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The Future Sound Of London

Papua New Guinea - Re-booted

    Four elusive, somewhat previously unofficial club remixes of the iconic "Papua New Guinea" come together on one 12" vinyl EP. All underground dance hits now in demand.


    Matt says: Tasty remixes of one of the biggest dance tracks of all time. Two jungle remixes, one breakbeat and one for the house brigade. Lovely jubbly.


    1. Papua New Guinea (Soul Central Remix)
    2. Papua New Guinea (L. Major Remix)
    3. Papua New Guinea (Nishesque Remix)
    4. Papua New Guinea (Dee Montero Remix)

    The Amorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill

    We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal MPB Remixes

      The Amorphous Androgynous unite their award-winning psychedelic compilation series ‘A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (Exploding In Your Mind)’ with their symphonic new single ‘We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal’ (taken from the forthcoming album ‘Listening Beyond The Head Chakra‘) to create this latest instalment of the Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble series. It features a host of luminaries such as Peter Hammill -vocals (Van Der Graaf Generator), Paul Weller - piano and guitar, and erstwhile members of The Spencer Davies Group and Ian Gillan Band – as well as Soft Machine on lead guitar and sax. The Chesterfield Philharmonic choir and a full string section also make an appearance. Finally, the series features a number of collaborations and remixes (including bands Atomic Simao, Higher Peaks, Regal Worm, Cobalt Chapel) creating one helluva progtronic psychedelic trip through the Amorphous Androgynous samplerdelic multiverse.


      1. The Lutine Bell
      2. Gunter & His Evil Soul Sacrifice Orchestra Play Back Mass A GoGo
      3. Hymortality Part 1
      4. Physically I'm Here, Mentally Far, Far Away
      5. In Madness Reigns
      6. Hymortality Part 2
      7. Somos Inmortales Nos Persuadimosi
      8. Everything Is Easy With A Little Persuasion
      9. Gravity Bong
      10. Our Dominion
      11. The Persuader
      12. Synthony On A Theme Of Mortality Excerpt Part 2
      13. Counting Down The Time Part 2
      14. Tomorrow, Time & Immortality

      The Amorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill

      We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal

      The Amorphous Androgynous return with the symphonic, 40-minute prog space-rock concept album ‘We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal’. The album contains 5 epic parts, featuring the legendary Peter Hammill (the Van Der Graaf Generator) on vocals alongside a host of musicians including: Paul Weller (piano and guitar), Ray Fenwick (Spencer Davis Group/Ian Gillan) on lead guitar, Brian Hopper (Caravan/Soft Machine) on sax. The Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir and a 25-piece live orchestral string section round out this sumptuously-recorded album.

      ‘We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal’ opens with the 13-minute epic of the title track (written with Peter Hammill and Paul Weller). The themes of mortality/immortality are then musically and conceptually catapulted to the far-flung corners of the AA sonic multiverse over 40+ minutes. Channelling A Space Odyssey, the dystopian choirs and moog of ‘Hymortality’ crash full-force into the John-Bonham-like drums of ‘The Immortality Break.’ Meanwhile, ‘Synthony On A Theme of Mortality’ lives up to its name, utilizing the classic 70s Yamaha CS80 synth before progressing to a female wailing aria against classic vintage guitar rock. The whole cosmic trip cascades finally into the harp daydream reverie, choir and romantic strings of ‘Physically I’m Here, Mentally Far, Far Away.’


      Matt says: With Peter Hammil in tow, TAA elevate their already psychedelic cosmic sound into stratospheric new realms - ascending through celestial stages of divinity until pure being is presented in all its godlike glory.


      1. We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal
      2. Synthony On A Theme Of Mortality
      3. Psych Recap
      4. Hymortality
      5. The Immortality Break
      6. Physically I’m Here, Mentally Far, Far Away

      The Future Sound Of London


        First time ever on vinyl!!! "Environments" is generally regarded as ‘the great lost album’ by The Future Sound Of London. It has taken on almost mythical status with the group’s fan base. “Environments” was due for release much sooner after the 1993 release of the UK Top 10 album hit “Lifeforms”, and only now is it being released - back on the group’s original home, Jumpin’  & Pumpin’ Records.

        This release also comes after the recent success of the ‘Archive’ series which has so far sold over 20,000 units across the different volumes and still climbing.

        To re-cap, Brian Dougans and Garry Cobain began their musical partnership and friendship in Manchester, England, in the mid 1980s whilst the two were studying at Manchester University. Dougans had already been making electronic music for some time when they first began working in various local clubs. In 1988, Brian embarked on a project for the Stakker graphics company. The result was Stakker Humanoid. In the following three years the pair produced music under a variety of aliases, followed by the breakthrough classic ambient dub track Papua New Guinea in 1992, which was also the first release under the Future Sound of London moniker.

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