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James Holden

Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities

    Electronic explorer James Holden returns with a generically unconstrained new album of rave music for a parallel universe that seeks to reconnect with the feelings of hope, freedom and possibility that characterised the earliest days of dance music, coming to terms with his own musical past in the process.

    In contrast to its jazz adjacent live band predecessor The Animal Spirits, Holden's trippy fourth solo artist album is more of a continuous sound collage, artfully juxtaposing audio worlds and field recordings with an anything goes approach in the style of early nineties pastoral classics like The KLF’s Chill Out and the sprawling radioscapes of Future Sound of London.

    Physical formats include a colourful 12 page booklet of original illustrations by Jorge Velez (Professor Genius).


    Barry says: James Holden has been an inspiration for many a year, deftly moving from jagged instrumental genius ‘The Inheritors’ through jazzy ambient fare ‘Animal Spirits’ to this latest album, imbued with the spirit of both. It's a sprawling and multi-faceted triumph, another indication that Holden is one of the greatest producers around.


    1) You Are In A Clearing
    2) Contains Multitudes
    3) Common Land
    4) Trust Your Feet
    5) The Missing Key
    6) In The End You’ll Know
    7) Continuous Revolution
    8) Four Ways Down The Valley
    9) Worlds Collide Mountains Form
    10) The Answer Is Yes
    11) Infinite Fadeout
    12) You Can Never Go Back

    James Holden

    A Cambodian Spring: Original Soundtrack

      The latest addition to the James Holden archive is an album of solo synth work originally written to accompany the critically-acclaimed documentary ‘A Cambodian Spring’: fourteen tracks of pulsing melancholy, foreboding drone and even the occasional burst of beatless trance in the form of the uplifting arpeggios of surefire album highlight ‘Solidarity Theme’.

      Picking up where his classic 2013 album ‘The Inheritors’ left off (and giving ‘Self-Playing Schmaltz’ a new cinematic airing) Holden’s debut soundtrack project combines the sound palette of his beloved Prophet 600 with a cranky old Hammond organ to showcase the full breadth of his musical tastes across the epic documentary format.

      The LP includes digital download code and sleevenotes by ‘Imaginary Cities’ author Darran Anderson.


      Srey Pov’s Theme
      Monk’s Theme Part I
      Downturn Medley
      Solidarity Theme (Villagers)
      Monk’s Theme Part II
      The Villagers
      Disintegration Drone I
      Solidarity Theme (Release)
      Monk’s Theme Part III (Exit)
      Disintegration Drone II (Torn Cone)
      Disintegration Drone III (Death Rattle)
      Self-Playing Schmaltz
      Srey Pov’s Theme (End Credits)

      James Holden & The Animal Spirits

      The Animal Spirits

        Let electronics guru James Holden and his newly-expanded band The Animal Spirits transport us to a magical other world with this third album: a bold new set of synth-led folk-trance standards, fusing elements of psychedelia, krautrock, world and spiritual jazz with Holden's usual propulsive melodic vigour into his most ambitious - but also most accessible - work to date.

        The synth-and-drum core of Holden's Inheritors-era live touring outfit has picked up several members along the way, incorporating saxophone, cornet, recorder and cosmic percussion, all recorded live together in one room under the direction of band leader Holden to produce a genre-blending new form of universal music that feels inherently fluid and alive.


        Barry says: Holden, and his newly inherited (pun intended) band segue away from the dense, fractured electronic excursions of yesteryear, into a genre-bending percussive world-music odyssey. Progressive, multi-layered and incredibly rewarding. Another slice of genius from the Border Community head honcho.


        Incantation For Inanimate Object
        Spinning Dance
        Pass Through The Fire
        Each Moment Like The First
        The Beginning & End Of The World
        Thunder Moon Gathering
        The Animal Spirits
        The Neverending
        Go Gladly Into The Earth

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