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Joshwa adds to Hot Creations' never-ending purple patch with his label debut, a two track EP entitled "Bass Go Boom". A relative newcomer, he attracted the spotlight in 2022 via a series of high-profile collaborations alongside Lee Foss, CID, and Martin Ikin. Running solo this time, we open with the sub-tickling peaktime house of "Bass Go Boom". Loaded with cheeky vocal snips, busy rhythm section and warbling synth stabs it's never the less that phat, gliding, almost-Reece b-line that'll drag you hurtling into the dance.

"Supersonic" is just as energized and frenetic, a typically grooving tech-house beat supplementing more skilled vocal chops and another precision b-line that'll please and lover of the lower frequency bands. Add to all this a hilarious spoken word passage about a guy walking into a record shop and trying to work out the tune that goes: 'bass ... bass ... bass' and you've got one of those cheeky mid sessioners that hook the crowd with its quirkiness before demolishing them with its beat and bassline. 


Matt says: Another week another super duper tech-house bubbler from the Hot Creations crew. On board this week is Joshwa who melds both humorous and incompressible vocal utterances into fun-loving, party-fuelling tech-house power trax.


A. Bass Go Boom 
B. Supersonic 

Kai Rodriguez

The Thrill

Kai Rodriguez makes his debut outing on Hot Creations, delivering a two-track EP entitled: "The Thrill".

With his late-2021 Hottrax debut "Underground", DJ / producer Kai Rodriguez gave the house scene a first glimpse of what’s to come with the 25-year-old UK talent’s breakthrough release remaining in heavy rotation for head honcho Jamie Jones across the Ibiza season and beyond. Having since featured on bubbling US imprint Revival New York, he steps things up a level as he reveals his first material of 2023 and his Hot Creations debut with "The Thrill".

Lead track "The Thrill" harnesses an iconic Empire of The Sun vocal known across the globe but switches things up, contrasting the vibrant tones with murky low-ends and metallic percussion for a no-nonsense cut made for the main rooms of Ibiza and beyond. 

Meanwhile "Sum" Bout’ takes a drum-driven path as skippy hats and warped snippets ebb and flow amongst the mix for more peak time material featuring that quintessential bass wobble we know and love from the Hot Creations roster. It might be a few weeks till we're jumping on the Easyjets to holiday house destinations across Europe but this offering is certain to get us in our speedos dancing around the living room with a homemade mojito. 


Matt says: A naughty-but-nice remix of Empire Of The Sun which takes it straight to the terraces of Ibiza. Gotta say Hot Creations are in a bit of a purple patch at the moment. Tech house never dies!


A. The Thrill
B. Sum' Bout 

Italian DJ and producer Francis De Simone debuts on Lee Foss and Jamie Jones' label Hot Creations with "London Bass". Having built a solid back catalogue in recent years, his first Hot Creations release embodies the dynamic sound of the Palermo-born artist, channeling chunky tech house and disco-flavoured melodies.

The title track rumbles with a massive bassline and chopped-up vocals that add an instant burst of energy. Things get a squiffy on "Saludos A Todos", as tumbling kickdrums collide with a trippy melody and even trippier vocals, creating a wavey atmosphere that's synonymous with DC-10 and Circoloco. The extra plumes of bass a tasty addition. On "Off White", De Simone delivers a pacey, skitty number packed with burbling beats and clicky percussion, complemented by dreamy vocals and giving off a real 00s flavour. "This Is Undergound" shudders with a crazy gated vox and splashy perx before the eponymous vocal line guides it into anthemic territory with a deep diving b-line wet woodblocks. A big room delight make no mistake!

Based in Palermo, Italy, Francis De Simone has previously released on Glasgow Underground, LW Recordings and REALM Records. One to watch! 


A1. London Bass
A2. Saludos A Todos
B1. Off White
B2. This Is Underground

Bruno Furlan


Brazil’s Bruno Furlan returns to Hot Creations with his fresh two-track EP, ‘Bongoloco’.

A DJ and producer whose recent studio endeavours have seen him release material on Black Book Records, Fool’s Gold and Material, Bruno Furlan is an artist at the centre of Brazil’s recent explosion of names within the house and tech house landscape. Based in São Paulo, the bubbling talent has built on his early experiences within the Brazilian electronic music scene to make appearances at global events such as Dirtybird Campout and AMF Festival.

