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With dubstep’s big push into the mainstream stirring up all manner of hybrids, variants and mutations, it’s worth remembering that some have been creating fresh twists on the current generation of global bass music from its very inception. Paul Rose, aka Scuba, and his Hotflush label have, since 2003, had experimentation and genre-collision etched into the very structures of everything they do. Putting out key tunes by the core pioneers of dubstep, but also by true outliers like Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison and Sepalcure, Hotflush has created a sense of absolute consistence in diversity: multiple sounds united by true craftsmanship and high-tech expression of complex emotion. Joining the UK underground to the deep-rooted techno culture of Berlin, where Rose is now resident, the label is a vital nexus in the flow of musical information that is fuelling the current innovative climate. So next time you hear someone talking about 'post'-this or 'future'-that (me, perhaps!), consider that maybe the times are just catching up with Hotflush. The "Back And 4th" compilation features 10 brand new tracks from bass music’s most innovative producers.


1. Sepalcure – Taking You Back
2. Boxcutter – LOADtime
3. Boddika – Warehouse
4. DBridge – Knew You Were The 1
5. Scuba – Feel It
6. FaltyDL – Regret
7. Sigha – Fold
8. George FitzGerald – We Bilateral
9. Incyde – Axis
10. Roska – Measureless
1. Mount Kimbie – Sketch On Glass
2. Scuba – Twitch (Jamie Vex’d Remix)
3. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
4. Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake Remix)
5. Sigha – Expansions
6. Untold – Just For You (Roska Remix)
7. Scuba – Tense
8. Untold – Sweat
9. Pangaea – Bear Witness
10. TRG & Dub U – Losing Marbles (2562 Remix)

LP Tracklisting:
A1. Sepalcure – Taking You Back
B1. Boxcutter – LOADtime
B2. Boddika – Warehouse
C1. DBridge – Knew You Were The 1
D1. Scuba – Feel It
D2. FaltyDL – Regret
E1. Sigha – Fold
E2. George FitzGerald – We Bilateral
F1. Incyde – Axis
F2. Roska – Measureless

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