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ill Records are proud to present the latest project from HART. The Sheffield-bred, Bangor-based producer continues her run of releases, following on from the Little Black Book EP, which emerged in 2020.

While Moon Jazz follows in similar footsteps to its predecessor, this latest offering is a more jazz focused affair. The album explores the point where the contemporary and the classic coalesce, as vaguely obscure vocal samples, wandering basslines and woozy horns, blend with electronic elements and hip hop-tinted drum patterns.

HART's aim for the album was to examine the relationships between people, art, feelings and moods, which she achieved through experimentation within the jazz realm and the formation of a storyboard of samples.

As much as the album is grounded in the worlds of jazz and hip hop, there is still a rich variation of sound that cuts across the entire listening experience. From the short burst of undiluted jazz strains on the intro and the looming bass / pitched down vocal amalgamation on Struttin', to the multi-layered beauty of Vocabulary and the obscenely laid-back vibe of Cruisin, this is an album that showcases the full breadth of HART's dexterity behind the boards.

And while the trend in 20-minute albums and minute-long tracks continues unabated in hip hop, here we find a call back to the sprawling soundscapes of years past. At 13 tracks deep, with some of those running beyond the four-minute mark, this is a project that sits firmly outside traditional beat tape territory and affirms its status as a full-bodied work of art.

Five singles off Moon Jazz have already been released into the world, music videos for which you can find below, and all created by HART herself. The album is now available to own on vinyl, and will be released digitally 30/10


1. Moon Jazz Intro
2. Struttin
3. Scotch N Carrot
4. Key Tickler
5. 504
6. Vocabulary
7. Sugar Tea Time
8. Off On
9. Nature's Rhythm Interlude
10. Cruisin
11. Tone Fidelity
12. Jazzman
13. Elevate
14. Memory Ft Violentlyill
15. Moon Jazz Outro

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