever diminishing creative returns. They’re part of the 'hardcore continuum', but not shackled by it, they play post dubstep / future garage / UK funky but aren’t defined by it, and whilst the likes of Brackles and his contemporaries work dancefloors with the kind of energy only a new, young generation of DJs can, their musical scope and breadth reaches well beyond club confines.

    "Songs for Endless Cities" aims to capture a slice of Brackles after hours and out of hours, with the afterglow still burning, maybe the rhythms still bumping, but with the freedom to rove around a bit, enjoying and exploring sound without always having to turn back to the dancefloor. From the langorous, ethereal machine funk of opener Flying Lotus’ "Mr Chippy", and the cosmic-jazz tinged 303 energy of Floating Points' "People’s Potential", the classy, stripped back future-soul of Roska’s "I Need Love" and the UR-style strains of Dorian Concept's "Trilingual Dance Sexperience", to Deadboy’s "If You Want Me," a lethal combination of broken, funky rhythms, futuristic machine drones, disembodied soul diva looped up into hypno oblivion, topped off with an M1 organ riff straight out of the Frog and Nightgown in 1996, "Songs..." never stays in one musical place, but is a very much a coherent whole.


    01. Flying Lotus - My Chippy
    02. Floating Points - Peoples Potential
    03. Zomby - Tarantula
    04. Roska - I Need Love Feat. Anesha
    05. Brackles - Blo
    06. Martin Kemp - No Charisma
    07. Kyle Hall - Luv For KMFH
    08. Cooly G - Love Dub Refix
    09. DJ Dom - Sunshowers
    10. DJ Mystery - Speechless Feat. Natalie K
    11. Hypno - Over The Top
    12. Rishi Romero - African Forest
    13. Breach - Fatherless
    14. Deadboy - If You Want Me
    15. 2562 - Dinosaur
    16. Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience
    17. Funkineven - Must Move

    After 10 years of forward-thinking musical fusion, Boozoo Bajou return with their most seductive and sophisticated album yet, "Grains". The producers Florian Seyberth and Peter Heider are already widely respected around the globe for their unique blend of downbeat with blues, jazz, soul, Latin and dub elements. But on "Grains", the Nuremberg duo take a lighter and brighter path, absorbing acoustic folk and classic songwriting into their progressive musical journey. Boozoo Bajou earned global attention with their irresistible breakthrough single "Night Over Manaus" in 1998, their 2001 debut album "Satta" and its 2005 sequel "Dust My Broom". They also demonstrated their wide-ranging musical taste on two excellent mix compilations, "Juke Joint" and "Juke Joint II".

    1. Flickers
    2. Sign
    3. Big Nicks
    4. Same Sun
    5. Grains
    6. Fuersattel
    7. Heavy On Me
    8. Kinder Ohne Strom
    9. Tonschraube
    10. Messengers
    11. Nebelkloster

    Dani Siciliano


      Building on the critical success of her debut full-length album "Likes" and her collaborations with Matthew Herbert, "Slappers" is very much a statement of intent. A masterpiece of swinging syncopation, melodic sophistication and inspired sampling, "Slappers" belongs to that rare vintage of record that fizzes, twangs and sashays in all the right directions, slicing through house, disco, electronica, pop, blues and even a little country with wit, verve and honesty. Dani's sung on all the Herbert albums, from "Around The House" to "Bodily Functions", the big band outing "Goodbye Swingtime" and 2006 outing "Scale". Matthew returns the collaboration favour on this album, sharing production duties with Dani here.

      Out Hud

      Let Us Never Speak Of It Again

        Out Hud release the follow up to 2002's "STREET DAD", keeping up associations with !!! (for whom Tyler Pope, Nic Offer and Justin Vandervolgen also play) and LCD Soundsystem (for whom Tyler Pope also plays bass). "Let Us Never Speak Of It Again" was recorded in Washington DC, before the band returned to their New York house to have it mixed and deconstructed by band member Justin Vandervolgen. The album is an indefinable feast of filthy grooves, spectral sounds, tribal beats and haunting melodies that is unmistakably their own and yet immediately familiar, with tracks influenced by sources as various as Adrian Sherwood, Larry Levan, Judy Nylon, Dr Dre, dub, disco, The Neptunes, Timbaland, Lenky and Dancehall. It's been called 'Freak Sh*t' and it's been called 'Mutant Disco', inevitably it's going to be one of the defining records of 2005.

        Five Deez


          This is the first proper UK LP release from the Fat Jon produced Ohio quartet, and shows them at the top of their game, taking in everything from sweet soulful numbers for the ladies (extra vocals come from Venus Malone, Amleset Solomon and Arnyka Harris) to headnodders and breakers for the b-boys and flygirls to booty bass and R'n'B flavas. Good stuff.

          Smith & Mighty

          Life Is...

            The Bristol duo are back with more of what they do best - dubby downbeat with heavyweight soundsystem basslines and soulful / reggae vocals.

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            PRESALE: @dinkededition Archive 09 @CateLeBon 'Cyrk & Cyrk I' • 'Cyrk' & 'Cyrk II' both on white vinyl. • A4 hand…
            Fri 30th - 11:00
            Brand new banners up today from @YYYs @denzelcurry and @OFFofficial all of these albums are out today.…
            Fri 30th - 10:55
            The date was wrong on the further info page - the correct date is Friday FEB 3RD. Apologies for the mistake!
            Fri 30th - 9:36
            New music Friday has swung around again 🙌 plenty of great albums, compilations and reissues out today. Come and see…
            Fri 30th - 9:01
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