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Big In Japan

Destroy The New Rock

    Straight from the streets of Reno, Nevada comes Big In Japan and new to the Honest Don roster! Singer Zac was frontman in Zoinks and was in Screeching Weasel for a bit. A mix of classic new wave and modern pop/punk. The 12 hook laden tracks here touch on every subject from the likes of small towns to girl troubles and this is truly pop/punk for the new decade!

    Diesel Boy

    Rode Hard And Put Away Wet

      Fourth full length album from one of Honest Don's best bands:they really know what they're doing. The band have developed a sort of niche for themselves as pop culture watchdogs and they hit the target again with the song "Emo Boy".

      Bad Astronaut


        From Santa Barbera, California, a 10 song mini album entitled "Acrophobe". This is cracking emo-core from Joey and Derrick from Lagwagon and Marko 72. A real departure from the Lagwagon sound, with the use of keyboards and a variety of stringed instruments. I think it's one of the best and most varied releases on the excellent Honest Don's label for ages.

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