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Suzuki - 2022 Repress

    Suzuki is the second studio album by Austrian downtempo / trip-hop duo Tosca, released by Studio !K7 and G-Stone Recordings in 2000. Unlike many of Tosca's subsequent releases, Suzuki is essentially an instrumental album, with vocal samples integrated throughout, but in such a way that they "become a part of the instrumentation." The album is dedicated to the Zen master Shunryu Suzuki. The dedication can be found on the inside of the front cover.


    1 Pearl In
    2 Suzuki
    3 Annanas
    4 Orozco
    5 Busenfreund
    6 Honey
    7 Boss On The Boat
    8 John Tomes
    9 Ocean Beat
    10 The Key
    11 Doris Dub
    12 Pearl Off

    Various Artists

    DJ Kicks: Jessy Lanza

      Jessy Lanza has always made music that perfectly suits the mood – whether it’s the heads-down trance of the dancefloor or that hazy, post-club bliss. It’s no surprise for an artist that takes electronic music’s most intoxicating sensibilities and effortlessly reimagines them as experimental pop and R&B. The Canadian singer, producer and DJ from Hamilton, Ontario, has trodden an inspiring path which led to 2013’s boldly minimalist debut Pull My Hair Back, released on revered UK label Hyperdub. Gorgeously complex follow-ups Oh No – shortlisted for Canada’s prestigious Polaris Prize – and 2020’s All the Time crowned her as a singular talent in the left-of-pop sphere.

      It’s with this genre-bending approach that Jessy Lanza presents her entry for the DJ-Kicks series – a sprawling, club-indebted odyssey that draws you in closer and closer with each listen. Recorded this summer, the mix is an incisive snapshot of her emotional landscape during the past 18 months. In 2020, with nothing but a van, a few personal belongings and her musical gear, Lanza and her partner relocated from New York City to the Bay Area to ride out the pandemic. A change of scenery, buoyed by the slower pace of their new home, gave her a fresh perspective during a worldwide screeching halt.

      Jessy Lanza’s DJ-Kicks mix also arrives as a divine stroke of timing. As the world slowly starts to re-open, it’s a portal into the ecstatic energy of the dancefloor; an emblem of genuine healing – both personal and communal – that transports listeners to a state of pure euphoria.


      01 Jessy Lanza - Guess What
      02 Jessy Lanza - Seven 55 (feat. Loraine James) [DJ-Kicks]
      03 Jessy Lanza - Wet X3 (feat. Taraval)
      04 DJ Spookie - Twilite
      05 Michael J. Blood - Lip Biter
      06 Mr. Ho - Bail-E
      07 Crystal - Jungli - La [Joe Howe Club Mix]
      08 Masarima - Freak Like U [Club Mix]
      09 Golden Donna - Foaming
      10 Mafia Boyz - Teaspoon La Qoh
      11 Markus Mann - I'm Losing
      12 Jim C. Nedd - Maleka
      13 Maarten Van Der Vleuten - Nightshift
      14 Secret Werewolf - Yage
      15 Grain - Untitled B2
      16 Gant-Man - Distorted Sensory (Loefah's South Side Rmx)
      17 G3 - Drum 2 [Peanut]
      18 Lolina - A Path Of Weeds And Flowers
      19 Dee Jay Nehpets - Na Na Na
      20 Oyubi - 140yaku
      21 DJ SWISHA - If The Shoe Fits
      22 Jessy Lanza - Heaving Featuring Taraval
      23 TAH - Beat It Up Like (These Drums)
      24 Kanyon - IDFW Snakes
      25 CN - Anubis
      26 The Raining Heart - Raining Heart

      A1 Jessy Lanza - Guess What
      A2 Jessy Lanza - Seven 55 (feat. Loraine James) [DJ-Kicks]
      A3 Jessy Lanza - Wet X3 (feat. Taraval)
      A4 Oyubi - 140yaku
      B1 Jim C. Nedd - Maleka
      B2 Jessy Lanza - Heaving (feat. Taraval)
      B3 Dee Jay Nehpets - Na Na Na
      B4 DJ SWISHA - If The Shoe Fits
      C1 CN - Anubis
      C2 Lolina - A Path Of Weeds And Flowers
      C3 Mafia Boyz - Teaspoon La Qoh
      C4 The Raining Heart - Raining Heart
      D1 Michael J. Blood - Lip Biter
      D2 Markus Mann - I'm Losing
      D3 Mr. Ho - Bail-E
      D4 Golden Donna - Foaming

      Game-changing multi-instrumentalist Kamaal Williams has put together the latest DJ-Kicks mix. It features four of his own brand new and exclusive tracks and hints at the wide world of influences that have made him one of the most prominent artists of the last few years.

