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Josephine Taylor / Krystal Generation

Is It Worth A Chance / Satisfied

    Two tracks from the short-lived Twinight label from Chicago that peaked in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, their biggest star being the super soulful Syl Johnson.

    Featuring ‘Is It Worth A Chance’, the flipside of Josephine Taylor’s 1969 single ‘I’ve Made Up My Mind’, original copies of which go for anything between £30 and £100 these days.

    A brass peppered funker with a driving bassline behind Josephine’s strutting vocal, it was the climax of her short career that started with three 45s for the Mar-V-Lus label.

    Cut with Krystal Generation’s 1970 side ‘Satisfied’, the B-side of their ‘Is It Meant To Be’ that goes for around £75 if you can find a copy.

    A female four-piece from Chicago featuring Darlene Arnold, who recorded several sides in her own right as well as half a dozen with Krystal Generation, who also released a couple of singles on Gene Chandler’s Mister Chand label.

    ‘Satisfied’ revolves around Darlene’s lead vocal, some glorious harmonies and some sassy Staxlike horns.

    Slightly slower paced than Josephine Taylor’s cut - more soulful but just as funky.


    Josephine Taylor ‘Is It Worth A Chance’
    Krystal Generation ‘Satisfied’

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