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Henry Franklin, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge

Henry Franklin Jid014

    A native of Los Angeles, Henry Franklin came of age while the city was producing a crop of exciting jazz talent. Frankin’s lasting impact on jazz can be evidenced by the long list of legends who sought him out for tours and recording sessions, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Humphrey, Freddy Hubbard, & Pharaoh Sanders to name a few. Franklin’s solo output is best remembered for his two solo outings with the Black Jazz label- “The Skipper” & “The Skipper At Home”. Together, they form one of the most compelling diptychs in the entire post-bop canon. Recognised by his peers and contemporaries, Franklin’s entry for Jazz Is Dead gives the living legend his flowers and recognises the contributions The Skipper has made as one of jazz’s most influential heartbeats.


    1. Karibu
    2. The Griot
    3. People's Revolution
    4. Memories Lost
    5. Feedback
    6. Café Nero
    7. African Sun
    8. A Song For Sigrid

    Katalyst, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad

    Katalyst JID013

      Founded in 2014, Katalyst Collective has never been one for labels. Rather than strictly a live act, they’ve acted as an incubator for a fresh crop of local talent, helping hone the voices and talents of individual members, while collectively advancing like a phalanx. Each ‘Kat’ writes their own solo material, and everyone contributes and works together on each project, feeding off the communal energy. Leading to the group’s upping collaboration for Jazz Is Dead, Katalyst has poised themselves as the next breakout stars of Los Angeles’ rapidly expanding Jazz universe - a small army of creative firebrands, each burning more brightly together.


      1. The Avenue
      2. Daybreak
      3. Corridors
      4. Summer Solstice
      5. Juneteenth
      6. Dogon Cypher
      7. Reflections

      Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad

      Jazz Is Dead 011

        With Jazz Is Dead Series 2, Younge and Muhammad have once again, together with a roster of world-renowned legends, crate digger patron saints, and an exciting vanguard of young talent, delivered another unimpeachable collection of fresh and captivating recordings inspired by jazz's past, present, and future. There are names that some may already be familiar with, such as Lonnie Liston Smith, Jean Carne, and Tony Allen, and those less so, like Henry Franklin, Phil Ranelin, Wendell Harrison, Garrett Saracho, & Katalyst. What unites each new collaborator is their unbent dedication to remaining original, preserving their creativity, and sharing it with the world.


        1. Love Brings Happiness Feat. Lonnie Liston Smith & Loren Oden
        2. The Griot Feat. Henry Franklin
        3. The Avenues Feat. Katalyst
        4.Come As You Are Feat. Jean Carne
        5. Sabor Del Ritmo Feat. Garrett Saracho
        6. No Beginning, No End Feat. Tony Allen
        7. Ursa Major Feat. Phil Ranelin & Wendell Harrison
        8. Phoenix Feat. The Midnight Hour

        Jean Carne, Adrian Younge & Ali Shahed Muhammad

        Jean Carne JID012

        For decades, the voice of Jean Carne has been a crucial part of the American musical landscape, tying together generations of Jazz, Gospel, and R&B artists. Many will recognize Carne from her output in the early 1970s, alongside her then husband Doug Carn, for the lauded Black Jazz label. As a solo artist, backing vocalist, and vocal coach, she has contributed to and collaborated with the likes of Norman Connors, Doug Carn, Dexter Wansel, Phyllis Hyman, Lonnie Liston Smith , Michael Jackson, and many more. At 74, she shows no signs of slowing down. Her latest collaboration with Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge is a clear demonstration of the continuous referencing of the past to illuminate the future.


        Come As You Are
        People Of The Sun
        My Mystic Life
        The Summertime
        Black Rainbows
        Black Love 

        Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad


          As the final chapter in the initial run of Jazz Is Dead releases, Remixes JID010 continues the creative catharsis of an exhilarating new chapter in jazz music. Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad tapped nine iconic creators to reimagine their personal favorites from Jazz Is Dead’s catalogue to-date, who created striking new versions by Cut Chemist, DJ Spinna, Georgie Anne Muldrow, Akili, Shigeto, Pink Siiffu, Dibiase, Natureboy Flako, and Kaidi Tathum. 