      Williams has taken his long standing love of seventies jazz fusion and mixed it up with the contemporary sound of the London underground to devastating effect. House, broken beat, grime, soul, funk, hip hop and jazz all permeate his work, which has seen him evolve from one-man producer Henry Wu to acclaimed live band Kamaal Williams, backed by talented drummers and bassists. His pioneering work in the studio and live arena has influenced a whole new generation of like-minded musicians that have helped make the capital one of the most musically exciting and quickly evolving cities in the world, with Williams' own virtuoso drumming and percussion right at the heart of it all.

      The exceptional Yussef Kamaal album 'Black Focus' was one of the most talked about records of 2016. Vinyl pressings kept selling out, it received rave reviews, earned the band the Breakthrough Act award at the 2017 Jazz FM awards and led to spellbinding live shows all over Europe. The follow up, The Return, came on Williams' own new Black Focus label and took his band global, all while picking up nominations for best independent album at the AIM Music Awards.

      Improvised rhythm and spirituality are at the heart of everything Williams does, as is London life, with its diverse people, cultures and musical customs all feeding into his work. That is also true when making more electronic sounds as Henry Wu, who appears here after standout EPs on labels like Rhythm Section International. Williams' music is so individual it is more than deserving of its own tag: the artist himself calls it Wu Funk, and some of the many sounds that feed into it are all showcased on this adventurous new mix.

      Exclusives include a live take of 'Snitches Brew,' new Kamaal Williams tracks 'Shinjuku' and 'Strings ATL' , as well as 'Wivout U' from Henry Wu. Those vital highlights sit next to classic jams from Southern Freeze, a strong contingent of London innovators from K15 to Dego and Tenderlonius to Kaidi Tatham, with funk driven house from Peven Everett, raw stuff from Steve Julien, lush synth grooves from Lone and feel good grooves from Phil Asher all making this is an honest and uplifting collection that, when necessary, is happy to eschew blends, fades and mixing in favour of red hot selections and sequencing.

      Kamaal Williams DJ-Kicks is a fascinating insight into the record collection of a true musical alchemist.


      Millie says: Take a dive into Kamaal Williams’ chosen tracks picked for DJ Kicks, a few brand-new exclusives and a mixture of Jazz, Hip Hop, Broken Beat and all the good stuff including Steve Spacek, Ratgrave and some Henry Wu gems in there too. Oooff!


      1. Budgie - Sometimes
      2. Kamaal Williams - Snitches Brew (live In Atlanta) **
      3. Karriem Riggins - Summer Madness S.A.
      4. Lord Tusk - Space Invader (Vocal Mix)
      5. Seiji - Buggin' Out
      6. Steve Spacek - Hey There
      7. Max Graef - Speed Metal Jesus
      8. Kaidi Tatham - Two Tens Madam
      9. Freeez - Southern Freeez
      10. Peven Everett - Stuck (Original)
      11. Hard House Banton - Sirens
      12. Diggs Duke - Cause I Love You
      13. DJ Harrison - MovingUp
      14. Ratgrave - Ein Kola Bitte!
      15. Wbeeza - He’s So Crazy
      16. Awanto 3 - Pregnant
      17. Henry Wu - 117 Careplan
      18. Lone - Airglow Fires
      19. Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers - Projections
      20. City People - It's All In The Groove
      21. Phil Asher - Peace And Love
      22. Tenderlonious - Song For My Father
      23. Yussef Kamaal - Lowrider
      24. Steven Julien - XL (Original Mix)
      25. Kamaal Williams - Shinjuku (DJ-Kicks) **
      26. Henry Wu - Wivout U **
      27. Dego - Nuts
      28. K15 - Time Humbles Us All
      29. Kamaal Williams - Strings ATL **
      ** = Exclusive

      A1. Budgie - Sometimes
      A2. Kamaal Williams - Snitches Brew (live In Atlanta) **
      A3. Steve Spacek - Hey There
      B1. DJ Harrison - Moving Up
      B1. Ratgrave - Ein Kola Bitte!
      B3. Wbeeza - He’s So Crazy
      C1. Seiji - Buggin' Out
      C2. Freeez - Southern Freeez
      C3. Hard House Banton - Sirens
      D1. Henry Wu - 117 Careplan
      D2. Henry Wu - Wivout U **
      D3. Kamaal Williams - Shinjuku (DJ-Kicks) **
      ** = Exclusive

