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Il Sogno Del Marinaio


    Terzo is the third album by Il Sogno Del Marinaio, the avant-rock trio formed by legendary bassist Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, Stooges), cult Italian experimentalist Stefano Pilia (Massimo Volume, In Zaire, Afterhours, Rokia Traore) and drummer Paolo Mongardi (Zeus, Fuzz Orchestra, Fulkanelli). This new batch of recordings is an incredible document of a band that’s creating their own path, ascending to new heights while bending the traditional rock format. From sinewy grooves, to off-kilter jazz-skronk, post-punk freakouts, kosmische Hendrix stabs and furious angular funk, Il Sogno Del Marinaio’s new album literally breathes life, anchored by Watt’s low thud and spiel, Pilia’s fierce and celestial playing and Mongardi’s knack for unusual but steady rhythms.

    “Il Sogno Del Marinaio’s strength is in its effortless balance between Watt’s formidable past and his still potent future.” - Pitchfork

    Recorded at Casa Hanzo in San Pedro (US) and completed at Blindsun in Bologna (IT) the album features collaborations with Ramon Moro on trumpet and Petra Haden on vocals. Mixed beautifully by thighpaulsandra (Coil, UUUU, Spiritualized) and mastered by Giovanni Versari with artwork by Michelangelo Setola.

    Terzo is the sound of a band that’s completely confident in their chops, their past suggesting that new possibilities have now been found and that the only territory that needs exploring is free-spirited, magical, restless and uncompromising.


    1. Song For Anima Mundi
    2. Max Roach 8 Ball
    3. Purple, Orange, Green + Yellow
    4. 21st Marinaio Dream
    5. Grabbing Me By My Own Air
    6. Pedro Ten - Four
    7. The Fall
    8. None Dare Call It Conspiracy

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