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The Suicide File


    The long anticipated full length release from this Boston hardcore band. A great mix of old school and new school with intelligent lyrics. This is a band with purpose. Features ex-members of Death By Stereo, The Hope Conspiracy, No Reply, and Adamantium.

    In Control

    Another Year

      Based out of Oxnard, California, this is the first album from this four-piece, the follow up to a self titled EP now available on Six Weeks Records. On this new album, In Control offer up a strong dose of traditional hardcore with a modern touch that doesn't get caught up in an effort to appease any one genre. From acoustic, melodic parts to NYHC styled breakdowns and mosh parts, these guys abandon a lot of the stale formulas so many bands lose their identity to. This is the new face of Nardcore-and it's scary.

      Stay Gold

      Caught Up In The Moment

        Seattle's Stay Gold blend a great mix of straight forward hardcore with melodic singalongs akin to a cross between bands like Bane and Good Riddance. This is a mid-price six track mini album that's a powerful introduction to a great new hardcore band.


        You Don't Have To Be Blood To Be Family

          Second full length release from Orange County's finest. The songs are moving in a new harder more metal vein and the vocals are demon spawn from hell style.

          Faded Grey

          A Quiet Time Of Desperation

            Formed from the ashes of Tomorrow's Gone, Faded Grey have been honing their sound for the last two years and these are their strongest recordings so far. Fast driven hardcore with a ton of heart and sincerity that can't fail.

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