          01. Marcos Valle - Gotta Love Again (Kaidi Taithum Remix)
          02. Roy Ayers - Soulful And Unique (Pink Siifu Remix)
          03. Gary Bartz - Soulsea (Cut Chemist Remix)
          04. João Donato - Desejo De Amor (Akili Remix)
          05. Brian Jackson - Nancy Wilson (Shigeto Remix Feat. Ahya Simone & Dez Andrès)
          06. Doug Carn - Windfall (Natureboy Flako Remix)
          07. Azymuth - Quite Storm (Akili Remix)
          08. The Midnight Hour - Jazz Is Dead (Georgia Anne Muldrow Geemix)
          09. João Donato - Liaisons (Dibiase Remix)
          10. Azymuth Rendor Do Samba (DJ Spinna Remix)

          Marcos Valle, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad

          Marcos Valle JID003

            Marcos and the other Brazilian luminaries Adrian and Ali hosted for Jazz Is Dead, are able to create an entirely different sound and feel using the exact same palette. Throughout the album Marcos sings in his trademark percussive and melodic style (“wa-di-do-bem, ba di da we da bem”), a distinctly Brazilian take on vocalese. Like the sweet and foreign sounds coming out of his mouth, Marcos and the other Brazilian luminaries Adrian and Ali hosted for Jazz Is Dead, are able to create an entirely different sound and feel using the exact same palette. “It was really interesting how we can play the same instruments, listen to the same music and they can still have their distinctly Brazilian flavor that we admire so, so, so much,” Adrian effuses. “And to just hear our influences mix with theirs and to make something brand new is a dream come true.”

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Queira Bem
            2. Isso É Que Eu Sei
            3. Oi
            4. Viajando Por Aí
            5. Gotta Love Again
            6. Não Saia Da Praça
            7. Our Train
            8. A Gente Volta Amanhã

            Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad

            Jazz Is Dead 001

            Music exists in movement and change, but before any part of it can be pinned down for analysis, it’s often moved and taken on a new face. The transformation is often driven by culture as forward-thinking people avoid the proverbial paths in search of revolution. Even though our pioneers prophesied that the revolution would not be televised, the message has permeated. It’s spreading like wildfire and leaders are defined by those that speak first: Jazz Is Dead. Music is the universal language and we are the interpreter of sound, a message that has been lost in transcription.

            Under Jazz Is Dead, younger artists are elaborating upon conversations started decades ago; jazz icons are utilizing vintage equipment to create new masters with Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad; the same equipment that recorded their coveted catalogs. The vitality embedded in the new masters epitomizes our quest for new life in music: Jazz Is Dead. This compilation features legendary artists Roy Ayers, Gary Bartz, Marcos Valle, Azymuth, Doug Carn, Joao Donato, & Brian Jackson, who will each have their own individual release, working alongside Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. 

            TRACK LISTING

            01. Hey Lover (feat. Roy Ayers)
            02. Distant Mode (feat. Gary Bartz)
            03. Nancy Wilson (feat. Brian Jackson)
            04. Conexão (feat. João Donato)
            05. Down Deep (feat. Doug Carn)
            06. Apocalíptico (feat. Azymuth)
            07. Não Saia Da Praça (feat. Marcos Valle)
            08. Jazz Is Dead (feat. The Midnight Hour)

            In February 2018, Roy Ayers performed four sold out shows in Los Angeles as part of the Jazz Is Dead Black History Month series. It wasn’t until 2020 that fans of Ayers discovered that in addition to those shows, the legendary vibraphone player had also recorded an entire album of new material with Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

            Over the course of its eight original compositions, written collaboratively by Younge, Shaheed Muhammad & Ayers and recorded at Younge’s Linear Labs in Los Angeles, the resulting album sounds both like an unearthed an unreleased album from Ayers’ classic period in the 1970s (which produced the oft-sampled “Red, Black & Green,” “We Live In Brooklyn, Baby,” “Everybody Loves The Sunshine,” and “Running Away), as well as something startling, new and unexpected. Joining Ayers, Younge & Shaheed Muhammad onthis musical journey are drummer Greg Paul, vocalists Loren Oden, Joy Gilliam, Saudia Yasmein, Elgin Clark & Anitra Castleberry, as well as Phil Ranelin & Wendell Harrison of the legendary Spiritual Jazz label Tribe Records.

