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Freddie Cruger

Just Chillin' In The Spot

    Repress of this amazing Freddie Cruger (AKA Red Astaire) album on his  Homegrown Records imprint. As we mentioned last week, there's a slew of reissues coming from the recently deceased artist's estate; reminding us just how skilled a producer Red Astaire was, and what a hole he's left in the musical landscape...

    As you would expect from a man who's released a plethora of tunes taking in a vast array of styles, "Just Chillin'" is a heady mix of hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, disco and just about everywhere else in-between. Yet, most importantly, it's all about the beats - which are infectious and upfront on every track. In total there are thirteen tracks, perfect for your back room, main room, front room or BBQ. 


    Side 1
    1. Homegrown (intro)
    2. Rock The Beat
    3. Chillin' In The Spot
    4. Keep On Knockin'
    Side 2
    1. Psycho Cha Cha
    2. Wind It Up
    3. Jazzflow
    Side 3
    1. Rainy Dayz (feat ADL & Linn)
    2. Love Like Ours
    3. What Ya Sayin'
    Side 4
    1. I Got...
    2. Take You To El Barrio
    3. Ain't Shit

    Wildcookie Aka Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills


    Double A side 7" from the formidable Wildcookie duo - Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills' highly acclaimed project. Head nodding, downbeat goodness with plenty of conscious soul. "Heroine" muses on the joys and pains of the world's oldest opiate to a languid and seductive soundbed of jazzy licks, breathy sax and moody keys, and propelled via a simple, backroom boom bap.

    "Something About Those Days" is a kinda feel good, old school flavoured nostalgic rap track, set to a dusty beat laced with horns and full of catchy lines about the good old days and sweet mary jane.

    Beautifully soulful stuff from these downbeat legends. Limited copies. 


    Side 1
    1. Heroine 
    Side 2
    1. Something About Those Days 

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