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Real McKenzies

Oot & Aboot

    If there was ever an ass-kicking punk band that wore kilts, drank tons of booze and took bags of drugs, got every fist in a club pumping each and every time they played, and were Scottish guys from Canada, then it's the Real McKenzies.

    Bad Astronaut

    Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem

      Great title and great band featuring three members of Lagwagon and now expanded to a septet. Their unique sound of synthesized space / rock / pop punk has just got bigger. "Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem" is the band's first full length and is an assured and exciting mix of electronics like drum machines, computers, and sequencers, along with an equal showing of analog synths, piano, electric guitars, traditional percussion, real strings, and even a bit of harmonica.

      Citizen Fish

      Life Size

        Ex-Subhumans, Citizen Fish produce a wicked blend of punk, rock ska and reggae! This album proves that the band have stayed true to their roots and are now recording for the excellent Honest Dons records.

        Inspection 12

        In Recovery

          New on Honest Don Records. One of Florida best undiscovered acts, that's all about to change with this excellent little opus. The members are barely 20 but the 12 songs on offer here are done with the mastery of a band of old sweats. Exceptional emocore with a feel of The Ataris and Saves The Day about them.

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