      When Peggy Gou released her debut EP ‘Art of War’ in 2016, she made a list of career goals. One of them was to become the first South Korean DJ to play Berlin’s techno institution Berghain, an objective she achieved only a few months later. Another item on that list was to record an instalment of !K7’s DJ-Kicks series. “It’s the premier class of DJ mixes,” she says. “Some of my favourite selectors have contributed to it.” Now Peggy Gou can tick that off her list too as she proudly presents the 69th edition of the mix series.

      The Berliner-by-choice started working on the mix last year. It was a busy time for the 28-year-old: she’d just scored her first Mixmag cover and her single ‘It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)’ was receiving awards and critical acclaim. Each month she would DJ in 20 nightclubs all over the world. And yet, the goal for her mix was ambitious: instead of trying to capture the energy of her DJ sets, she aimed to create a portrayal of her own musical journey. An 18-track listening session that takes you straight into Peggy Gou’s living room where she plays you the formative tunes from her collection. No genre boundaries – she moves across disco, house, techno and electro. No tempo limits – the mix ranges from 90 to 150 BPM. And no age restriction – the earliest tunes on the mix are from 1983.


      Patrick says: DJ superstar, powerhouse producer and general woman of the moment, Peggy Gou has been smashing up the Piccadilly sales totals of late, and this compilation makes it clear where her influence stems from. Seamlessly moving through electro, bass, house and synthpop, the Korean producer leads us on a journey through the best bits of club music from the last 30 years. All in all a brilliantly immersive and hugely flexible collection from the superstar DJ.


      1. Spacetime Continuum - Fluresence
      2. Peggy Gou - Hungboo (DJ-Kicks)**
      3. Pearson Sound - Earwig
      4. Pegasus - Perseguido Por El Rayo
      5. Sly And Lovechild - The World According To Sly & Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul Of Europe Mix)
      6. Dorisburg - Rytm804
      7. Hiver - Pert**
      8. Kyle Hall - Flemmenup
      9. DMX Krew - EPR Phenomena
      10. JRMS - 3
      11. Shades Of Rhythm - Exorcist
      12. Kode 9 - Magnetic City
      13. The System - Vampirella
      14. Black Merlin - Kundu
      15. Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn
      16. R-Tyme - Illusion (Mayday Remix)
      17. Psyche - Crackdown
      18. Deniro - Epirus
      19. I:Cube - Cassette Jam 1993**

      ** Tracks Are Exclusive To This Compilation.

      A1. Peggy Gou - Hungboo (DJ-Kicks)**
      A2. The System - Vampirella
      A3. Pegasus - Perseguido Por El Rayo
      B1. I:Cube - Cassette Jam 1993**
      B2. Sly And Lovechild - The World According To Sly & Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul Of Europe Mix)
      C1. Deniro - Epirus
      C2. Psyche - Crackdown
      D1. Hiver - Pert**
      D2. Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn

      ** Tracks Are Exclusive To This Compilation.

      An expressive electronic album filled with sadness, yet one with the sort of positive, stirring resolve that leaves you feeling utterly comforted, Bjarki’s new album "Happy Earthday" is influenced by his home country Iceland as well as environmental issues. 'Maybe you can feel the melancholy of my life, the nature overall. Volcanos and the lava flowing down the slopes, the frightening noise of the ocean beating the land, the strong wind in the mountain passes and a glimpse of the first ray of the rising sun over the glacier. Now that is the dawn of a new day.”

      Having released bodies of work on Nina Kraviz’s label трип and his own label bbbbbb, Bjarki views "Happy Earthday" as his proper debut album; he feels it’s a more coherent and conceptual body of work that finds him offering up music he never thought he would release. 'You can consider this album a window into my head and even my soul,' says Bjarki. 'For me it is a bit odd, sharing like this to the world. As a very private person I am not used to opening my door so completely. It’s a little scary for me. ‘What if …’ I wonder, expecting all kinds of everything.'

      The album contains very personal material written over the last decade during fragile moments of introspection. And because of that, 'releasing this album is also a kind of a farewell to music I made in a certain period in my life. It’s like I’m saying farewell to a grown-up child which is now ready to leave the nest.'