Title track ‘Bongoloco’ takes cues from its name and showcases a skittering percussion-driven production built for peak-time hours as warped drum fills and vibrant vocal calls inject an abundance of energy. Keeping things moving, the rolling ‘Vai’ delivers a slick accompaniment to the package, serving up an anthem built for bustling terraces worldwide. Both tracks perfectly encapsulate the vibe explored by DJ Sidney and such like at Ibiza’s Elrow - fun, hedonistic house music made for long sessions and colourful crowds. Recommended! 


Matt says: I can't stop watching the Elrow closing party on youtube. And wondered what fresh tech house sounds DJ Sidney was purveying in the mix. Obviously I didn't need to look further than Hot Creations - the very essence of the new, younger spirit of the infamous party isle.


A Bruno Furlan - Bongoloco
B Bruno Furlan - Vai

Hot Creations launch the new ‘Paradise on Earth’ DJ Mix series with the first installment coming as a Mexico special from Paradise residents and label regulars Nathan Barato and Patrick Topping. Each mix is expertly crafted, fusing musical influences with exclusive new material alongside current favourites, and old classics for your listening pleasure.

The first CD comes from Toronto-based DJ & producer Nathan Barato, an artist that has been on the rapid rise with releases on Cajual, MOOD, Relief, Saved, Circus Records, Defected and of course Hot Creations.

UK talent Patrick Topping has cemented his status as one of the most in demand names in dance music with 5 Beatport Tech-House number 1s, touring the world’s biggest festivals, from Creamfields in South America to Stereosonic in Australia, to the main stage at Movement in Detroit, whilst this year completing his third summer as resident at DC10 in Ibiza for Paradise.

Since label head and visionary Jamie Jones began his Paradise night at DC10 in Ibiza five years ago, the night has gone on to be by far one of the biggest on the island, inviting the biggest names in the business to come play alongside his solid crew of talented friends and residents. The launch of the new mix series is a natural progression for the brand as the Hot Creations and Paradise empire continues to grow only stronger.


Nathan Barato Mix

1 Derrick Carter - Where Ya At? (Mix Originale)
2 Precious - It's Gonna Be My Way (Spen & Karizma Deepah Dub)
3 Moritz Piske - Dirt Cabana
4 Gabry Fasano & Riccardo Ferri - Snare City
5 Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato - Feeding The Rhythm
6 Ian Pooley - Higgledy Piggledy
7 Makam - Loleatta
8 Brand New Heavies - Shelter (Dan's Groove Part 1)
9 Hardrive 2000 - Never Forget (When You Touch Me) (Bonus Beats)
10 Nathan Barato - A Little Love
11 Vibe Killers - Get Up!
12 Nathan Barato - Love Came Around
13 Green Velvet – UFO’s
14 ItaloJohnson – 08 A
15 Jovonn- Jump Off
16 Thomas Schumacher - Hush (Catz ‘n Dogz 2013 Remix)
17 Jared Wilson - Girl, I'm Waitin'
18 Robert Hood – Dancer

Patrick Topping Mix
1 Wendy Gondeln – Fracking-Eins (Magazine Remix)
2 Redshape – Dog Day
3 Tronco Trax - Walk 4 Me (Milk Bar Mix)
4 Sex Sells - Ain't No Wifey
5 Jack N Jerk - Acid Gaddafi*
6 Patrick Topping – Tease Magnet*
7 Elliot Adamson - Pleased To Meet You*
8 Metaboman – Next Please
9 The Boss - Congo (Ministry Anthem)
10 DJ Freddy Feat. La Chose – Emergency Delivery
11 Gene Hunt – Dr. Roland
12 Butch - Disco Shhh
13 Itchy + Scratchy Disco Girlfriend (Spot On Mix)
14 Sean Miller - Control Your Body*
15 Patrick Topping – Metro*
16 Oli Furness - Binary Code*
17 Jark Prongo - Movin' Thru Your System (Dave Clarke Remix)
18 Amentia – Serpent
19 Michael Mayer – Mental Caddy
20 Patrick Topping - Wouldn't Dare*
* Unreleased Exclusive

A1 Ian Pooley - Higgledy Piggledy
A2 Precious - It's Gonna Be My Way (Spen & Karizma Deepah Dub)
B1 Green Velvet – UFO’s
B2 ItaloJohnson – 08 A
C1 Redshape – Dog Day
C2 DJ Freddy Feat. La Chose – Emergency Delivery
D1 Tronco Trax - Walk 4 Me (Milk Bar Mix)
D2 Itchy + Scratchy Disco Girlfriend (Spot On Mix)

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