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    A tremendous Afro-Soul album recorded in Togo in 1977 by Itadi Bonney. This rare album was created by a four piece band formed and leaded by Itadi. It was recorded live in Ghana at the radio station and remixed in Togo. A really stunning fusion of funky arrangements, jazz inspirations and typical Togolese rhythms, sung in English, Mina and Akposo. Itadi’s music is a blend of Ghana’s highlife and soul to create a sparkling, undulating and eminently danceable wave of melodies and rhythms, punctuated by funky keys and layered with smooth vocals and harmonies. Official license pressed on a 180g vinyl housed in heavy deluxe cover including an interview of the artist.

    Boncana Maïga

    Koyma Hondo

      Hot Casa turn up the temperature to introduce us to the Afro-Funk side of the Latin Soul maestro! Born in Gao (Mali), Boncana Maïga is one of the most talented and popular producers of West-African music. He studied flute and Latin arrangements in Cuba during the 60's and founded the famous “Les Maravillas du Mali” in 1968. After becomming orchestra leader for the national Ivorian TV in Abidjan in the mid-seventies, Boncana toured all over the world with the famous Africando band. Landing in NYC at the start of the 80s Boncana hit the studio with Latin cats from Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Colombia, laying down a host of funky tracks with heavy breaks! Here, Hot Casa reissue four rare tracks from 1978 to 1982 dedicated to dancefloor, including a really rare soundtrack for the oil company of Ivory Coast called “Petroci”. The blend of fizzing electronics, thick bass and sun-drenched melodies calls to mind Manu Dibango's "Electric Africa", the spaced out disco-funk of Cloud One or the funkier end of the Onyeabor spectrum. 


      Patrick says: Ooof! Mega reissue of synthed up Afro-funk rarities here as Hot Casa serve up a quartet of Boncana Maiga's early 80s recordings. S'all good but the space-funk of "Koyma Hondo" steals the show for me.

      Afro funk and Political Soul from Togo. Recorded in the beginning of the 80's and self-produced by Itadi in 1983 , this obscure album contained deep soul and controversial rare grooves backed by the 5 band members called the “Afro Funk Band de Lomé”. Itadi's music is unique, in his second album, he kept the same recipe: a mixture of soul, reggae, hi-life and Funk, with heavy lyrics which sounds like slogans and caused him big trouble after its release. He was obliged to escape the country to USA. A real definition of a revolutionary musician!
      This deluxe LP contains also two unreleased tracks, interview, and photos and was fully licensed with his family. Remastered by Frank Merritt at Carvery Studio.

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