      There are skeletal rhythms with sombre chords lingering in the air, downbeat drums with heavy moods, and moments of more uplifting optimism along the way. Throughout the album - made up of comparatively short tracks that help the whole thing move at an engaging pace - Bjarki always manages to make his machines sing with real resonance; they ooze genuine pain and a stunning sense of melancholy that is comforting even when the tempo is raised and drums come to the fore.


      1/A1. BlessuðBörnin
      2/A2. Alone In Sandkassi
      3/A3. ( . )_( . )
      4/A4. Two-brainedness
      5/B1. AN6912
      6/B2. Healthy Texting
      7/B3. Bheiv_sheep
      8/C1. ANa5
      9/C2. Cereal Rudestorm
      10/C3. Salty Grautinn
      11/C4. Sprinq 3-2
      12/D1. Plastic Memories
      13/D2. LitaogLeira
      14/D3. Happy Screams
      15/D4. UX

      Various Artists

      Kruder & Dorfmeister - The K&D Sessions - 2022 Repress

        Originally released on Studio !K7 Records in 1998, Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister's groundbreaking release, 'The K&D Sessions' reset the bar for what could be achieved in a compilation. Across an array of original tracks, dubs and infamous ‘K&D Session’ remixes, the DJ and producer duo took the listener on a smoke-filled blunted journey that flowed flawlessly. Often compared to DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing' for its similarly deft craft of rhythm and quoted by Allmusic as "the most blissfully blunted music the world has ever heard", the album has sold over 1,000,000 copies to date and was included in Spin’s ‘Top 20 albums of 1999’. The album has long since been deleted on Vinyl with original 4LP sets changing hands for €300+ on the collectors market and even a bootleg vinyl copy will set a buyer back over €100. Sixteen years later, this legendary album will be available as a long overdue 5LP reissue remastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood.


        A1. Roni Size - Heroes Kruder'S Long Loose Bossa
        A2. Alex Reece - Jazz Master K&D Session Tm
        B1. Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust K&D Session Tm
        B2. Lamb - Trans Fatty Acid K&D Session Tm
        C1. Count Basic - Speechless Drum 'N' Bass
        C2. Rocker’S Hi Fi - Going Under K&D Session Tm
        D1. Depeche Mode - Useless K&D Session Tm
        D2. Count Basic - Gotta Jazz Richard Dorfmeister Remix
        E1. Aphrodelics - Rollin' On Chrome Wild Motherfucker Dub
        E2. Knowtoryous - The Revenge Of Bomberclaad K&D Session Tm
        F1. Rainer Trüby Trio - Donaueschingen Peter Kruders, Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänskajütenremix
        G1. David Holmes - Gone K&D Session Tm
        G2. Sofa Surfers - Sofa Rockers Richard Dorfmeister Remix
        H1. Mama Oliver - Eastwest Stoned Together
        H2. Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust Dub
        H3. Kruder & Dorfmeister - Boogie Woogie
        I1. Sin - Where Shall I Turn K&D Session Tm Vol. 2
        I2. Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony - 1St Of Tha Month K&D Session Tm
        I3. Kruder & Dorfmeister - Lexicon
        J1. Knowtoryous - Bomberclaad Joint K&D Session Tm
        J2. Rocker’S Hi Fi - Going Under Evil Love And Insanity Dub
        J3. Strange Cargo - Million Town K&D Session Tm.

        Various Artists

        Songs For Endless Cities Vol.1 - Brackles

        "Songs For Endless Cities" is a new series that will be focusing on the new generation of DJs and producers who have a fresh and individual take on an ever evolving electronic scene.

        Anyone with a passing interest in new electronic music may have noticed a generational shift over the last few years, and Brackles comes from that new wave of producers, promoters, DJs, hustlers and bustlers who have little to do with the 40+ year old Ibiza veterans still punting out big tunes for ever diminishing creative returns. They’re part of the 'hardcore continuum', but not shackled by it, they play post dubstep / future garage / UK funky but aren’t defined by it, and whilst the likes of Brackles and his contemporaries work dancefloors with the kind of energy only a new, young generation of DJs can, their musical scope and breadth reaches well beyond club confines.