            The 8 tracks on this album testify to the love not only of a legendary musician’s legacy, but to the vitality & necessity of this music and these sounds in the present era, a thread that will likely run throughout all of the upcoming releases from Jazz Is Dead Records. 

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Synchronize Vibration
            2. Hey Lover
            3. Soulful And Unique
            4. Shadows Of The East
            5. Sunflowers
            6. Gravity
            7. Solace
            8. African Sounds 

            Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge are best known for their collaborations with vocalists and MCs, but these two multi-instrumentalists and producers excel in their ability to conjure musical moods with or without vocal accompaniment.

            Similarly, the musical legends that these two handpicked to collaborate with across this series are all jazz legends equally at home crafting unadorned compositions as they are collaborating with vocalists.

            This 2LP collection presents exclusive instrumental versions of songs originally released on the Jazz Is Dead albums; Roy Ayers JID002, Marcos Valle JID003, Gary Bartz JID006, and João Donato JID007.

            More than the previous eight Jazz Is Dead releases Instrumentals JID009 delivers on Adrian and Ali’s original promise of showcasing the music made with their heroes, laying bare the inspired compositions created when different generations of musicians come together to collaborate in the studio. For nearly all of these songs, Adrian and Ali began with sketches and elements of songs that they developed alongside the featured musicians live in Adrian Younge’s Linear Labs studio located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Hey Lover Feat. Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
            A2. Oi Feat. Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
            A3. Visions Of Love Feat. Gary Bartz (Instrumental)
            A4. Aquarius (Why Do You Cry) Feat. João Donato (Instrumental)
            A5. Soulful And Unique Feat. Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
            B1. Isso É Que Eu Sei Feat. Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
            B2. Nao Negue Seu Coracao Feat. João Donato (Instrumental)
            B3. Sunflowers Feat. Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
            B4. Queira Bem Feat. Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
            C1. Day By Day Feat. Gary Bartz (Instrumental)
            C2. Gotta Love Again Feat. Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
            C3. Forever More Feat. João Donato (Instrumental)
            C4. Synchronized Vibration Feat. Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
            D1. Viajando Por Ai Feat. Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
            D2. Gravity Feat. Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
            D3. Não Saia Da Praça Feat. Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
            D4. Beauty Feat. João Donato (Instrumental)
            D5. African Sounds Feat. Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
            D6. A Gente Volta Amanhã Feat. Marcos Valle (Instrumental)

            Brian Jackson, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad

            Jazz Is Dead 008

            One happy thing to be grateful for during otherwise trying times is finally getting to hear and enjoy new work by a man whose music is familiar to millions even if his name is less so. Indeed, Gil Scott-Heron continues to cast such a wide shadow that even many of his biggest fans often seem to forget that there's another name next to his on the bulk of his albums, the name of a man teamed up with Gil as a teenager and proceeded to ride out the decade as his writing partner, keyboardist, arranger, and bandleader for their Midnight Band. That man's name is Brian Jackson.

            His considerable backlog of unheard material reveals a stillenergetic and still-vital icon of the music wing of the Black Liberation movement. Prepare to hear from a musician whose work has contributed to the enhancement of all our lives in some form or another with the latest installment of the Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge’s Jazz Is Dead series.

            "Brian Jackson is the first album we recorded for Jazz Is Dead. He set the tone for the entire label,” reflects Younge. “He turned our aspirations global. We never knew what this could all be, but with his inspirational character and musicianship, he led us on the right path. We are forever indebted to this icon.”

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Juicy, crazy-good amalgamation of three jazz greats getting right at it and totally in the pocket. With African, specifically Ethiopian moods and modes and a fearless, experimental approach throughout - this is fiery hot jazz music you need to PLAY LOUD!