        "Songs for Endless Cities" aims to capture a slice of Brackles after hours and out of hours, with the afterglow still burning, maybe the rhythms still bumping, but with the freedom to rove around a bit, enjoying and exploring sound without always having to turn back to the dancefloor. From the langorous, ethereal machine funk of opener Flying Lotus’ "Mr Chippy", and the cosmic-jazz tinged 303 energy of Floating Points' "People’s Potential", the classy, stripped back future-soul of Roska’s "I Need Love" and the UR-style strains of Dorian Concept's "Trilingual Dance Sexperience", to Deadboy’s "If You Want Me," a lethal combination of broken, funky rhythms, futuristic machine drones, disembodied soul diva looped up into hypno oblivion, topped off with an M1 organ riff straight out of the Frog and Nightgown in 1996, "Songs..." never stays in one musical place, but is a very much a coherent whole.


        01. Flying Lotus - My Chippy
        02. Floating Points - Peoples Potential
        03. Zomby - Tarantula
        04. Roska - I Need Love Feat. Anesha
        05. Brackles - Blo
        06. Martin Kemp - No Charisma
        07. Kyle Hall - Luv For KMFH
        08. Cooly G - Love Dub Refix
        09. DJ Dom - Sunshowers
        10. DJ Mystery - Speechless Feat. Natalie K
        11. Hypno - Over The Top
        12. Rishi Romero - African Forest
        13. Breach - Fatherless
        14. Deadboy - If You Want Me
        15. 2562 - Dinosaur
        16. Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience
        17. Funkineven - Must Move

        After 10 years of forward-thinking musical fusion, Boozoo Bajou return with their most seductive and sophisticated album yet, "Grains". The producers Florian Seyberth and Peter Heider are already widely respected around the globe for their unique blend of downbeat with blues, jazz, soul, Latin and dub elements. But on "Grains", the Nuremberg duo take a lighter and brighter path, absorbing acoustic folk and classic songwriting into their progressive musical journey. Boozoo Bajou earned global attention with their irresistible breakthrough single "Night Over Manaus" in 1998, their 2001 debut album "Satta" and its 2005 sequel "Dust My Broom". They also demonstrated their wide-ranging musical taste on two excellent mix compilations, "Juke Joint" and "Juke Joint II".

        1. Flickers
        2. Sign
        3. Big Nicks
        4. Same Sun
        5. Grains
        6. Fuersattel
        7. Heavy On Me
        8. Kinder Ohne Strom
        9. Tonschraube
        10. Messengers
        11. Nebelkloster

        Dani Siciliano


          Building on the critical success of her debut full-length album "Likes" and her collaborations with Matthew Herbert, "Slappers" is very much a statement of intent. A masterpiece of swinging syncopation, melodic sophistication and inspired sampling, "Slappers" belongs to that rare vintage of record that fizzes, twangs and sashays in all the right directions, slicing through house, disco, electronica, pop, blues and even a little country with wit, verve and honesty. Dani's sung on all the Herbert albums, from "Around The House" to "Bodily Functions", the big band outing "Goodbye Swingtime" and 2006 outing "Scale". Matthew returns the collaboration favour on this album, sharing production duties with Dani here.

          Out Hud

          Let Us Never Speak Of It Again

            Out Hud release the follow up to 2002's "STREET DAD", keeping up associations with !!! (for whom Tyler Pope, Nic Offer and Justin Vandervolgen also play) and LCD Soundsystem (for whom Tyler Pope also plays bass). "Let Us Never Speak Of It Again" was recorded in Washington DC, before the band returned to their New York house to have it mixed and deconstructed by band member Justin Vandervolgen. The album is an indefinable feast of filthy grooves, spectral sounds, tribal beats and haunting melodies that is unmistakably their own and yet immediately familiar, with tracks influenced by sources as various as Adrian Sherwood, Larry Levan, Judy Nylon, Dr Dre, dub, disco, The Neptunes, Timbaland, Lenky and Dancehall. It's been called 'Freak Sh*t' and it's been called 'Mutant Disco', inevitably it's going to be one of the defining records of 2005.

            Five Deez


              This is the first proper UK LP release from the Fat Jon produced Ohio quartet, and shows them at the top of their game, taking in everything from sweet soulful numbers for the ladies (extra vocals come from Venus Malone, Amleset Solomon and Arnyka Harris) to headnodders and breakers for the b-boys and flygirls to booty bass and R'n'B flavas. Good stuff.

              Smith & Mighty

              Life Is...

                The Bristol duo are back with more of what they do best - dubby downbeat with heavyweight soundsystem basslines and soulful / reggae vocals.

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