            TRACK LISTING

            A1 / 01. Under The Bridge
            A2 / 02. Mars Walk
            A3 / 03. Young Muhammad
            A4 / 04. Nancy Wilson
            B1 / 05. Baba Ibeji
            B2 / 06. Duality
            B3 / 07. Bain De Minuit
            B4 / 08. Ethiopian Sunshower

            Gary Bartz, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad

            Jazz Is Dead 006

            The shadow that Gary Bartz casts over the last six decades of progressive Black music, and his continued dedication to same, makes him a logical and very welcome contributor to the Jazz Is Dead label. An alto saxophonist steeped in the history and tradition of his instrument who is also restlessly experimental and not prone to purism of any kind, he enjoys both the respect and admiration of his peers and the hero worship of several generations after him – including Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, which inevitably led to Gary Bartz JID 006.

            A look at his body of work reveals dalliances with bebop, hard bop, free jazz, spiritual jazz, soul jazz, jazz-funk, fusion and acid jazz, all while resolutely remaining unmistakably Gary Bartz. There's early work with Eric Dolphy and McCoy Tyner in Charles Mingus' Jazz Workshop, work with Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln, a stint in Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, and also one with Miles. There's his groundbreaking and highly influential Ntu Troop albums of the early ‘70s and his jazz-funk work including two classic albums with the Mizell Brothers, one of which supplied A Tribe Called Quest with a sample that was smooth like butter. And while on the subject of samples, the Bartz catalog has provided hip-hop and other genres with a rich source of them, and artists who have gone to his well when producing beats also include Black Sheep, Jurassic 5, Casual, RPM, Warren G, Photek, Statik Selektah, Chi-Ali, 3rd Bass, Showbiz, ZTrip, Young Disciples, and many others.

            The socio-political content of much of Bartz’s work, particularly during the early ‘70s, is another factor that has captured the attention of and influenced many. He was wide awake to the pressing issues of his day, which sadly haven't changed much in a half-century—long before the term "woke" was ever coined—which adds continued relevance and resonance to albums like the two Harlem Bush Music LPs. Speaking his mind and expressing thoughts and feelings lyrically and vocally were a consistent aspect of his work during this era, but even with all this there's always still a space within Gary's oeuvre for the celebration of simple and beautiful basic truths. “Working with Gary Bartz epitomizes the ethos behind Jazz Is Dead,” says Younge. “He’s a luminary that has contributed so much to music culture, for decades. His musical ability is expanding with age and we’re honored to be a part of his world.”

            "Day By Day" brings Bartz full circle by placing him in a more modern context which he contributed to creating in the first place. It takes certain sonic cues from Muhammad's old group, A Tribe Called Quest, while also calling to mind neo-soul a little bit. But the icing on the cake is the unexpected and gorgeous vocal chorus which is like the sun coming out and which once again harks back to an element familiar to Mizell fans. With its propulsive bassline steadily prodding the track along, "The Message" is strongly rooted in classic ‘70s modal jazz and serves as the spiritual and emotional centerpiece of the album. The instrumental interplay and textures would have been perfectly at home on the Black Jazz label even though there's also a certain almost intangible postmodern, 21st century approach to that style, perfectly in keeping with Bartz's well-known tendency to look forward, not backwards.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Spiritual Ideation
            A2. Visions Of Love
            A3. Black & Brown
            A4. Blue Jungles
            B1. Day By Day
            B2. Distant Mode
            B3. The Message
            B4. Soulsea

            Adrian Younge , Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Azymuth


              The fourth release from Jazz Is Dead records features Azymuth, one of the bands in Brazilian history, redefining Popular Brazilian Music. Having released almost 20 albums in their career, Azymuth proves to be a consistent source for an innovative mix of jazz, pop, MPB, and electronic music. Composed and produced by Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad and recorded in the Linear Labs analog studio. 

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Ao Redor Do Samba
              2. Sumaré
              3. Cat Jump
              4. Fall Afternoon
              5. Friendship Samba
              6. Apocalíptico Feat Azymuth
              7. Pulando Corda
              8. Queit Storm 

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